Disney Frozen Adventures


In a new match-3 game, Disney's Frozen comes to life. Build, remodel, and decorate the Kingdom with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in a new Disney game. Play match-3 puzzle games to adorn Arendelle and beyond.
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Aug 25, 2022
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Disney Frozen Adventures

The world of Disney’s Frozen has been brought back to life in an incredible new match-3 challenge game. Join Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in a brand-new video game that is based on Disney’s Frozen and Frozen 2 films. In this game, you will build, restore, and decorate the Kingdom with the help of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. While you play match-3 challenge games, you can design and decorate not just the Kingdom of Arendelle but also other locations.

Explore and go on a completely new Icy adventure that will take you to both unfamiliar and well-known locations in and around Arendelle and the rest of the Icy world. In this impressively designed video game, you will need to begin pursuits to Oaken’s Trading Article in order to gather merchandise. Engage in a number of different match-3 video games in addition to the production of snow in order to beautify the castle and make it appear great!

TRICK ATTRIBUTES: CHECK OUT THE ICY GLOBE: Explore both brand-new and familiar locations in Arendelle and further afield in the world of Frozen.

CHALLENGES IN SUIT 3 That Are Quite Interesting to Play: In this all-new video game, you get to take on a variety of match-3 challenges.

CUSTOMIZE THE KINGDOM: In this version of the design game, you can create snow to decorate the castle and make it look more beautiful.

START AN ENTIRELY NEW ICE EXPERIENCE: Carry on the story of Icy beyond the confines of the movies alongside Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. ICE:

ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW: Never a dull moment with consistent opportunities to keep the action exciting! Open special in-game rewards by addressing suit 3 difficulties.

PLAY IN ADDITION TO ICY PERSONALITIES: Participate in games and chat with a variety of characters, including Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and many others! In addition to going to Oaken’s Trading Post, you should get out into the forest with Kristoff and go on some adventures.

Participate in a brand-new game of challenge matching with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, which was inspired by both the first and second films in the Frozen series. Play through hundreds of different suit 3 puzzles with the assistance of your chosen characters. As you make progress in this brand-new match-3 game, you will be able to explore the frozen world.

Experience brand-new locations as you progress through quests, each of which contributes to the overall improvement and customization of the Kingdom. Your personal design choices can be used to enhance the appearance of the entrance to the castle, the great hall, and many other locations in Arendelle!

Play the Frozen Adventures video game while also decorating the castle in Arendelle! Playing and improving match-3 games is all that is required of you to complete this task. We are very hoping that you will have a good time playing our video game about repairing castles.

Dive headfirst into the adventure that is the World of Frozen, and you’ll quickly learn all about the fascinating fun that awaits you there. Participate in match 3 games in order to construct and beautify the icy castle as well as the Kingdom! As you go through this incredible Icy game, you’ll get to experience brand-new worlds.


1 . Sarah Helliker gave it a perfect score of five stars and said, “Very good game only flaw is it keeps crashing and shutting down which is very aggravating when you are halfway through a game!!!”

2 . Gina offered a comment (five stars out of five), “I had a good time playing frozen. This game is just incredible. I adore snow and all of its beautiful flakes. It is amazing in terms of both its color and its quality. Anna and Elsa are really great. The snowman is just too adorable.”

3. “Such a fun game and so many places in the kingdom of Arendelle to explore,” said Izzy S, who rated it five out of five stars and said, “I love this and I especially love that you don’t need gems awesome job people’s I hope you do this with the other kingdoms including a make your own Disney kingdom!”

4. In accordance with the rating that Mandi Moore bestowed on it, which was four out of a potential five stars, “I adore playing this game. This is very addicting. I’ve been playing it for more than two years and am currently at around level 2750. At night, playing helps me wind down and relax. I simply wish there weren’t quite so many advertisements on it. Reduce it to just one when you want a bonus, or provide users the opportunity to pay to remove advertisements. That has my whole and undivided attention at this very moment.”

5. Jeff Grimes made the following observation (four out of five stars): “When it was originally published, I gave this game a try, but it was so unreliable and full of bugs that I decided to uninstall it. I recently upgraded to a new phone and gave it another shot; this time, it worked perfectly. When loading new levels, I find that the snowman makes comments that are both obnoxious and repetitious. The gameplay, on the other hand, is enjoyable. This is one of the more impressive examples of the match-three genre of games.”

6 . “I enjoy the game, but it is fixed to make you pay more coins in order to advance in the game, and I do not like that, people can’t afford to buy coins all the time in order to go ahead,” remarked Lisa Henderson, who rated the game with a perfect score of five out of five stars.

7 . gary bakerthegazz gave the game a score of five out of five stars and provided the following review: “I love how the game is laid out and has wonderful visuals, l love both characters so much but princess anna is my particular favorite, she is my gorgeous superheroine.”

8 . A person who uses Google (five out of five stars) “This game ended up being FANTASTIC in every way! IndieFist, I am a big fan of your work; if you have a chance, check out my gaming channel on YouTube @ ItsGamerSeb Gaming. I would like it if you could make a new online multiplayer horror game, and if you could also tell me when the last episode of Nightmare Gate was made available, that would be great. 😉 Also contains Extreme Mode & Normal Mode!!!”


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