Cop Duty Police Car Simulator


In one of the best first-person police car driving simulator games, protect civilians from criminals, robbers, and risky drivers. As a police officer, complete perilous missions to capture criminals and clean up the city. In this police action game, answer your radio to pursue crimes.
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Aug 24, 2022
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Cop Duty Police Car Simulator

The brand new driving simulator with an open environment, Cop Duty Police Car Simulator, is already available for download! Experience the thrill of driving real police cars in an expansive open city scenario that features miles and miles of road for you to investigate.

You have complete freedom to park your vehicle anytime you choose in the exciting action game that is situated in an open setting. You can then set out on foot to explore the neighboring city as well as the surrounding countryside. In one of the top first-person police car driving simulator video games, you get to patrol the city streets as a hard-working beat cop and protect innocent bystanders from crooks, robbers, and dangerous drivers. As a police officer, you must uphold the law while also participating in perilous operations to apprehend criminals and assist in the cleaning up of the town. In this frantic police action game, you will have to respond to the decision on your police radio to go after the criminals.

Experience the thrill of driving authentic police cars across an expansive open-world city environment that features miles upon miles of road to explore. In the exciting open-world action game, you are free to abandon your vehicle at any time and explore on foot across the city and the countryside that surrounds it.

Get right into the action of cop responsibilities and take on a variety of different gaming objectives such as hostage rescues, hostage situations, automobile escorts, drug busts, and more. The brand-new episode of the exciting police procedural you’ve been looking for is now available for your viewing pleasure.



– Assist victims when they are being held, hostage

– Investigate and place those who commit felonies behind bars.

– Take action against damaging criminal hideouts

– Defend and accompany V.I.P autos

– Put a stop to and apprehend all of the criminals who are driving police SUVs and other types of police vehicles.

– Start driving as soon as possible to put an end to crooks on the run.


You can upgrade and unlock a whole arsenal of weapons, in addition to choosing your police car from a wide variety of city automobiles, offroad 4×4 vans, and fast cop car interceptors. Fight off the armed robbers with your Desert Eagles, M16s, hand grenades, miniguns, and a whole lot more to look into!!


Take part in the action of the police car driving at any moment with alerts from the police radio, agree to the decision, and then travel over to the scene of the crime to see the real action of the police. If you don’t think that fits your personality, you can turn down the decision and instead explore the open world of the town in your police car or on foot. Put in the effort necessary to become one of the most respected members of the law enforcement community.



– An large, unrestricted universe that is full of wide open roads, mountains, and other features!

– Lifelike driving simulator

– Driving simulation as close to reality as possible, including first-person gameplay dynamics.

– Lifelike cars hurt

– High-end autos and arms for the law enforcement personnel

– Limitless mission aims, continual mobility!!

– Dynamic digital camera angles

– Driving controls that are intuitive and easy to use; employ contact, wheel, and tilt controls!


Take care of both your health and the stability of your vehicle, and if you want to continue performing your duties for a longer period in the line of responsibility, you should look for garages and hospitals throughout the city that can perform repairs on your vehicle and give you a participant health boost.


Participate in nonstop action within the most recent iteration of the police driving game because doing so puts you that much closer to the actual police responsibility. A massive free-roaming open environment to provide the most authentic police car driving simulator game experience possible! Drive through a vast open city, perform stunts like drifting and crashing, give pursuit to crooks, and make arrests!


Cop Responsibility: Police Car Simulator is without a doubt the most realistic and action-packed police driving game you will ever have the opportunity to experience.


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1 . SCRIMPYTHEGOD OFFICIAL commented (4/5 stars), “A very good game that was also extremely engaging. One of the drawbacks is that finding the last few gems is challenging, and another is that playing multiplayer shouldn’t use up all of your money. After the police limousine, everything else is also way too expensive, which kind of makes the game unplayable. An excellent game overall, with a somewhat realistic feel to the gameplay.”


2 . 09blackopps noted (4/5 stars), “It’s an enjoyable game, and I get the impression that I’m playing a role in it myself. The graphics may use a little bit of work, but I think it’s awesome that it includes all of the many types of alarms and warnings that you might hear in an emergency. Due to the absence of gore, I believe that it is appropriate for players of a younger generation.”


3. Robert Hillegonds, who received four out of a possible five stars; “Excellent visuals and a simple interface. Enjoy the online play, but be aware that veteran players have a significant edge and may behave in a cruel manner, which can make the experience frustrating. Before beginning to play online, you need to make sure that your character has reached a high level and is heavily equipped with armor and weaponry.”


4. According to J.T. Smith, who gave it five stars out of a possible five, “I hope you enjoy playing! Let your development staff know how fantastic their work is. A miniature map tucked away in one of the corners is something else that could be included. One of the issues is that the minigun does not function properly. It does not discharge any bullets, even though I paid a significant sum of money for it. Just one question: when do you anticipate putting the bicycles and police stations back into circulation?”


5 . Harin Bhara Haas gave this game five out of five stars and said, “I love this game, but the only thing is the lack of peds and also can add pedestrians on the street walking around that would be better for asking them for id lot better and also the game annoys me when I try to pull the mover but hit them and can’t pull them over I just wish more pedestrians were walking around and not that crash thing thanks!!!” Harin Bhara Haa


6 . Andry Segawa, who rated this game four out of five stars, said the following: “I love this game so much, I love the graphics and the cars but please please please add in some motorbikes and fighting jets plus more jobs and moving people in the town, so I will give this game a five-star rating when it works on my issue.”


7. According to Tony Hayes (five out of five stars), “This game’s missions are some of the best I’ve ever done. You should add that you can go inside buildings and prevent a heist or something like that. I concur with you, Sea ZAR, that we need a function that enables us to contact for assistance whenever we run into trouble.”


8 .  user peppery pilgrim rated it four out of five stars and said, “It’s good, but I have two suggestions. First, I like to pretend that I’m the police in my city, but no police car looks like mine. Therefore, add more variants such as all black with police and city and all white. Second, make it so that all police cars can use every lightbar so you can again make it more like your own. ”


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