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Episode lets you LIVE your tale with love, passion, adventure, and drama. Imagine you're a main character in a novel or movie. Episode has over 100,000 stories where your decisions have real-world consequences.
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Aug 08, 2022
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Episode – Choose Your Story

The Episode is the world’s most extensive collection of interactive stories, with billions of readers, and YOU make the decisions that determine each story’s outcome. Alternately, you may become a writer and compose your work!

What Kind Of Episode Does The Game Have?

The Episode is one of those highly fascinating games and will not allow you to waste any time on it. It is a highly engaging story game compared to other story games. It has some advantages.

You will be given a character, and then you will be expected to act out that individual’s life from this point on. The dating simulation offered in this game is on par with that provided by any of its rivals. You probably already know this is a no-brainer because it has more than 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

The most notable moments from the game

For example, you will be required to create your character and spend a day dressing that character in clothing that you have already made. You have complete control over how much your character will resemble you in appearance and manner. You can change your character’s appearance in many different ways, including their clothes, hair, facial cosmetics, and many other aspects.

Other fantastic content includes an infinite supply of coins and money, which provides a significant advantage to your game compared to a friend’s profile. This mod is excellent because it allows you to buy everything within the game, including character attire; therefore, you do not need to worry about running out of money.

This game will assist you in locating the correct version of yourself.

Yes, you read that correctly; the days you will spend living a character’s life within the game provide you with valuable insight that can be used for the decisions you will need to make in real life. This game will also let you know the results of your choices, which, in turn, will assist you in becoming aware of the errors you make not only in the game but also in real-life scenarios.

Because of how captivating this game is, you won’t be able to tell whether you are in the realm of the game or the real world when you are playing it. Because interactions are happening all over the place in this game, the simulation it provides is far more lifelike than anything you will ever experience.

How does it work?

• Personalize your in-game character by choosing their appearance and accessories; • Form connections with your favorite characters alongside them; will they be friends or foes?

• You have the power to alter your future via the choices you make.

• Figure out all of the various potential conclusions.

• Submerge yourself in any of the countless other worlds available; the endless possibilities!

You cannot only read some of your favorite stories, but you are also able to write some of your own! You can use the Episode platform to write and publish your very own interactive stories, potentially gaining tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of readers for yourself.

Several of our favorites are examples of:

THE OSS LIST is presented to you right now! Kentwood Academy is just waiting to be challenged. Continue your winning trend in the collegiate world by making out with 10 of Kentwood’s sexiest available singles.


is your ticket to unbridled passion in the Big Apple.

Are you able to rekindle the romance in your life? In this smoldering love story that takes place in New York City, you get to make all of the decisions and see all of your fantasies come to fruition. Flirt, plot, and socialize your way to true love in this city that never sleeps!


If you are selected to participate in Riverside Excessive’s “Child Mission,” you may find that your life is turned upside down when you are matched with a mystery new *HOT* scholar. The intensity of this drama will leave you gasping for air.


Are you and the other liars going to be able to figure out who the mysterious “A” is while she is trying to blackmail you? In this one-of-a-kind take on the television collection, nothing will be as it appears at first look at any point during the experience.


Do you remember that once it was revealed that YOU, SECRETLY, ARE A PRINCESS? Prepare yourself for the fact that eligible royals from all over the world are lined up to marry you…and have your BABY?!


When you are given a chance to go on tour with the one and only famous person Demi Lovato, your ability to maintain healthy relationships with your friends, family, and fans will be put to the test. Will you be able to advance to the very last level?


You’ve always had this secret desire to join the Bellas, which is widely considered the most successful Cappella group in ACA history. Since you are enrolled in Barden College, here is your moment to shine. Will you be able to keep up with the auditions, demonstrate your vocal abilities in the riff-off, and be divided between two new love interests all at the same time?

Different goodies embody:

• Imply Ladies: Senior Year 

• The Royal Child 

• My Brother’s Finest Friend 

• Clueless: College’s Out 

• It Began With a Bra 

• Falling for the Dolan Twins 

• It Began With a Bra 

• Falling for the Dolan Twins 

PLUS… different fresh stories are added every week!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and all associated characters and parts are trademarks and trade dress of Warner Bros. Leisure Inc. (s18) or Paramount Footage and are not to be used without permission. All Privileges and Rights Reserved

TM and 2018 Common Studios.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE That within Episode, you will have the ability to buy items with real money if you so choose. If you do not require access to this function, you must ensure that in-app purchases are disabled on your mobile device.

You will have the ability to “LIVE” the entirety of your tale, including all of its components such as love, passion, adventure, and drama. The Episode gives you this opportunity. Put yourself in the position of the main character in one of the stories you enjoy reading or watching the most. Just for a moment, try to imagine what it would be like. You have the power to do just that with Episode since it provides you with over 100,000 compelling stories in which the decisions you make have real-world repercussions.


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