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Do you like it? Do you want a blank slate to design your home again and over? Looking for a mobile game that allows you to live out your home design ambitions in a fun, relaxed environment? Then play Decor Life.
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Sep 3, 2022
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Then you should play the game called Decor Life. Decor Life gives you all the fun elements of moving and decorating without any of the real-life difficulty and hard work by combining a set of simple and easily mastered mechanics with a vast assortment of one-of-a-kind rooms, furniture pieces, and design products.


Do you relish the idea of making improvements to your home? Do you often yearn for a clean slate, on which you could start anew each time with the interior design of your dream home? Are you on the lookout for a light-hearted mobile game that provides you with the opportunity to act out your interior design fantasies in a light-hearted and entertaining setting? Do you want to be able to experiment with various types of furnishings and decorative concepts in any method you see fit? Then you should participate in the sport of Decor Life.

Decor Life gives you all of the pleasurable aspects of moving and decorating without any of the actual life-like difficulty or laborious effort by combining a series of simple and easily mastered mechanics with a wide range of different places, furniture things, and design products.


Real estate, including homes and candies: An large number of rooms to work on, and the number is growing all the time, each with its own individual atmosphere and set of characteristics based on the owner. Make another effort to search for the most effective remodeling choices that are suitable for each and every residence. Make your selections for the furnishings and the decorations, and then move them around the room until you find the area that is perfect for them.


Decor Life is a sport that simulates the process of renovating a room from the very beginning to the very finish. After deciding on home design options, unboxing and positioning furniture, and then finally unpacking and arranging newly acquired ornamental items and possessions within the newly decorated room, the first thing to do is to sort the old furniture and the contents of the room that was not renovated into the appropriate containers. This should be done before moving on to the next step.


Have trouble identifying your personal taste in interior design? In Decor Life, there is no such thing as the correct answer, and there is also nobody to validate your choices when you reach the end of each level. There is nothing that can stop you from having fun and getting the greatest pleasure out of letting your design imagination run wild since you get to choose the designs and furnishings you require and decide on their success on your own terms.

A home for each and every one of life’s possessions: When it comes to unboxing, you never really know what you’re going to find inside the packaging. Are you able to work out the area greatest to place a drum set, a safe, a superb still life, or any of a variety of other one-of-a-kind and specific objects that are looking for the perfect residence in your new room?

The home design road map is available to you regardless of where you are located on the map. You don’t have to play the levels in any particular order; instead, you can acquire decorations whenever and wherever you like during the game by exploring the many rooms on the map.


You are free to make all of your own interior design selections in this inventive and one-of-a-kind decorating game, and you may appreciate the results of your hard work while playing in an environment that is relaxing and unrestricted. Let your imagination run wild while you play!

Have you developed an insatiable appetite for home improvement projects? Then you should immediately obtain Decor Life and begin the remodeling process.

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1. Heartofthedragon20, who ranked it fourth out of five stars and stated, “Very is both fun and relaxing, making it an excellent way to pass the time. I had a lot of fun playing this game and discovering new and interesting ways to arrange the furniture in the space. The only aspect of the game that I’m having trouble with is the acquisition of new furniture and decorations. I keep getting the same items over and over again, and I never get anything that I would genuinely like to utilize to adorn my home. I am aware that the most enjoyable aspect of the game is working to acquire new goods; nevertheless, it may be helpful if there was a shop where diamonds could be spent to acquire new items or a customization feature that allowed us to choose the colors of our items.”

2 . The comment made by Ena Julija Anzil received a score of 4 out of 5 points, with the following statement: “The game is entertaining, and despite the fact that the advertisements are unpleasant, I understand that without advertisements, the game would not be free, so I have no problem with them. The one thing that bothers me is that the present that you have to monitor and add for appears in front of one of the cabinets or drawers, but you can’t open it. If it is at all possible, I would appreciate it if you could remedy this issue. Even so, I rate this game as five stars.”

3. M. Lan assigned his remark a score of 4 out of a possible 5 stars and said, “I’ve been seeking for a game like this for a considerable amount of time, and this one did not let me down in the least. So much fun! First of all, it is not a copycat of Candy Crush, which is what the majority of mobile games appear to be these days. Second, because they provide such a large quantity of products, it is difficult to find a spot for all of them because there is not enough space in the container. And finally, the majority of the commercial breaks are only five seconds long and occur seldom. The only time you will see lengthy advertisements is if you win an award. Other than an issue with the advertisement, this game is flawless. However, I could only give it four stars.”

4. KJ M. provided a response to a question with a rating of five stars out of a possible five and commented, “Incredible fun and addictive, but I wish they would stop presenting adverts in the middle of the decorating process: ( It’s fine to have ads to buy special goods, furnishings, and extra gems at the beginning of the game, but in the middle of it? Eugh. Also, it would be wonderful if there was an option to rotate objects because it would make it a lot easier to place things in the appropriate spots and fit things together if there was this choice.”

5 . RL said ((4/5 stars), “I absolutely adore playing this game! Although they are a nuisance, advertisements aren’t actually all that problematic. In each stage, the amount of time spent waiting is only a few seconds. Furthermore, why are there so many plants crammed into each and every one of the rooms? Not every room in every house has 30 potted plants randomly placed throughout the space. I really wish there was an option for home storage since I have acquired some unsightly furniture that I do not want to display but am forced to do so because there is no other choice.”

6. A remark made by Pamela Grace, who assigned it a rating of three out of five stars and stated, “The visuals are quite impressive. The idea is very much like the video game “Unpacked.” On the other hand, I wish there was more variety in the goods that were being unpacked. You frequently receive the same things, and there are occasions when they do not actually go well with the room. The fact that the unique things have a degree of randomness to them is also very upsetting. There are times when it really makes the room appear more chaotic rather than improving its appearance. I am aware that advertisements are how you make money, but there are simply too many of them. It seems as though an advertisement appears every 20–30 seconds.”

7 . Saniya Shorter expressed her joy (a four-out-of-five-star rating), “I have a lot of affection for this game. The entire experience is incredibly calm, and you are given complete agency over the decisions you make at every turn. The only issue I have with the game is the excessive amount of advertisements that play at all times. If there weren’t so many advertisements, I’d give it five stars out of five. Another disadvantage is that, for some reason, you can’t put some things in places where there is obviously sufficient space, which is a bit silly. However, it is still a fun game.”

8 . Xx Ecstasy xX, who rated it four out of five stars and provided the following commentary, “It doesn’t save, I was on an ad when it froze, so I exited out and went back in, and it deleted room progress, and it also deleted room progress the first time I exited out of the game. There are a lot of advertisements; I believe they appear every one minute and thirty seconds or two minutes. Because of how stupid and obnoxious the advertisements are, some of my friends who had previously downloaded this game have since removed it. One of them was even really far ahead of the game, and the advertisements just generally irritated her the whole time.”

9 . Remark by Jahzara Greenidge, who rated it four out of five stars and said, “The game is enjoyable in every way. However, I despise the fact that in order to earn a carpet or anything else I desire, I have to watch an advertisement first, which results in the game ending without my intervention. Then, when I return to the game, it hasn’t saved my progress. This is something that is really frustrating as well as aggravating. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

10 . Angelw Goddess said (4/5 stars), “Okay, the game is quite fun, but to tell you the truth, the creators don’t seem to give a hoot about the people who actually play it. The advertisements in this game are laughable. It is not correct to say that it is what enables you to keep this game free, given that games with fewer advertisements can still generate a profit. Especially when someone says that the advertisements aren’t working properly and your response is simply, “Oh, we have the ads to support the game.” In any case, I enjoy playing the game. You won’t be able to store the decorations you make for Jess’s home, and there is no assistance for doing so.”



1 . Is the game Decor Life: Home Design Game enjoyable to play?
The game known as “Decor Life – Home Design Game” has been downloaded more than 10 million times up until this point. We are able to conclude that the game is truly wonderful.

2 . Do you have to be online to play Decor Life: Home Design Game?
ANSWER: Yes, it is possible to play this game without an internet connection.

3 . Do you have to pay to play the Cyber Fighters: Offline Game?
ANSWER: You do not have to pay anything to get this game from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You won’t have any trouble downloading or playing the game.

4 . Is it appropriate for a child to play this game?
In the answer section of the google play store, the game has a rating of 3y+. You are allowed to participate in this game if you are at least three years old.


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