Empire Warriors: Tower Defense

Fans of tower defense games free and strategy games are sure to find Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games to be an indispensable addition to their gaming libraries.
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Empire Warriors: Tower Defense

Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Protection is an excellent option if you love strategy and free tower defense games. Your folder labeled “tough video games” can miss a necessary and very addicting form of recreation if you don’t have video games.

Empire Warriors Premium will fulfill your requirements because it features robust heroes, distinctive towers, enormous challenges, and amusing moments all rolled into one. If you’re looking for a free tower defense game, go no further than Empire Warriors Premium. Empire Warriors TD is the strategy game of defense you have been looking for all along.

To what do you need to get ready? Stop squandering away your precious time! This Premium Bundle may not only be capable of satisfying your desire, but it may also be capable of satisfying your budget, as you can gain significant benefits for a price that is 300% cheaper than making in-app purchases.

Miria, the Most Powerful Hero 1,500 jewels 300 crystals 6 supporting 4* runes 50 VIP cash Miria, the Most Powerful Hero The free model’s sports expertise is not even close to what you get with this model (Empire Warriors TD)


Doria, a fantastical land, serves as the setting for the beginning of Empire Warriors Premium. On this continent, humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs, and other legendary animals coexist peacefully on this continent.

Every encounter you have, every battle you take part in, and every castle you build has its storyline. This is true no matter where you go or what you do in the game.

  • The history of this magnificent empire, armed to the teeth with a plethora of weapons, magical components, and enigmatic relics, has been unearthed by many courageous heroes who have fought for it.
  • It is now your turn to speak. Are you courageous adequate, champions?
  • The Most Exciting Strategic Team Deathmatch Set In A Magical Fantasy World
  • Will you have the bravery to enter this greatest empire armed with a galaxy of weapons, magical items, and other such things?
  • Let us take delight in many epic battles set in various fantasy locations, such as the plain inhabited by humans, the dense forests inhabited by elves, the mountain kingdom inhabited by dwarves, the useless marsh, the frozen mountain, and many more!

Construct, Fight, and Hold the Line

In this strategic TD game, you’ll want to put your best foot forward with your gameplay. There are now four new types of specialist castles:

  • The Barrack Tower is responsible for training hardy warriors who, when commanded by the brave knights of India, can assist you in blocking the path and destroying your foes.
  • The Archer Tower deals physical damage and helps nearby towers by providing them with beneficial bonuses.
  • The Magic Tower is controlled by some of the most powerful wizards in all of India, and it deals a lot of magic damage, can remove buffs from opponents, and can call forth a mighty dragon.
  • The Golem Tower is a powerful weapon belonging to India’s kingdom. It can hurl a giant boulder at the adversaries, dealing significant damage.


This fantasy tower defense game features a variety of gameplay settings, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult. In addition to the campaign tasks, the player can also take advantage of the unlimited challenges available in the infinite mode.

In addition, having both offline and online options available will result in a satisfying overall experience for you. Let’s show the world who some of the best strategists are by having you rate yourself on a leaderboard to determine who comes out on top.

The infinite mode can potentially be instrumental for gathering gems and becoming a legend in the epic battle mode.

Limitless Motion Tactical TD Sports Management Mighty Legend Heroes: You can select and manage up to three heroes at once to protect the empire in any given assignment!

Every hero has one active ability and three passive abilities at their disposal. The power of heroes can be dramatically increased by improving their equipment.

▶ Formidable Challenges

More than 30 kinds of foes are waiting for you in the free tower defense games, which feature many monsters that move at an infinitely fast pace.

Every monster has its distinct appearance; some even have abilities that can make life very difficult for the strategists who face them.

Using the in-game encyclopedia, you can learn further information about your kingdom. In one of the most impressive strategy video games, you will have the opportunity to play free tower defense video games. It is worth every single dime.

There is no cause for alarm! Join us right away and demonstrate that you are an intelligent leader!


1 . Rovic Nagaliza gave the game four out of five stars and said the following: “The VIP version is nice, but I wish there’s a survival mode to get exp for your heroes and to save a gameplay so that we can continue playing our progress if we have the time, the tournament also needs a little fix finding a match took too long to find, if you can add more heroes or chapters it would be nice overall it’s a good game.” Rovic

2 . Khalif Fadillah said (3/5 ratings), “The application exits by itself after I have clicked the advertisement to receive the benefits. Because this has never occurred, I want the upcoming game update to fix this bug so that it no longer occurs.”

3 . Stevi stated (4/5 stars), “The gameplay is similar to that of the popular Kingdom Rush app, but it has additional features, and I like the three-hero system. I believe that the game’s equilibrium is rather off. A well-equipped hero can cruise through most of the regular and hell modes, but nightmare mode can become so challenging that it requires using a premium character. Additionally, obtaining a premium character required excessive time without payment.”

4 . Kalyb gaming Summers said (5/5 stars), “Seriously, try to find a better balance in your game. The challenges of the adversaries, such as high-tier magicians, fire-looking archers, and generals, are too difficult to overcome. In hell mode, this is impossible. In addition, the price of upgrading gems is too high; thus, the element of chance should be removed, and the system should be modified so that it is possible to progress without risking a downgrade. Also, make it easy to earn legendary gems. This game is incredible. However, it’s a complete waste of time due to all of these concerns. Fix your game.”

5 . Job Padama stated (4/5 stars), “It was a wonderful game. However, after purchasing the GROWTH UP, my tablet began to experience slowdowns. After resetting it, I did not get anything in return, but I lost all of my money. Please correct this and refund my money as soon as possible.”

6 . Muhamad Aiman Wiratmadja, who rated the game with four out of five stars: “The gameplay is okay, this game has p2w element, but I don’t care since I can watch ads over


1. Is the video game Empire Warriors: Tower Defense enjoyable to play?

The answer is that you should play this game. This game is nothing more than a copycat of the Kingdom Rush franchise. It’s a pretty good imitation of the real thing.

2. Empire Warriors: Tower Defense is geared toward younger players.

The answer: Players must be at least seven years old to participate in the game. If you are seven years old, you will be able to participate in this game.


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