Antarctica 88: Survival Horror


Participate in the eerie journey and see if you can make it through one of the best horror games or other truly terrifying games.
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Aug 16, 2022
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ABOUT: Antarctica 88: Survival Horror

Play one of the best horror video games or one of the scariest video games ever made and see how long you can last through the eerie voyage. In this terrifying motion picture, you’ll find that you’ve been transported to the icy wastes of Antarctica. You’ll become immersed in a creepy science fiction thriller full of creatures, weaponry, and exciting adventures there. Prepare to scream your lungs out and find solutions to problems as you go through our survivor mode!

Are you a fan of films and games that feature actual horrors, such as Mr. Meat, Ice Scream, and Smiling X Corp, as well as thrillers such as The Factor and Silent Hill? Are you brave enough to fight the dreadful monsters that lurk in Antarctica? Can you get away from them?

Are you capable of rescuing yourself and the rest of humanity from the demonic-type entities spreading pure evil?

The “Antarctica 1” corporate research station is the setting for this tense survival thriller. Drilling into the ice and researching the ancient minerals contained within it have been the primary activities of the expedition led by your father, Vladimir Efimov, during the past half a year. Around a month ago, the tour stopped communicating with the outside world. As a four-person rescue team member, it is essential to embark on a spooky expedition and figure out what strange issues occurred at the location. Your scream will only be heard by the demiurge and other horrific killer monsters. No one else will.

In our terrifying advanced horror, you have to take action, solve puzzles, find, collect, and utilize stuff, figure out what the eerie story is about, and attempt to make it out of the polar ice alive.

The point is that Antarctica 88 can finish in various ways, and the story’s outcome will be determined purely by the actions and decisions you make throughout the game. Can you access all of the possible conclusions and learn the full story? (it’s an actual euphoria)


  • • Captivating narrative with multiple potential conclusions
  • A wide variety of lethal enemies and weapons to choose from, Exceptional visuals, and Original music composed by the game’s developer
  • Hardcore puzzles,
  • Excellent voyage through the horror genre, featuring stressful gameplay, eerie screamers, and a horrifying setting.
  • Download for free right now. Probably the most effective terrifying action-adventure video games there are out there.

We are delighted to show you Antarctica 88! Collecting your feedback through ratings, tips, and recommendations would be helpful. Without a doubt, everything will be read and considered by us. We continue to work on and improve the game, and we have some exciting new plans. We appreciate your presence here today. I hope you enjoy your time in Antarctica!


1 . Julian According to the Coolian, “I was hunting for poorly constructed horror games to play and laugh at when I came across Antarctica 88. I played it for a while, and then I laughed at it. After giving it a few goes, I can confidently declare that the game lives up to its reputation as being incredibly remarkable. It truly scares me on occasion and tells an entirely original story. The conclusion was quite exciting, so I’m interested in playing the game again to see if there are any other possible outcomes. In general, Antarctica 88 is a pretty entertaining game, and if you are looking for a simple game to play for a day, I recommend you try this one out.”

2 . G Knighton observed, “Without a doubt, a lot of effort was put in. The graphics aren’t terrible, and the gameplay is adequate for a mobile game. The problem, however, is that you have to pay one United States dollar (US$1) to play the following level. You can also view an advertisement, but you only have two opportunities to do so before pulling out your cash. In general, it’s not that horrible, but it’s way too pricey. I am aware that monetization is typically required to make a profit; nevertheless, That is my only criticism.”

3 . OrbitalRain commented, “I think this is an excellent game. This is the reason! The images come before everything else. They are neither excessive to the point of being obnoxious nor intended to be very good. They nailed the style, and when you play, you almost have the impression that everything happening in your head is real. Because the caverns and snows on several maps have a monotonous appearance, I would like it if they were reworked. The volume of the song should be turned down a little bit, but other than that, everything is wonderful! I would like if this had a more developed and comprehensive backstory, and many thanks for making the levels available for free.”

4 . Jaime Pichardo remarked, “This has a lot to offer for someone starting with a minimal budget to develop! There is a one-of-a-kind storyline that may develop in any number of different directions, and there are obstacles that will keep your hands busy for a good portion of the day. Because of how beautifully this game’s concept was implemented, I have gone through the entire game so many times, and I have earned the special weapon by playing at the hardest possible level. Continue your innovative work while broadening your horizons, developers. The results of your labor are visible.”

5 . Jj Michels stated, “This was by far the most interesting game I’ve had the pleasure of playing on my mobile device in a very long time. I thought it was cool that you were allowed to drive (even though all you had was a snowmobile and a track) because it upped the entertainment factor significantly. Plus, there was space for you to investigate and move about, so that was a plus. I have to say that this was an enjoyable game. However, I would propose adding more options for your next game to allow the player to personalize the button arrangement and control scheme. Aside from that, I had a lot of fun playing this game.”

6 . James Hobbs said, “This is an updated review in response to a developer request. I deleted the game due to my aggravation with the first scene and task (which required me to move and leap on a box to escape through a grate/vent above). After spending fifteen to twenty minutes and countless efforts trying to locate the appropriate location, I could not access the vent. I was able to climb on top of the crate, but I could never get it out! We experimented with altering the sensitivity and placing the crate in various locations. I couldn’t get out. If I knew what I had done wrong, the user area is most likely the culprit.”


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