Beyblade Burst Rivals


BEYBLADE BURST RIVALS is the official match-3 puzzle war game for BEYBLADE BURST, and it moves at a breakneck speed!
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Epic Story Interactive
Aug 20, 2022
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Beyblade Burst Rivals

BEYBLADE BURST RIVALS is the official match-3 puzzle war sport for BEYBLADE BURST, and it moves at a breakneck rate! BEYBLADE BURST RIVALS is the official match-3 puzzle war game for BEYBLADE BURST, and it moves at a breakneck speed! Pick your favorite character and work your way up to become a Master Blader. Participate in BEYBLADE BURST competitions by picking your favorite character, evolving into a Grasp Blader, and entering the arena. During epic battles, make use of Beys that aren’t commonly seen and are incredibly effective, and LET IT RIP with the help of your devoted Avatars. Acquire a large number of Beys, then upgrade them so that you can unlock specific Bey ways. These methods will give you a distinct advantage in the final fight. Which one of them are you going to take hold of? Make use of technology to get the better of your opponents and go for finishes such as the Ring Out, Survivor, and dramatic Burst finishes! Do you believe that you have what it takes to become one of the best Bladers on the face of our planet? Take hold of your Bey and let loose with it!


• In combat, unleash your most spectacular Bey Strategies!
• Make use of all of your favorite Bey Strategies, such as the Rush Launch, the Counter Break, the Quake Launch, and more!
• To improve your technique, make sure you switch out your Beys between rounds!


• Acquire all of your favorite Beys and put them to use in battle, including Victory Valtryek, Storm Spryzen, Raging Roktavor, Xeno Xcalius, Lost Linor, and more!
• Engage in combat with all of your favorite characters, including Valt, Aiger, Rantaro, Daigo, Ken, Wakiya, Xander, Zac, Shu, Lui, and more!
• Put one of the best Bladers to the test by activating your dedicated Avatars, charging them up, and then sitting back to observe the explosive effects they have throughout the board. •

RARE AVATARS, BLADERS, AND BEYS Are Waiting to Be Collected:

• By opening Bey Bins, you can find stuff that is both rare and amazing!
• Acquire, level up, and master control of your Avatars, Bladers, and Beys, and make strategic use of the powers they provide in combat!
• The more powerful a Blader or Bey is, the greater the potential for their statistics, skills, and abilities to be!
• Consistently, new Bladers and Beys will be made available!


• Assemble a collection of rare Bey’s and engage in combat with them within the Beystadium!
• Acquire Beys with a rating of 5 stars to open up new Bey Strategies!
• Gain experience and level up your Beys so that you may unleash their full ability!


• Participate in competitions at prestigious locations such as the Mountaintop, the Seaside, and the National Stadium!
• Put your collection of Beys to the test by engaging in combat in Fast Play!
• If you compete in certain weekly tournaments, you could win amazing prizes!
• Defeat the most skilled Bladers and win a place for yourself in the annals of history!

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1 . Chris Justin Dimarucut gave it five out of five stars and stated, “I “I used to play this when I was 10 and 9, but after my storage became full, I had to erase it before I could download it again. It is now the year 2022 since I downloaded it again and I recovered my account but I have two accounts the first one is I have a lot of beys and I have over 2,000 gems but now I only have like 11+ bey and 9- avatars and I like the game that is why I rated this 5 star I recommend this game to those who enjoy candy crush like games so that is all and it is cool I wish there were more of this but this time the new Beyblade game”

2 . GAGANDEEP SINGH said (4/5 stars), “Hello. I have a lot of fun playing this game, but I have run into a major issue with it. The issue is that if I uninstall and reload the game, I have to play through the first few matches again, even though they are designed for new players. I have a request that I would like to make to the team behind Beyblade Burst Rivals: please include an option at the beginning of the game that allows players to restore their previous accounts. In other words, it’s a terrific game that has the potential to become even better.”

3 . “My experience was good because that you can get like how to play the game for the 1st level and 2nd level and all the levels in the first place where you blade and then it starts getting harder and harder and also you it’s good because that you can play with other players so maybe if you have another person connected you might even play against them,” said Muhammad Lakdawala, who gave the experience five out of five stars. 3. “My experience was good because that you can get like how to play the

4 . Bitan Saha commented (4/5 stars), “The game is quite enjoyable! However, there are moments when it becomes laggy, particularly when searching for multi-player fights. If that can be rectified, that will be useful. If a new feature such as a clan, the ability to make friends, and events that are relevant to the game is added, then the game will be more fun. Kindly take into consideration this proposal.”

5 . Niraj Kumar (4/5 stars), “The user interface of this game is excellent; however, I am unable to participate in any multiplayer matches. Please fix this issue.” To the company that tells great stories, I spend a lot of time playing this game, but I’m becoming tired of the interface. Please upgrade the game, and also update the next level “Thank you very much for listening to me,” I said. “Today I updated this game; I gathered curse tomb and wold screen.” I play and utilize this bay, and I discovered that this bay’s Technik has poor timing, and the attack power of the wold screen is much reduced. as well as the curse satomb teak is incorrect. Please find a solution to this issue; I hope you understand what I’m saying.”

6 . Prasanna Kumar Nayak stated (4/5 stars), “This is the greatest, however you should make it more realistic by adding things like the voice of bladder and true animation of an Avatar when the match is in progress. You also need to perfect all of the animations in Bey’s Technique, such as the cyclone loop of the kinetic tomb, the required spin, the axe throw, and a great deal more. Also, provide some real bey techniques such as “turbo valtryek” instead of “turbo valtryek whip,” “z breaker” instead of “z Achilles,” and so on. Finally, but most importantly, we want one technique and one hallmark move from each player. Also, try not to make the download size significantly larger. You will have success if you carry it out.”

7 . Joy Tab gave this game four out of five stars and said, “I was just playing with my Beyblades a few minutes ago and I just made up a new technique called The limit breaker launch because I was trying to launch so hard I almost broke my arm but anyway this game is great like there are so many Beyblades you can collect there are no lagging problems and then when I first opened my first chest from logging no it wasn’t logging in it was from something else from winning the battle


1. Is it costless to play Beyblade Burst Rivals?
Answer: If you have a mobile cloud account, you can play Beyblade Burst Rivals online for free.

2 Who is responsible for making Beyblade Burst Rivals?
This game was developed by Epic Story Interactive Inc., the answer is.

3: Is it possible to play this game on an iOS device?
If you wish to play this game on your iOS device, you should know that it requires iOS 10.0 or a later version.


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