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⚡️⚡️Use the basic launcher with elegance and utility to stay focused.⚡️⚡️ Maintain your concentration by employing the minimum launcher's quickness and performance.
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Before Labs LLC
Dec 30, 2021
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Before Launcher

The Latest Version of Before Launcher Business APPS For Android. Has a Premium.

Maintain your focus by utilizing the minimal launcher’s quickness and also performance. Open your phone 40% less often. With our notice filter, you can reduce distractions. Eighty percent of all notifications do not require a disruption. Pay attention to what matters. Feature-rich complementary variant.

What do customers have to say? “Pure, uncomplicated, and gorgeous.” “I’m enjoying my phone once more!” “System alarms that have been filtered make my day.” “Exactly what I was looking for.” “It’s very amazing to use.” “The best launcher.” “I wholeheartedly recommend.”

◉   Prior to Launcher, you can reclaim your time by giving your phone a minor makeover. This small launcher has various useful features, including:

◉   There is very limited space on your home screen for rapid access to your critical applications. It’s also customizable!

◉   Personalize the look, create your very own neat design, and also select from our large collection of images, slope, and also strong designs, or develop your very own.

◉   Quick access to your favorites and also everything else Quick access to all your programs in a scrollable, sortable, and searchable list

◉   Favorite, folder, and also hide your programs. Sort your applications into folders. Applications can be pinned to the top of your applications list. Hide undesired and disruptive bloatware. (offered)

◉   Hide minor warnings. Our notice cabinet with a filtration system is one-of-a-kind. Lesser alarms do not cause you to be bothered by resonances of sound.

◉   They will not interfere with your notification bar. You can still get them, and they come with a quick swipe.

◉   Not distracted despite being alerted. Concentrate on what is important. Vital alerts continue to notify you so that you do not miss anything.

◉   We are not in the business of capturing or distributing your information because we were created to be exclusive.

◉   We do not collect any information that could be used to identify you. You can also turn off our confidential analytics.

◉   There are no necessary approvals; nevertheless, many other launchers require 10 or more device approvals for privacy and security reasons. (The notification filter requires only one accessibility, but you can disable it.)

◉   Use our authentic black history to safeguard your battery and extend the time between charges (if your phone has an AMOLED display).

Take control of your phone before Launcher selects applications according to their size, installation date, and most recently used data. Uninstall any that are taking up too much space or that you seldom use.

◉   Design your application symbols include our own designs as well as third-party symbol packs (beta function)

◉   Simple to set up

◉   Our guided method supports you in getting Prior to Launcher up and running quickly

ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND: We would be delighted to speak with you. Our roadmap includes future support for widgets, custom-made typefaces, Job Account, and much more.


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