Crazy for Speed 2


New obstacles make Crazy for Speed 2's racing experience crazier and more entertaining. Meet all racers' speed demands. You can conquer the riskiest paths.
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Aug 21 2022
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Crazy for Speed 2

The racing challenges in Loopy for Velocity 2 offer a significant increase in the amount of fun that can be had when looping the track. Maintain a pace that is consistent with all of the competitors’ expectations. Now, race the spectators! The potentially most hazardous roads are now open and ready for you to tackle. When you put the pedal to the metal in the thrilling racing video game Crazy for Speed 2, your heart will start pumping faster than ever before. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and crush all of your rivals on perilous courses as you compete to cross the finish line first, ahead of the rest of the pack. The graphics and sound effects in Crazy for Speed 2 are very breathtaking, and they give the player the impression that they are competing in an actual race.

As a result of this, the experience of driving, drifting, and even crashing into your opponents is incredibly pleasurable. This is true even if you are the one doing the crashing. Participate in head-to-head competition with other players from all over the world as you make your way to the finish line for a shot at the title of best racer. The gameplay of Crazy for Speed 2 is fairly easy to pick up and understand. You have the option of controlling your vehicle by tilting your smartphone or by tapping on the action buttons that show on the screen. This allows you to maintain your concentration on the road in front of you. You can select the city you race in and the vehicle you drive from the main menu.

You also have the option to select your opponent. It is also important to point out that the garage is where you can make modifications to your vehicle. In Crazy for Speed 2, your mission is to reach the finish line in the first place by racing past all of your other competitors as quickly as you can. When you play, you’ll feel as though you’re right in the middle of the action thanks to the meticulously crafted 3D graphics. You can also utilize the turbo to give yourself a speed boost and get the better of all of your competitors one by one.

There are a variety of different race tracks in the game, and each one is a simulation of a road in a different country or region. These include the midnight streets of London, the streets of Tokyo, the snowy roads of the Himalayas, the coast of Venice, the sandy roads of the Nevada desert, the mountains of the Alps, and other terrains. There are a variety of off-road paths, such as muddy Amazonian roads, included in the itineraries and maps, so they are not limited to clear highways only. There are many other game modes available to select from, such as the career mode and the driver’s license exam mode.


The mountain highway of the Alps, the coastal highway of Venice, the desert highway of Nevada, the muddy highway of the Amazon, the asphalt highway of Monaco, the city road of Tokyo, the snow-icing highway of the Himalayas, the nighttime highway of London, and so on all compete for the title of possibly the most dangerous actual highway in the entire world.


a plethora of high-performance automobiles created by some of the best manufacturers in the world. Choose the sports automobile you want to drive, paint it in the color of your alternative, load up on as much Nitro as you can, and get ready to give pursuit to your opponents on the street. Crash, drift, roll, gallop, and overtake the competition! The players from all around the world have a problem with it. Strive to become the best driver in the race. You’ll get an authentic racing experience when you play Loopy for Velocity.


You can personalize vehicles just like you would in real life!
You may give your vehicle a unique look by giving it a painted finish, adding labels, and getting personalized license plates. That one-of-a-kind automobile is completely in your possession.
Keep in mind that your amazing autos should be improved. You will be in an unbeatable position to win the championship if you keep up this pace.


* Realistic three-dimensional graphics, physics, and sound impact * Loads of off-road courses with unimaginable ranges
* Sport mode and career mode for the driving license exam * Steady and quick vehicle replacements
* Engaging in competition with other racers to win the most prestigious racing champion


1 . As Zack Mcloud explained it (four out of five stars), “Each course features colorful graphics and a picturesque backdrop. The gameplay is easy to get the hang of, and the automobiles are a lot of fun to drive. The rapid change in the camera makes the drifting appear somewhat false; it appears to be nothing more than a separate camera angle swinging side to side in and out. The game’s physics may use some improvement, as it feels more like an arcade-style racing game to me, but overall, it’s still a lot of fun to play. The fundamental upgrades are not just straightforward but also rather inexpensive. Not an overabundance of commercials either. Excellent racer for those who value speed.”

2 . Neil Reneaux commented (4/5 rating), “The game is enjoyable, but purchasing a vehicle can be rather costly. I would want to request URL, asking that the car rates be lowered, or at the very least, that the prizes won after each race be increased. (This refers to the coins needed to unlock a new vehicle.) If this isn’t the case, we have to keep playing the levels from the beginning over and over again until we earn 29,000 points to unlock our first automobile. Other than that, the game is incredibly fun.”

3 . Ayodeji Esan, who gave the game a rating of five out of five stars, said the following about it: “It’s a good game just minor issues with the drifting but and also try to upgrade the visibility – sometimes we just take abrupt turns and also where it seems to go in a particular direction, it goes another direction, but above all good work by the developers..”

4 . Martijn M commented (4/5 rating), “What a great game, practically every aspect is right where it should be. Everyone ought to give this racing game a shot and experience the excitement for themselves. The main problem is that automobiles are so pricey, but with enough savings, one can eventually buy one. In any case, the designer did an excellent job.”

5 . Greenify stated (5/5 rating), “It’s a fun game to play. Simply not what I had anticipated at all. There should be more courses, more free driving, the graphics might use some work, particularly on your car when it is shown in replays, there should be more camera modes, and there should be additional game controls like a steering wheel and the ability to manually adjust the speed. Aside from that, my recommendation is.”

6 . manga Rivera said (3/5 rating), “Although I enjoyed the game, I was under the impression that it would be very different from the first installment in the Crazy for Speed series, but it’s essentially the same thing. If you ask me, it’s kind of hilarious that a different number1 happened. The beginning of each game is completely different. Number two: the garage is different, everything else in the game is the same the cars the game begins 321 everything the same controlling the same nothing has changed you need to improve this maybe if you do it you will get five entire stars but for now you get this rating I hope you pay attention to this and work on making cfs2 a better game.”


1. Can I play this game on both a PC and a Mac?
Answer: If you have an emulator, you’ll have no trouble playing this game.

2 . Is the Crazy for Speed 2 game appropriate for children?
The game has a rating appropriate for those who are at least three years old. If you are older than three years old, you will have no trouble playing and will thoroughly enjoy yourself with this game.

3 . Is it possible to purchase this game on iOS?
The game can be played on iOS devices without a doubt, so don’t worry about it.


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