Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash


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Aug 25, 2022
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Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash

BEAT BLADER 3D needs to be your should–have recreation. BEAT BLADER 3D, a reckless music adventure where you turn yourself into such cool Beat Smasher Heroes to complete this challenging journey! 3. Feel the beat. Swipe to the left and right to steer your runner away from the hazards as they get closer, and cut the cubes to complete the color rhythm pathway. Beat Blader 3D is a strong rhythm video game that provides you with an experience that is among the best available and that cannot be matched by any app. 🎶🎶🎶=
Swipe left and right in the free model mostly based on the placement of the cubes, and then decrease it. Increase your rate of action because the higher your level of expertise, the more difficult the task will become.


1 . Select your favorite songs
2 . feel the rhythm
3 . Take note of the route on the cubes
4 . Transfer to slash the beats together with your saber as they arrive nearer and keep away from the obstacles



– Enticing however easy design; numerous themes for various songs; spectacular shade.
– Straightforward to observe the route to swipe correctly.
– Well-liked songs up to date weekly, all are in a unique model, tons of music genres reminiscent of Pop, EDM, Rock, Basic, and so forth
– Unique stage design, there are Three ranges of every tune so that you can problem your expertise.
– Enable to make use of each finger.
– Good swipe as you narrow the cubes, the extra skillful you might be, the higher it appears to be.
– Catchy rhythm, generated rigorously for higher music expertise.

– Improve your rhythm sense
– Increase cognitive expertise and practice mind
– Compete for different gamers
– Kill time and chill out
– Sing alongside together with your favorite songs

Now, seize this recreation and SLICE the BEAT. It is time to turn into the HERO of Beat Blader 3D!


1 . Aesthetic Roma gave it five out of five stars and stated, “This game is amazing and has very nice songs, and I love to play it. The reason I put 3 stars is that the resolution was a satisfying thing in the game and suddenly the resolution is terrible. Pls. Fix. This Edit: I redownloaded the game after a few updates and now the resolution is just chef’s kiss. Thank you for fixing it”

2 . McKenley Gilpin commented (3/5 stars), “I believe that this game has great potential with the character and weapon options. The songs are all great as well. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit buggy. While on a run the graphics lag and cause you to run into obstacles which, without premium, basically subjects you to an advertisement. I think once the bugs are worked out I could find myself paying for the premium version of this game.”

3. According to Christel j.a.k, who gave it five stars out of five, “I would’ve given this game 5 stars but there are just too many things to ìgnore… I love the game but it crushes so many times even while playing. Then sometimes when I open the game it tells me to ‘swipe to move and when I do the character doesn’t stop running and I can’t even go back then I have to reopen the game again to play. The adverts interrupt a lot too. This game would be amazing if those things could be fixed.”

4. According to dragonlord. nuggets, who gave it four stars out of a possible five, ” I wrote before but I didn’t intend to make it sound like I’m a bad customer. The review was lazy and had no effort put into it.] The app is great but it lacks enjoyment. Maybe a few more characters and a few more songs would be great! But, it was nice to listen to music while enjoying some alone time on my device. Reccomend the download! ”

5 . Brandon Jones remarked (five out of five stars), “Ok so this game is worthy of five stars or more and whenever I play the game I can’t realise what’s around me I have gotten so interested that the only thing I can hear is the music and that’s crazy bc I have ADHD so thx.”

6 . Alyster said (four out of five stars), “To be honest, This is a 4/5, just because you have to watch ads just for more songs, and there’s a glitch in the game that’s annoying. The graphics are fine, the controls are okay, and the gameplay is pretty good! I would recommend this app to other people who love marking the beats! Thank you for reading my opinion!”

7 . Lily Porras rated the game five out of four stars and wrote, “I love the game but, it is a bit laggy. So here are most of the lags that happen to me: can not hear music when started a game, When playing a song and there are no beats to slash, and a lot more I think. And here is how you can fix it: so I press a button at the bottom of my screen on the left and then, press an X button on the app and get back on the app and it’s back to normal. But most of all it is Fun!”

8 . Seliza (four out of five stars) “This was a very fun game except for the fact that I couldn’t even complete the first two. Faded was too easy for easy mode and normal mode, and was too laggy for nightmare mode. Same with the other one(forgot what it was called ._.). But other than that, it was very realistic and fun! I can tell that you put a lot of effort into this!”


1. Is Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash offline?
ANSWER: BEAT BLADER 3D is not only a common combination of action and music but also a relaxing mobile game with a trending neon game style. You must have an internet connection for a better experience.

2 . Is Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash free?
ANSWER: The game is free to download in the google play store.


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