Those who never look beyond the Halo games are missing out on the rich, expanded universe that has confirmed the Halo franchise as the best video game franchise of all time. With the help of Bungie and 343 Industries, Microsoft conceived of a related project that can be divided into several pieces of an engaging and complex narrative.


1 . Halo Wars (2531): 



Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Stand-Alone Trailer - YouTube

Real-time strategy (RTS) video game Halo Wars was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios in collaboration with the Xbox 360 video game system. Ensemble Studios is a video game developer, while Microsoft Game Studios is a video game publisher. On February 26, 2009, it became accessible to the general public in Australia. On February 27, 2009, it did the same in Europe, and on March 3, 2009, it did so in the United States of America. In the universe of the Halo series, which is based on science fiction, the game takes place in the year 2531, which is 21 years prior to the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. The installation of this game on an Xbox 360 requires a storage capacity of 8 gigabytes of space. The Xbox 360’s hard disk or an external storage device has to have at least 8 gigabytes of free space in order for the multiplayer mode to function properly. Any personal computer (PC) running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit or a later version, as well as every version released after that, is capable of playing The Definitive Edition. Prerequisites for playing Halo Wars on a personal computer include a central processing unit (CPU) that supports 64 bits and an operating system that supports 64 bits. OS: Windows 10 64-bit ( Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or higher can work well for playing this game), Memory with a capacity of 8 gigabytes, and a processor equivalent to an Intel Core i5 (4 GB RAM will still work as the minimum requirement of PC), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, 650, and 750, respectively The AMD HD 5850, 6870, and 7790 are the graphics cards that come highly recommended (the Intel HD Graphics 4200 and the NVIDIA GeForce GT are other viable options). 740M and AMD Radeon R5 M240 are also suitable as minimum requirements for playing this game), DirectX: Version 11, Network: connection to the internet with a broadband speed, Storage: 12 GB available space. This game was quite enjoyable to me. The top-down perspective of the multiplayer mode and the emphasis placed on strategically selecting units bring a whole new level of immersion to the series. A full-fledged campaign and a skirmish mode are available only for players interested in a single confrontation. In the default game mode, players aim to wipe out every single unit and construct hostile strongholds. In addition, there is a mode called Deathmatch in which players compete against one another to see who can stay alive the longest. The game’s events occur in the year 2531 and involve a confrontation between the UNSC Spirit of Fire and ground troops belonging to the Covenant. The Marines launch an assault on the Covenant soldiers currently occupying a Forerunner relic. The artifact points to Arcadia, another world inhabited by UEG colonists that possesses “something fascinating.” Arcadia City is left in the hands of Sergeant Forge and the Red Team. Most orbital defense spacecraft is damaged or destroyed. The Forerunner ruins are surrounded by a massive energy barrier generator manufactured by the Covenant, which has forced the UNSC to deploy prototype Rhino plasma weaponry. Anders is taken hostage when the Arbiter Ripa ‘Moramee arrives on the scene. Flood launches an assault on UNSC and Covenant troops. While repairs are being made, the Spirit of Fire watches over a massive shield world and protects it. With the assistance of Anders, the Arbiter sets fire to The Apex, revealing the Forerunner warships that the Covenant intends to utilize. Anders breaks out of her stasis jail using her stasis prison. What will happen to the Spirit of Fire is still a mystery. After some time, the UN Security Council and the ONI will conclude their investigations. The ship can return to UNSC space. During the final scene, Captain Cutter seals the cryo tube that contains Sergeant Forge.


2 . Halo 3: ODST (2552)

Halo 3: ODST on Steam

Bungie is responsible for developing the first-person shooter video game, Halo 3: ODST, which was released for the Xbox 360. On September 22, 2009, at noon local time, Halo 3: ODST was made available worldwide. The Halo video game franchise’s most recent entry is Halo 3: ODST. The narrative focuses on a group of six Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, all United Nations Space Command members. The year is 2552, and the Covenant has launched an assault against the city of New Mombasa. The campaign mode in Halo 3: ODST is significantly shorter and less ambitious than the campaign modes found in the three previous Halo shooters. There is still plenty of content to be played in the Firefight mode of the game, a multiplayer option that tasks you and up to three teammates with protecting yourselves against an increasing number of opponents. The Xbox software requires 152 gigabytes of space to download the game. You must have 20 GB of free space on your PC. Minimum Requirements for a Personal Computer: Windows 7, GeForce GTS 450 | Radeon R7 Graphics Processor: Intel Core i7-975 | AMD A12-9800 APU Memory: 2 GB RAM Processor: AMD A12-9800 APU Graphics: GeForce GTS 450 | Storage: 20 GB available space. If you wish to play this game on an Android device, you can try looking for the game’s APK from several sources. The time spent accomplishing the primary goals in Halo 3: ODST is approximately six hours. If you are the type of gamer that wants to experience everything the game has to offer, you should plan to spend about 25 hours on it to get 100% game completion. The beginning of the ODST mission is the most difficult section of the operation because it can be tough to accept the notion that, as a lone wolf ODST, you needn’t try to stand toe-to-toe with every opponent you see. This is the most challenging part of the mission. 

Secrets for Halo 3: ODST for Xbox 360

Secret 1# Chaos caused by Mongooses in Mombasa

In Kenya, consumers have the opportunity to acquire Secret Mongooses. Once you have unlocked the cache, you can get one of the items in the left-hand corner of the map, where you begin. After gaining access to the supply in the New Mombasa area, the optimum time to acquire one is when you are in that area.

Secret 2# Mysterious Skull Locations

Each new multiplayer map conceals three skulls, one hidden in plain sight. You will need to look for them in the Forge gameplay mode. Please use the flying camera method to navigate to the spots we have specified in the video that can be found below.

Secret 3# The Easy ODST Vidmaster Challenge: The Traditional Accomplishment

At the first Warthog Area in the Uplift Reserve, get into a hog and hand your Spartan Laser over to the soldier sitting in the passenger seat. Make sure that a gunner accompanies you during this exam to reduce the number of times you are killed.


3 . Halo Reach (2552):

Halo: Reach on Steam

The events of Halo: Reach take place in the year 2552, when the Covenant is in the process of invading the human colony world of Reach, which also happens to be the primary military command center for the UNSC. The Noble Team is a six-member special operations unit consisting of one SPARTAN-II and five SPARTAN-III commandos. They are the protagonists of the game. Reach is a world controlled by the UNSC and serves as the setting for the game Halo: Reach. A group of Spartan supersoldiers known as the Noble Team has been assigned to protect the world against an attack by the Covenant. After Noble Six was successful in bringing down the shield protecting the Spire, a gigantic supercarrier joined the battle and was able to take out UNSC Grafton. Kat devises a strategy to retaliate against the Covenant by utilizing a Slipspace Bomb on the Ardent Prayer as her weapon of choice. The game recreates the first scenario from the Halo: Combat Evolved video game. The player takes control of the situation of the Noble Team, a six-person special operations unit, in this action-adventure video game. The player will go to various locations on and above the planet Reach throughout the game. Some of these locations will be isolated civilian homesteads. The Halo: Reach update has a file size of 24.94 gigabytes and may be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on an Xbox One console. Reach costs ten dollars for every participant on a PC. If you own the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, you have free access to the multiplayer modes, but it will cost you ten dollars to play the campaign and firefight modes. Multiplayer mode access is included with the Master Chief Collection. If you want to have a fantastic time playing Halo: Reach, it is strongly recommended that you do so on a personal computer. The length of playtime for Halo Reach is approximately eight and a half hours. However, depending on your expertise with the gameplay, it could take 10 to 12 hours to finish the game.

The secret of Halo Reach

Secret 1# Fly a Pelican or Covenant Drop Ship

To locate this hidden Easter egg, you will want the assistance of a second player who is able to coordinate their efforts with yours. In order to speed up the process of activating the switch, one of the players needs to stand on top of the airplane while it is hovering under their control. Once the job has been successfully finished, a hidden button will become accessible within the ONI building.

Secret 2# The Free Banshee Buttons on The Package

This Easter Egg is one of a kind when compared to the two panels that are used at the end of the level to access Dr. Halsey’s laboratory. At the beginning of “The Package,” there are two switches that can be triggered by two different sets of players at the same time. You will not be successful at any other difficulty level but normal with this endeavor.

Secret 3# Credit Farming Made Extremely Easy (and Legal!)

This is the most straightforward method for acquiring credits in Halo: Pull the trigger on your Target Locator once you have aimed it towards the street that is located to the north. Make it a goal to bring down as many foes as possible with your blast. As a result of the explosion, you will receive credits proportional to the number of commendations and medals you received.

Secret 4# Access Dr. Halsey’s Office

You’ll need two people to accomplish this, and you’ll have to play the game on the toughest level possible. Continue on The Package until you reach Rally Point Bravo. Continue playing the game until Dr. Halsey says her lab is ready for visitors. You won’t be able to complete the job if you go into the lab or touch the panel on the door. If you do not already possess a Jet Pack, you can obtain one from the location to the north of the laboratory’s entrance. They are on the wall, but there are no showy Armor Ability holograms to draw attention. Thus, it can be challenging to find them.


4 . Halo Wars 2 (2559):  

Buy Halo Wars 2 (PC / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S) Microsoft Store

Creative Assembly and 343 Industries were responsible for the development of the real-time strategy video game Halo Wars 2, which was released in 2017 as a direct successor to the real-time strategy video game Halo Wars. Microsoft Studios was the publisher of this game. The events of the game take place in the year 2559 and revolve around a struggle for control of the Ark that is being fought between the UNSC and the Banished. The Spirit of Fire makes its way to the Ark, a vast forerunner structure capable of constructing halo rings. After leaving a final message for Captain James Cutter of the Spirit of Fire, the ship’s artificial intelligence (AI) wakes the crew from their cryogenic sleep. The portal to the Ark suddenly closed for no apparent reason, and a horde of former Covenant soldiers and pirates materialized. The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) first concludes that Atriox’s command structure needs to be surgically weakened. They begin by focusing on a high-ranking Brute officer scouring the installation for valuable materials. After being held back by the Ark Ander’s forces finally make it to the map room where the cartographer works. Back on Shield World 0459, the Spirit of Fire had disabled its Slipspace drive to save face.

The Ark has successfully manufactured an additional halo ring and is keeping it in reserve for use. The forces of the Red Team can prevent the Banished from sending reinforcements to the Ring. The final members of the Banished army are sent into space by Anders, who uses the gravity systems of the Ring. I am a PC gamer following the completion of research on the Hola Complete Series. The game does not take up more than 25 gigabytes of space on your personal computer. Yesterday I purchased the Halo Wars 2 Complete Edition, and today I started downloading it without any issues, and it appears to have taken up 48 GB. System requirements are suggested for playing Halo Wars 2 on a personal computer. DX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware, Feature Level 12, Operating System: Windows 10. Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K, AMD FX-8350 Memory: 8 GB. Video Memory: 4 GB Nvidia GTX 1060, AMD RX 480 DirectX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware, Feature Level 12 Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit). In Halo Wars 2, gaining levels is a rather simple process. You must play the game and rack up enough experience points to advance your profile status. It is still a more intuitive experience to play with a mouse and keyboard than with any other input device. The game’s launch version will not include ranked play of any kind. It is not yelling out that it is new; rather, it is saying it just sort of falls into place. The newness of Halo Wars 2 isn’t exactly shouted from the rooftops. The visuals have been improved, and a few tweaks have been made to improve the overall experience. But from what we’ve seen thus far, it appears to be an extension of the Halo Wars series. Instead of the more typical base management, deck construction is used in new ideas such as the Blitz mode. I strongly recommend that every gamer experience this title at least once in their lifetime.

Secrets of Halo Wars 2

Secret 1# Secure Crates Early On

Players should grab any available crates when the basic structures are being constructed. Compartments will almost always be located near the bases when a match first begins. It seems likely that players will be able to deploy a third set of Marines using this strategy, in addition to the two groups that were already accessible at the beginning of the game.

Secret 2# Prioritize Getting To Tech 2

Once they have established a substantial advantage over their opponents, professional players typically take control of the battleground. The players’ supply pads will be able to be upgraded, and if they have obtained an Advanced Generator, they will be able to construct a second generator. This combination of two for two should be adequate to allow you to branch out into mid-game combat preparation.

Secret 3# Try To Secure The Win

Around the game’s fourth minute, players should aim for Tech 2 as their objective. It is now possible to acquire garages for cars, barracks for more advanced units, and siege turrets for a more solid form of defense. When the opportunity presented itself, Marine units were ready to pounce and go in for the kill.

Secret 4# Lead Enemies Away, Not To Your Base

When playing a match, it’s a good idea to test the waters by attacking early on in the game. It would be best if you retreated deeper into the map or the stronghold of one of the opposing combatants. By diverting the defender’s attention toward this approach, the player will have more time to construct additional units or set up fortifications.

Secret 5# Watch Out For Loose Defense

This tactic is typically successful when the adversary possesses two or more bases, as the secondary bases of an enemy usually function as a resource hub. Players with more troops can wage an offensive on this auxiliary base; nevertheless, they must be aware of any counterattacks from the back. Similarly, adversaries distracted by this strategy can encourage players to engage in natural aggression on the primary base.



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