Learn more about the game that is responsible for making dragon collecting so popular! Are you able to hatch all of them? DragonVale is waiting for you with your very own fantastical park packed with dragons!
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Backflip Studios
Aug 16, 2022
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Backflip Studios, a company specializing in video game development, has made available on the Android Market for no cost the simulation game known as DragonVale. Dragons compete in various popular and exciting races, quests, and other races to gather them and ultimately achieve victory. Construct and embellish an island and a park to give birth to your dragons. Things are unusual to be sent to remote regions, including dragons.

Learn more about the game responsible for making dragon collecting so popular! Are you able to hatch all of them? DragonVale is waiting for you with your very own fantastical park packed with dragons! Over 400 unique mythological dragons can be bred, hatched, and raised in this game. DragonVale is the perfect game for you if you’re obsessed with these mythical creatures.


Grow and harvest Dragon Treats, then feed them to your dragons to level them up. Nurture your gorgeous fantasy animals, from baby dragons to fabled dragons, from the beginning. Discover new dragons, decorations, habitats, and activities during special seasonal events; travel across space by collecting one-of-a-kind Galaxy Dragons; compete in exciting races with your dragons and send them on quests to win incredible riches and Dragon Cash; Gather up and organize all of your City of Dragons items. Maintain an accurate record of all the dragons you spawn and breed in the Dragonarium. Connect with your friends and share things with them online. Join forces with your fellow adventurers in the Cooperative Breeding Cave. Send precious stones and presents to your friends in DragonVale. Dragon eggs! Stunning sights and glistening animations are included in this. Exquisite and one-of-a-kind artwork was created for each dragon egg, baby, juvenile, adult, and elder. The soundtrack for DragonVale was composed by our multi-award-winning composer and was made just for the game.

Dragons are depicted in folklore as ferocious beasts that can breathe fire, but DragonVale demonstrates that these fantastical creatures are capable of much more than just spawning beasts. Some monsters range from tiny and cuddly to enormous and time-bending. The town of DragonVale has everything. Please create your park by erecting stunning artificial islands in the air and furnishing them with exciting features. Your garden, your Dragons, your DragonVale!

Play DragonVale today! It is at no cost.

PLEASE NOTE! You can spend money to acquire certain in-game things. In-app purchases must be turned off if you do not intend to take advantage of this functionality. Playing DragonVale requires that you have a connection to the internet.

Backflip Studios, creators of several tremendously enjoyable mobile games and a proud partner of Hasbro, Inc., is responsible for bringing you DragonVale.


1 . Aiden Garbutt said, “ I played this game approximately eight years ago and loved it; therefore, I decided to re-download it, and I fell in love with it all over again. However, when I tried to fix the startup crashes by using low res. Mode (which the game suggested) now takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to load into the game. I enjoy playing it, but until the issue is resolved, I can’t give it a perfect score.”

2 . Cindi du Toit stated, “This is a fun game. It truly grabs your interest. However, the crash problem hasn’t been corrected yet; it progressed from happening now and again to being a struggle numerous times a day to get in. The amount of relaxation and joy it offers is increasing but becoming more inconvenient.”

3 . Clayboybebop stated, “I’ve been a fan of this game for a long time. However, I’m not sure whether it’s my phone, but whenever I try to launch the game, it immediately closes down on me. And the only other thing I’d like to say is that there’s censoring and everything else, but it would be wonderful if I could see the dragon names of my friends. I believe that would be an awesome thing to do! Fantastic game; however, it always crashes when I try to start it or launch it.”

4 The official mn kitty made the following statement: “I believe that it is a fun game to play, particularly for passing the time and other reasons. When Bang owned the program, it was much more difficult for me to obtain gems, coins, and food. Now, however, acquiring dragons is much simpler, and they also look much more impressive. My only complaint is that it is a little bit difficult to open the app because it tends to force close on me before it has even finished loading and that the dragon truck appears to be almost programmed to make it so that it is impossible to win the first place 89% of the time, which is annoying. My only complaint is that opening the app is a little bit difficult because it tends to force close on me before it has even finished loading.”

5 . Viola Soderlund stated, “Since what must have been the game’s initial surge in popularity many years ago, I’ve been playing DragonVale on and off here and there. The game is very traditional; please do not make any changes! This program provides me with a consistent and reliable source of relaxation, and I can always go back to using it. I adore it. In addition, I want to express my gratitude for the consistent improvement throughout the years.”

6. Sophie Hollis said, “A fun game with some cool visuals. Daily players benefit from it, and the events are enjoyable and contribute to the game’s overall experience. I love how much there is to acquire! The only thing that bothers me about the game is how frequently it freezes on the load screen. It’s quite frustrating, and I’ve wasted a lot of time having to reload the page every so often.”


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