Days After


Days After is a survival shooting game in which you have to face the most terrible consequences of the zombie apocalypse.
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Aug 05, 2022
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Days After

In the zombie apocalypse survival game Days After, you will have to face the never-ending nightmares of the zombie apocalypse, such as famine, infection, robbers, and armies of the undead. To be successful in the “survival capture” genre of the video game “Days After,” players are required to overcome one of the harshest repercussions of the zombie apocalypse. This is necessary in order to capture survivors. The moment a player starts Days After, they are thrown right into the middle of the action, and they are expected to figure out the game’s mechanics as they progress. No tutorial. Players are at liberty to focus on nothing more than maintaining their ability to stay alive. The developers of the game expect the player’s total attention throughout the entirety of the experience. due to the zombies, the potential for survival, and so on and so on. The number of zombie survival games and post-apocalyptic video games available in mobile app stores is overwhelming. In zombie games, players often look for stray dogs and create alliances with other survivors in order to survive. Every single good friend contributes to one’s well-being in some manner or another. Because the rules of the game are written in such a way as to guarantee that players will always come out on top, the advantages they have may at times give the impression of being greater than the challenges they must overcome. Players have a number of options for how they might interact romantically with one another, and they are allowed to switch their gender at any moment. In spite of the fact that this does not seem to alter the romantic options that are available, it is a great touch to include everyone. There is an overwhelming quantity of materials that must be obtained, yet there is not enough room in the inventory to hold them all. This is typical of survival games in general. Players will spend a greater amount of time traveling between their residence and the locations they have already seen so that they can empty out their inventory. The ability to “dash” allows players to move about more swiftly, but doing so depletes their energy more quickly. After doing some thinking, I determined that it would be wise to avoid rushing about to the various locations. Because of this, I was able to save part of the game energy that I normally use. In addition to that, I was able to step away from the game for long stretches at a time without missing out on any of the actions. On the other side, this implied that everything required a duration that was double the normal amount of time. This game is wonderful, and much like the other reviews, I would give it five stars if it weren’t for the fact that some items are so tough to find that it’s almost impossible to do so. However, other than that, I would give it five stars. Because those are the only materials I can currently locate, I am continuously creating the same kinds of weapons and garments. This is sufficient for the time being, but I hope to find other resources in the near future. Enjoyable game. The incorporation of graphics contributes to a pleasing overall appearance. The movement of the characters and the manner in which they engage in fights are both incredibly smooth and easy to follow. Because the energy in this game isn’t nearly as hard to come by as it is in other games that are similar to it, players are able to embark on more adventures.


You have no right to make a mistake since this entire zombie apocalypse world is ravenous for blood and also brains, and you are the only one who can make that error. Therefore, you have no right to make a mistake. Pick a hero to play as, and then level him up until he reaches his full potential. Obtaining supplies while also attempting to preserve one’s life in a dangerous area. Construct your tools while simultaneously establishing your operational base. Fight against a variety of adversaries, including wild pets, bandits, and undead, among others. The primary objective is to proceed in spite of the difficulties that may be encountered.

You are going to be faced with searching for zombies, doing assignments, traveling to a variety of locations, interacting with scary employers, and coming across frightening critters. Those with the most bravery will surely be able to be with the person they love, but the journey there won’t be a walk in the park. If you intend to be successful, you will unquestionably be required to defend her and make an attempt to ensure that she stays alive.

The trip is not going to be an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. You won’t just have to worry about fending off hunger and thirst in this survival simulator; you’ll also have to contend with unimaginable challenges and a strange infection. Because they will force you to stay on your toes, new zombie varieties are something you should always be on the lookout for. You shouldn’t get into fights with everyone; in certain circumstances, you could realize that running away is the better course of action. Always keep in mind that the lives of the individuals whose well-being you care about, in addition to your own, are in danger; proceed with extreme caution.

You will need to go to a variety of different areas, accomplish a variety of different assignments, adhere to the rules of survival, destroy zombies, and fight outlaws in order to uncover the tale behind the illness that led to the zombie apocalypse. In order to do so, you will need to travel.


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