Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!


In this entertaining bubble shooter puzzle game, your goal is to save the baby pandas while you pop bubbles. Conquer the nefarious Badboon by navigating through all of the puzzles! To save the baby pandas and reassure their frightened mother, you must pop, match, and blast the bubbles.
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Aug 13, 2022
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Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop!

Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop is the game that will provide you with the most fabulous entertainment when you pop bubbles. While you have fun shooting bubbles and solving puzzles, your mission in this engaging bubble shooter puzzle game is to protect the panda cubs. You can triumph over the wicked Baboon by finding solutions to all of the game’s riddles. You will need to pop, match, and blast your way through the bubbles to free the baby pandas and bring some comfort to their worried mother.

Prepare to save those lovely baby pandas by preparing every pop! To complete your objective of rescuing every child, you will engage in various entertaining video games, such as bursting bubbles and obliterating elemental powers.

A malicious baboon has kidnapped and locked up a priceless litter of panda cubs somewhere in the jungle’s depths. By matching bubbles, shooting them with a blast, and popping them, you can assist in defeating him and getting the cubs back to their worried mother. As you make your way through the Panda Pop quest, you will be tasked with resolving progressively more challenging riddles and making effective use of the many elemental powers at your disposal.

To succeed in your search for Panda Pop, you will need to battle through all the engaging puzzles and make strategic use of the strength that the various elements provide. To save the young pandas, create the most of the incredible bubble shooter powerups available to you… Combine them for an impact that is even more pronounced!

Unlock and journey through over 2,600 challenging levels and a plethora of stunning realms in this game.

Play a game of friendly competition against your other friends and compare your point totals to see where you stand in comparison to one another.

It is simple to pick up and play, making it a fantastic game for various occasions. Even though it was a difficult assignment, I could complete it effectively.

Characters, animations, and sound effects will completely blow your mind in all the best possible ways.

This strategy game is playable on both the iPhone and Android platforms.


Play the Bubble Shooter Puzzle Game and try to make your way through more than 2,000 levels of increasingly demanding and entertaining obstacles.

Please Donate to Help Save the Panda Cubs! The pandas need your assistance! To save them, you’ll need to blast through several bubble shooter riddles.

Exciting Occasions: 

Ensure You Check Back Frequently So That You Don’t Miss Out on Any Free Rewards or Exciting Occasions!

Utilize your bubble blaster abilities to land good hits and get some energy-ups.

Matches can be supercharged by igniting match bubbles and filling match lanterns with more games. Sparkling with Vitality: 

In this exciting bubble shooter game, you may help save the pandas by pushing the button labeled “Free Each Child.”

Your mission in this entertaining bubble shooter game is to clear away all the puzzles and protect the newborn pandas.

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Kindly Take Note Of This! Even though downloading, playing, and enjoying Panda Pop does not cost anything, a few things within the game may be purchased with real money if the player so chooses. These objects can’t be acquired if the player doesn’t want to do what’s necessary to get them. If you do not wish to make use of this functionality, it is indispensable for you to check that in-app purchases are turned off on the device you will be using.


Google review:

1 Dee Dees said, “I truly like this game; it’s a bit addictive.” It displays that I’ve earned X amount, but most of the time, none of those coins show up in my bank. Instead, the game wants you to purchase them, so I’m only giving it three stars instead of four. It isn’t effortless to accumulate enough coins to buy any powerups. After reaching a certain point, the game will become unplayable. And if you don’t win a game, you can acquire three extra moves, but you have to view a film to do so. And it will never let you down at any time. Never, ever acquire the colors you require, I repeat.”

2. Corazon Cacho commented, “Nice game, but quite stingy in supplying boosters.” Always provide free lives for a certain amount of time rather than boosters… it would be best if you made it adaptable. I was backed up for a good number of months on this level. The main reason I get to play so infrequently lately. You never fail to alter your pattern of color availability just when it gets close to being time for me to finish the level. I am considering erasing the icon even though I am currently on the highest level of this game. Although I adore this game, it does not love me. So stingy with the chances it gives you to complete the level.

3. Nancy stated, “At first, this was wonderful, but then it froze, and I couldn’t open up the map, and all I saw was a blank background.” I had to close the program and start it again, but all the icons surrounding it were still there. Around the time I reached level 230, it happened again. Your crew was terrific, and they contributed to the problem’s solution. Thank you so much, and I hope this update is entirely trouble-free. I think there should be the option to use earned stars for the coin tree.

4. Javier Suarez had this to say about the game: “Cool game. makes you utilize your head. The issue I came across was that once I beat all of the levels in the game, I considered myself to have “mastered. The game.” They have not implemented any additional levels. They keep playing through the same stories on the so-called portal game. It doesn’t present a challenge any longer. I spent nearly two years learning every aspect of the game and playing through all its levels before I could say that I had achieved complete mastery.


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