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Aug 16, 2022
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About: Base Jump Wing Suit Flying

Wingsuit flying  (or wingsuiting) is the sport of skydiving using a webbing-sleeved jumpsuit called a wingsuit to add wetted area to the diver’s body and generate increased lift, which allows extended air time by gliding flight rather than just free falling. The modern wingsuit, first developed in the late 1990s, uses a pair of fabric membranes stretched flat between the arms and flanks/thighs to imitate an airfoil and often also between the legs to function as a tail and allow some aerial steering. Base Jump Wing Suit Flying is a casual game where your goal is to jump from the highest point on a platform to a target that is usually hundreds of meters away. But it won’t be easy to get there, as your jumper won’t have enough jump speed and force when you begin playing. Unfold your wings and begin flying such as you’ve by no means been earlier than! Base Leap Wing Swimsuit Flying permits you to participate in superior and thrilling excessive sports activities. Use Wingsuit to leap and fly over a number of cool environments and beat your excessive scores! That is the brand new type of arcade flight expertise!

It’s additionally simpler than you assume! Manage your flight with easy, intuitive one-touch controls and fly so far as you may. For beating your excessive scores you’ll earn cash to unlock upgrades and make your outcomes even higher! The main goal of each jump is to go as far as you can to get coins that you can use to improve your jumper’s features. This is the only way you can keep going further and further. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if you didn’t have to watch an ad after each jump. An ad after every three jumps would have been OK. Maybe after two. But an ad after every jump is too much. Base Jump Wing Suit Flying is an entertaining casual game with good graphics and very accessible gameplay. You will unlock new sceneries and characters as you play, but you will also have to spend more money to do so.

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying is one of the skydiving simulation games. But it is not simply skydiving. You will be equipped with the most beautiful flying suits and the most iconic powerful wings. And you will be taken to a high place and then begin to plunge, then perform your longest and most skillful aerial movements. Base Jump Wing Suit Flying will take you to various skydiving locations. Most of them are very beautiful. It is these contexts that have contributed significantly to the excitement of players. We have skyscrapers where you stand on the top and throw yourself down. We have a helicopter where you get your gear ready and start falling from above. And we have a deep, high snow mountain. Each place has its terrain, difficulty, and different scenery. It is the first difficult problem that you have to figure out to have a perfect skydive. It is also a gift that gives you a sense of glory because only when you pass the old stage will you come to the next stage with a different scene.

To get a lot of points from Air time and preparations, then landing and all, you must master the controls in the game. Simply press the left, right, up, and down buttons to correct the direction of the skydiver. Take advantage of the wind direction, and take advantage of the gaps in the air to maintain the longest and most skillful flight. The more points you earn, the more money you have. Use the money to unlock new flying suits and also unlock character upgrades so that in the following levels, the results will be even better. But no matter how much you upgrade and no matter what the situation, you should remember that only with good control of the jump can you win. You can invite friends to join the party. Compete in turn and then total the score to see who flies better. Honestly, if this game had an extra feature of skydiving competition divided into two screens to compete in every second, it would be much better. Hopefully soon the publisher will consider this feature.


– A number of nice environments to fly via
– Improve your wingsuit for higher outcomes
– Difficult but intuitive gameplay
– Further content material coming in future updates

Obtain the sport now and begin flying!


1 . P Adams said, “Takes a while to gain the ability to fly farther and faster. Lots of chances at bonus points if you don’t mind ads. Once you can fly, it’s a pretty cool game. Challenging enough to keep you engaged. The graphics are very good. Devs, you guys did a great job here. Too bad you couldn’t take it a little further as far as flight control i.e. left, right, down, and back up. Maybe surface-to-air missiles or flak or birds to avoid.”

2 . Charley Scoggins said, “Pretty fun game. I’m used to the ads and don’t mind them especially since it’s easy to get x6 every time. The plane jump level seems endless so just soar for as long as you’d like and do the x6 multiplier and now you can upgrade infinitely. Finished all available levels in about 3 hours of play. One thing about these boom-bit games is they release without all the levels and never seem to update new levels. For that reason 3 stars.”

3 . Robbie Hill said, “This would be really fun but there are too many ads. You should get at least 3 jumps before an ad comes up!! I’ll continue to play but get rid of all the ads. Also 3.99 to expensive for this game! Drop down to 2.99 and I’d pay!! Just my thought but other than that, a fun game like flying!! It’s fun. I wouldn’t dare do this in real life lol”

4 . Jason morning said, “Cool concept after every jump though is a commercial. I think the game is fun for ten minutes here and there.”

5 . Present Dindayal said, “this game is fun and addictive. keep up the good work would like to see a base jump 2 soon I really like this game it’s playable with ads so there’s no issue.”

6 . Abubakar Sani said, “I really enjoyed the way you can upgrade things by having a lot of money and that anytime you jump the power up always works unlike some other games but let me just cut to the chase I gave you this 5-star rating so that you can fix that place you said was coming soon I’m tired of waiting guys please try to fix it try to put it”


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