There are a total of 19 different games available to select from within the “main” series of Super Mario video games. For other people, each title means something quite different. Mario is not going extinct and is actively expanding the franchise. Fans, on the other hand, are sarcastically bemoaning the fact that the plumber-turned-adventurer will no longer exist as a result of a string of odd decisions made by Nintendo. It is estimated that 40.24 million versions of the Super Mario Bros. video game have been sold all over the world. Due to this accomplishment, it is now the most successful game in the series.  This makes it the most successful game in the franchise. All of these aspects, as well as the Mario franchise itself, will be covered in this article. There have been rumors that Nintendo will remake some of the best 3D adventures from the Super Mario franchise and release them for the Nintendo Switch. The Super Mario series has been around for 35 years. This would mark a significant milestone for the long-running video game series. From 1981 to 2022, there were over 200 games released by Mario Bros. There are more to come in Mario Franchises. Among 200 matches, it was not perfect, and you can not find every game nowadays. 


1 . Super Mario World


Super Mario World - Nickelodeon - Watch on Paramount Plus

Super Mario World is a video game that was initially released by Nintendo in 1990 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The duration of the entire round is two hours, 32 minutes, and eight seconds. This game was the one in which Mario’s fundamental moves, such as running and jumping, received their initial natural additions. The plot of the narrative revolves around Mario’s mission to defeat Bowser and his army of Koopalings in order to save Princess Toadstool and save Dinosaur Land. You have the option of playing as Mario or Luigi. You must make contact with the goal post in order to complete a level. Try to avoid the minions as you make your way to the finish of each group. Super Mario World, a platform game with a side-scrolling motion, serves as the master controller for the rest of the titles in the series. The game is controlled by the user on two different screens, one of which displays an overworld map, while the other displays a field that scrolls left and right. The overworld map illustrates not only the world but also the various travel options available. Simply moving, you can join the action on the field of play. You can complete a stage by dodging foes while you run, jump, and jump some more. The game Super Mario World was the first to feature Yoshi. He is a dinosaur that has the ability to consume adversaries and obtain new skills by consuming the shells of Koopa Troopas. Even though each of these games is a masterpiece on its own, we can still compare them. Super Mario World tops this list because it was the first game that made us feel like we were going somewhere new. The game’s graphics aren’t great yet, but that’s because it’s just the beginning of Mario gaming.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game on the Super NES, Game Boy Advance. With the BlueStacks app, if you want a more immersive gaming experience, you may play this Android game on your computer instead of on your phone.

2 . Super Mario Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy 3 possible, but not before Nintendo's next console | Eurogamer.net

Nintendo designed and produced the platform game Super Mario Galaxy, which was released on the Wii in 2007 and was distributed by the company. The video game Super Mario 3D World is the third entry in the series of 3D Mario games that Nintendo has released. This list of rare games for the Wii includes Super Mario Galaxy, which comes in at number seven. The file size of the Super Mario Galaxy is significantly larger than that of 3D World. It is now known that the game requires 3.7 gigabytes of storage space. This game has a reputation. Super Mario Wii is a 3D action-adventure platformer game for the Wii console that was initially launched in Japan. The game may be played in South Korea. On the review aggregation website GameRankings, Super Mario Galaxy held the title of the highest-rated game until 2019. The new Super Mario Galaxy stands out from its predecessors in several significant ways; chief among them are the following: The utilization of a spin move, as well as the Utilization of planetoids as a standard surface, is chief among them. When you stop to think about it, the connection between these two ideas is obvious and makes perfect sense. In my opinion, this game is an actual work of art, and, regardless of how you want to play it, it offers something that will appeal to every player. This game is relatively well balanced in terms of difficulty for most of the adventures. However, more experienced players may get bored with some of the first few galaxies if they want to go through them. 


WHERE TO PLAY: You can play this game on Nintendo, but with the BlueStacks app, you can play this game on Android and PC. 


3 . Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Full Game Walkthrough - YouTube


This game is a member of the Super Mario game series. It was released in 1990. Your system only needs 2.5 gigabytes of space to accommodate the game’s installation. The total time required to finish the game using All PlayStyles is 5 hours and 27 minutes. If you don’t have any Warp Whistles, beating Super Mario Bros. 3 will be a complicated task. Even if it is not as tricky, Super Mario World can present a good obstacle course for players just beginning the game. This is now the most costly video game ever produced worldwide. Put another way. It represents the artistic pinnacle of the 8-bit Nintendo period. Every new powerup had an intriguing hook, and each stage had some aspect of the gameplay you hadn’t seen before. The highly linear platforming genre received much-needed openness from the global map in this game. This was such a fun game. It was one of my all-time favorite games when I was a kid.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game on PC, Mac and Nintendo switch.

4 . Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Wiki Guide - IGN


The year 1996 was the year when this game was first made available. On the Nintendo Switch, you may play updated versions of the Super Mario 64 games. These versions are the most recent available. This game, which is of the platform game genre, was released for the Nintendo 64 in the year 1996. It is the original Super Mario game to offer a gameplay experience in three dimensions, making it a milestone in the series. The Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development team was responsible for the game’s design, and Nintendo was the firm that was in charge of the game’s distribution.  It incorporates the gameplay, visual style, and characters from the original Super Mario games into an expansive open world. The total size of the game is 64 megabytes. The first step in Mario’s adventure is when Princess Peach writes him a letter inviting him to her palace. Using the 120 Power Stars available in the castle, Bowser locked the princess and her maids up in the courtroom. When Mario defeats Bowser in one of the hidden worlds, he receives a key that he uses to unlock the doors to the other castle floors. The duration of the entire game is 12 hours. It ranks as one of the very finest Mario games ever made. I will strongly propose that every one of you try your hand at playing this game at least once in your lifetime.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game on PC, Mac, and Nintendo switch.


5 . Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)


Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Nintendo is responsible for the development and publishing of the platform video game Super Mario Galaxy, which was launched on the Wii in the year 2010, It is an undeniable fact that the first Super Mario Galaxy served as inspiration for the development of the game’s follow-up, titled Super Mario Galaxy 2, and there’s no way to change that. The controls, the gameplay, and the heart of the game The new game incorporate all of the ideas that were introduced in the previous installment. The development team for Super Mario Galaxy 2 utilized the knowledge they gained from working on the previous game to create an even better sequel. Nintendo has placed a significant amount of emphasis on designing the Super Mario Galaxy 2 to make the game accessible to everyone, including the new “extended audience” that has entered the world of Mario with the release of the New Super Mario Bros. This Galaxy is better than the original Galaxy when compared level for level. Nintendo considered turning this into an upgrade for the original Galaxy game, but there were already enough level ideas to make it fun. The entirety of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes up 1.30 gigabytes of space on your computer. This game has gained an enormous amount of popularity, and a ridiculous number of people all around the world have purchased it.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game on PC, Mac and Nintendo switch.


6 . Super Mario Maker 2:

Super Mario Maker™ 2 for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site

This is a Mario franchise game that was released in 2015. One of the games that can be played on the Nintendo Switch platform is titled Super Mario Maker 2. You don’t even have to leave the house to play, design, or share the Super Mario courses of your wildest ideas thanks to the video game Super Mario Maker 2, which is only available for the Nintendo Switch system. Users with a reference to the game Super Mario Maker on the Wii U platform will no longer be able to publish new levels after March 31, 2021. This is a disappointing change.  According to the information provided on the official Nintendo website, the game program for Super Mario Maker 2 requires 2.8 gigabytes of storage space on the Nintendo Switch. As a dedicated gamer, I’ve completed this title twice. According to my research, Super Mario Maker 2 is the most user-friendly program for designing video games that have ever been developed. Its namesake title is simply one component of a much larger package.I have the impression that I have barely scratched the surface of the topic of what’s possible, despite spending hours creating levels, testing them, and starting over again. Even if you’re not interested in making your courses, there’s plenty to do in the story mode, and the content added by the Course World will guarantee that there will be plenty more content in the game for many years to come. Even though the game has significant restrictions that may frustrate experienced-level designers, there is much more to admire.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game only on a Nintendo switch.


7 . New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Worlds 1 - 9 Full Game (100%) - YouTube


A good example of a game that features an open universe is this one. The size of the game’s file is approximately 0.3600 GB. It was as if a high-definition sequel had been developed for the game that served as the introductory offering for the Super Nintendo. The fact that it can only be played with three other people, however, is both the game’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Many of the game’s elements were just lifted from the DS iteration, and the courses never really conveyed the sense that they were designed with co-op play in mind. However, the inclusion of four players in a traditional Mario game was done on purpose as part of an experiment. Other supporting characters include Yellow Toad and Blue Toad. Other playable characters include the Toad siblings. This scene takes place inside a pitch-black pyramid, with the sole light source coming from burning torches (from candles, flame-throwing piranha plants, or if the player has Fire Mario). This castle is an auto-scrolling level in the game with several fireballs and Podoboos. Additionally, just like some of the courts, in the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, you must walk a specific path through the castle. It was an incredible game, and I had a lot of fun playing it with my friends. There is no doubt that New Super Mario Bros. Wii is an excellent video game. This new platformer puts all of the gameplay mechanics that made the series so famous back into action.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game only on a Nintendo switch.


8 . Super Mario Run 

Super Mario Run - Apps on Google Play

Super Mario Run is a computer game that was originally produced by Nintendo in 2016 for the iOS and Android platforms iOS operating system and afterward ported over to the Android platform. Nintendo was responsible for both the game’s development and distribution. It is the first mobile game released by Nintendo and is based on a franchise that is quite important to the firm and has been around for a very long time. This is a game from the year 2016, and it was played. The gameplay is simple and pleasant on its own merits in its own right. As Mario continues to go forward in an endless loop, you take control of him by touching the screen. The video game Super Mario Run is played from a wall, auto-runner perspective. The game features Mario as the protagonist. Collectible collectibles known as bubbles cause Mario to move backward and allow the player to play through previously completed sections of a level more than once. Players can test their skills against “ghost” versions of other players’ previously recorded playthroughs in the Toad Rally game option. I have access to the whole game and have used that access to experience everything the game offers. I have reached this point in my gaming career. In addition to that, the core gameplay is enjoyable. Even while there is additional unique content available in the game’s various modes, which adds up to quite a bit, the levels don’t feel like enough on their own, even though there are a total of 33 of them if you count the globe tour levels, and 37 of them if you trust the pipe levels. The Super Star and the Super Mushroom are the only two power-ups available in the game. You don’t have to pay anything to play this game, but there is an option to upgrade to a paid edition if you want to get even more out of it.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game only on a Nintendo Switch.


9 . Super Mario Land (1989)

Super Mario Land: The Brilliance of an Underrated Classic | Den of Geek

In 1989, Nintendo produced and published the first game in the Super Mario Land series, also known as simply Super Mario Land. This game served as the launch title for Nintendo’s handheld game platform, the Game Boy. Instead of the Mushroom Kingdom, Super Mario Land takes place in Sarasaland, which serves as the principal location. The land is subdivided into four kingdoms, each of which acts as one of the game’s interconnected worlds. The size of the game is 512 megabytes. To my way of thinking, it’s a lot of fun to play through once, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of replay value. Due to the levels’ low level of difficulty, most players should be able to sail through them in no more than half an hour. The graphics in Super Mario Land are roughly on par with what you would anticipate from a game for the original Game Boy system. Although some later locations offer a significant degree of detail, the backdrops as a whole contain very little in the way of intricacy. The game has fantastic music, and Nintendo did a fantastic job in recreating the iconic sound of Super Mario.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game only on a Nintendo Switch and Game Boy


10 . Super Mario 3D Land


Super Mario™ 3D World + Bowser's Fury for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site

2011′s Super Mario 3D Land is a video game system belonging to the Super Mario series that was created and distributed by Nintendo for their Nintendo 3DS portable gaming machine. The game is part of the Super Mario franchise. This is a game for a single player only. The story of each playthrough is the same. During his trip, Mario receives letters informing him of various stages of Bowser’s scheme concerning the Super Leaf. Princess Peach is located by Mario, Luigi, and the three Toads, who then use the Tanooki powers they have acquired to return her to her palace. Mario or Luigi must overcome Bowser once again in World 8-Bowser’s Castle2. When there are five stars in total on the profile, the very last level, Special 8-Crown, will become available for play. The size of the game is 2.9 gigabytes. Super Mario 3D Land is without a doubt the best new game available for the Nintendo 3DS system, and it is also among the best Mario titles that have been developed and published in recent years. In this day and age of handheld casual gaming, it has all the makings of a smashing success. Playing this game at least once in one’s lifetime is highly recommended.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game only on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

11 . ‘Super Mario Sunshine’ (2002)


Walkthrough - Super Mario Sunshine Wiki Guide - IGN

Nintendo designed and developed Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube in 2002, and the company released the game. This is the second Super Mario game to be played in three dimensions. The size of the game is approximately 1.35 GB. This amounts to about 15 hours of playtime, although it varies depending on how you play the game. Despite its supposedly upbeat façade and focus on cleanliness, the 3D Mario game Sunshine is undoubtedly the most challenging of all the 3D Mario games. This game is fantastic in every way. Each task contains an appropriate degree of difficulty to keep things interesting. The music is outstanding, the mission-7 structure is still enjoyable despite its flaws, and the level of theming is unrivaled within the Mario game series and possibly among all video games.


WHERE TO PLAY:  You can play this game only on the Nintendo Switch, but with the emulator, you can play this game on PC also. 


In this article, I have mentioned the 11 best-played Mario games from across the Mario franchises. This article will have a second part where I will discuss the other games in Mario World. 


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