Dungeon: Age of Heroes


Explore the hazardous and intriguing realm of Jatran. Crack his code!
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Aug 30, 2022
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Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Dungeon: Age of Heroes. Begin your perilous and exhilarating journey through the magical realm of Jatran by setting out on an adventure. Find out what his secret is! In the fantastical land of Jatran, the heroes faced out against the very embodiment of evil. Take charge of a group of the most powerful warriors on the planet and guide them to victory!

Get ready to face some peril as you make your way through the amazing kingdom of Jatran on this perilous and exciting adventure. Confront him with the truth!

Within the fantastical land of Jatran, the heroes faced out against the very embodiment of evil. Take command of a band of the most powerful warriors on the planet and guide them to victory!

“In my opinion, this is one of the best dungeon sports. Easy as turning on the tap and playing”
Chris Manqueros. Opinions were obtained from the Google Play Market.

Dungeon: Age of Heroes

Find a way past the ominous residents of dungeons, woodlands, cities, crypts, and castles as you make your way through these different environments. Be careful not to get caught in their potentially fatal traps. Establish connections with people who don’t fit the mold.

Perform their bizarre responsibilities. Find treasures, outfit your party with unique weapons and armor, and give your heroes health potions.

o Convenient management that is tailored specifically for mobile devices.
o A significant amount of value is added by the randomly generated dungeons. Every time you advance to a new level, there are new foes and new items to acquire.
o The classic four classes of role-playing game (RPG) heroes: the Warrior, the Archer, the Mage, and the Rogue. Everyone has their own unique set of talents and play styles.
o The graphics are just stunning; the world, the atmosphere, the heroes, and the creatures. Every single character has a one-of-a-kind design, complete with an individual backstory and spirit.
o Development entails the ongoing addition of new content and upgrades to the game in the form of new levels, heroes, monsters, and items. Our attention is constantly focused on the competition and the quality of the overall gaming experience.
o Group: We pay attention to all of the wishes expressed by the players and, if necessary, we roll out the appropriate upgrades.

For fans of fantasy, role-playing video games, quests, RPG adventures, dungeons, roguelikes, challenging combat, and explorers of the globe! Get your hands on Dungeon: Age of Heroes right away and start playing it.

The sport allows players to make purchases within the game world, but these acquisitions do not affect the way the game is played in any way.
There are commercials interspersed throughout the game. You always have the option to buy the matching product from the in-game store if you want to prevent advertisements from appearing on your screen.


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1 . Jackson Hughes, who ranked it as excellent and awarded it four out of five stars, stated, “It’s a game that can be a lot of fun. There are a few issues that need to be addressed, the most significant of which is the fact that enemies will only pay attention to you if you are in a square to the left, right, up, or down them. This makes it possible for one of your abilities to deal damage to enemies without them even realizing it, which is a problem. I am immune to the damage dealt by bosses that are significantly higher level than I am.”

2 . The following statement was assigned a score of 3/5 in relation to the comment made by Karl J. Sak, “I like this game. Good design, interesting. The inventory management system is the one area in which I have a concern. I have possession of stuff, yet I am unable to equip them on my character. Although I have three rings of dodge, I am unable to use them. I attempt to click on an item while it is displayed under the item screen, but nothing happens. During the course of the adventure, I was unable to switch items.

The game’s inventory management prevents me from giving it the full five stars it deserves. Otherwise, it was a fun game.”

3. Jim Klingenberg gave his comment the maximum possible score of five stars out of a possible five and wrote, “It started out well, and it was even tolerable at first to have to suffer through obnoxious advertisements in order to accumulate more crystals and gold. However, at this point, I have conquered everything that I could find on the map, and it is just getting boring now. I can’t wait until there are new dungeons to explore.

One of the three Lair of Evil dungeons could only be completed to a level of stage 34, while the other two had to be completed to a level of stage 36. After a while, the load progress indicator would remain at 0%, and the screen would then reset to the map. However, I do enjoy playing the game. Maintain the high quality of your work!”

4. Rodney Monterio provided a response, giving it a rating of five out of five stars, and stated, “The music and the background are both pleasant. You have the impression that you are in a dungeon. Negatives: I’m going to pick on this one, but you have to pay to see any of the other characters. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that one has to pay their expenses, and I’m not going to question a person’s capacity to make ends meet. They are aware of the situation because it is possible to unlock them by watching advertisements (and you get a discount if you unlock all of them at once with real money; I am not sure if this is for a limited time or not). The match was enjoyable on the whole.”

5. Billy O’Hara rated the movie four out of five stars, “Still very early in the game, but I’ve already unlocked all four characters through the conventional means. The details are not very difficult to figure out. Option to buy three of them; they are all level 15, don’t have a lot of goods, and are worth buying. The prices in store are not quite as outrageous. Excellent incentives, advertisements for additional coin claims, and so on. Ads, please. The stages aren’t very long, with the exception of “Survival Quest,” in which you play ten levels in a row.

In general, it’s a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can get before the next update and earning my fifth star. You won’t have to pay to play. Therefore, you should anticipate seeing advertisements, but there won’t be quite as many of them as you may assume.”

Dungeon: Age of Heroes - Download Game | TapTap

6. A remark made by Nick Adducci, who rated it five out of five stars and stated, “graphics and design that are respectable enough. But it fails to provide a satisfying gaming experience beyond the first use. It’s unplayable because of the advertisements. They will keep interrupting you at such a high rate that it will be impossible for you to make any headway.

Even if you pay to have them removed, the game will still not be very fair. It’s a lot simpler than that. As is customary, an evident bot account is currently occupying the first place player seat.”

7 . BluePurplePecans Unlimited expressed joy and gave their product a rating of 5/5, “BUT YOU SHOULD ADD A SHOP TIMER TO IT! I really enjoy playing it, however, when I got the necromancer and put most of the level one gear on him, I realized that I was missing one axe, and I have no idea where I might find it.

I have visited the merchant, replayed the lower tasks, and opened six chests, but I still haven’t been able to acquire anything. The window is completely blank, and there is no information whatsoever regarding where I may locate it. Without it, I won’t be able to level his gear, and that’s a really frustrating situation for me. If I could just track down that axe, I’d give it five stars instead of the current one.”

8. Remark by Kurtis Wagner, who rated it five stars out of five and said the following, “Try your hand at this RPG if you’re a fan of the genre. The moment I started playing the game, a grin spread across my face. Games that are played similarly to Archer or Andors Trail, which are a lot of fun! You can remove the advertisements and get a starting pack for only one dollar and ninety-nine cents.

To the members of the development staff… I do not understand what is going on with the armor and weaponry, but I believe that the system should be changed to something more typical of an RPG. The issue is that I purchase two axes at level 1 but am unable to equip them. After that, I leveled up and the daggers I had vanished. Armour and weaponry make up what feels like the majority of the gameplay in RPGs.”

9. A comment by mike Puckett, who rated it 5/5 and said the following, “Extremely high potential for further use. This application has been put onto all of my new phones. Excellent graphics accompany a fluid gameplay experience. Ideal for those little periods of rest and relaxation.”

10 . Sayuri Kin, who received five out of five stars, commented, “A fun game that gradually ramps up in difficulty after the first few levels. To this point, I’ve experimented with three distinct heroes, and each one has a unique set of gameplay mechanics. The lighting is too dim for my liking but other than that, the game works smoothly, the things are easy to grasp, and there are sufficient levels so far.

Because the advertisements are not annoying and provide benefits (you choose whether or not to view them), I believe that this product merits 5 stars at this time. Maintain the high quality of your work!”


Dungeon: Age of Heroes - Download Game | TapTap

1 . Is the video game Dungeon: Age of Heroes a fun one to play?
The video game “Dungeon: Age of Heroes” has been downloaded over 10 million times up until this point. We are able to conclude that the game is truly wonderful.

2 . Is the game Dungeon: Age of Heroes available to play online?
ANSWER: Yes, it is possible to play this game without an internet connection.

3 . Do you have to pay to play the Dungeon: Age of Heroes game?
ANSWER: You do not have to pay anything to get this game from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You won’t have any trouble downloading or playing the game.

4 . Is it possible for a child to participate in this game?
In response, the game can be purchased in the Google Play store with a teen rating.

5. Roughly how long does it take to complete a single game of Dungeon: Age of Heroes?
Answer: Dungeon! has a map that depicts a straightforward dungeon with six levels, complete with corridors, rooms, and chambers. Players navigate the board in an effort to vanquish dangerous creatures and win valuable treasure.


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