Escape Masters


Never have escape escapades been so fun. Help your friends avoid traps and obstacles. Find the right way and enjoy freedom.
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Aug 25, 2022
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Escape Masters

In the past, participating in escape escapades was not nearly as enjoyable as it is now. You and your companions have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe from unexpected traps and difficult obstacles. Find the strategy that serves you best, and then bask in the glow of your newly found independence.


1 . It was given the highest possible rating of five stars by Lucia Deacon, who also commented, “That man has some pretty excellent software! The sound of you rooting around in the soil is relaxing to my ears. The idea of building a mansion is quite interesting to me, and I would want to do so someday. The only thing that I would suggest upgrading are the special levels, which you access, for example, after completing three conventional levels. This is the only thing that I would recommend upgrading. I was curious as to whether or not there was a point in the game in which you had to evade the security personnel. What about the authorities? Having said that, this is merely a recommendation! I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone who is reading this a happy day.”

2 . Max Mulqueeny awarded the product a rating of five out of five stars, saying, “Very excellent no difficulties at all but there is a lot of advertising but I don’t care it entertaining,” even though there are a lot of advertisements.

3 . This is what Sowmya Kodukula, who gave it five stars out of a possible five, had to say about it in her review. “This is without a doubt the best game that has ever been created. I have always been a very involved participant! Although the graphics are as good as they have ever been and it has tough stages (which is exactly what I want), there is one user who is claiming that the game is ridiculous. Despite this, the game still has challenging stages. There is no such thing as such words. It is unbecoming of you to discuss in such a manner the very best game that can be purchased from the Google Play store. To make myself clear, I am not attempting to frighten you; rather, I am only drawing your attention to the fact that it is an incredible game.”

4 . As was mentioned in the prior sentence, Keith D. Graham’s review rated it a total of three stars out of a possible five for its overall quality “The game is enjoyable, but none of the elements that call for you to watch a video are working at the moment. I am unable to use the shop, get the decorations, or obtain additional keys because the video button just keeps spinning. Because I am not able to reproduce the issue with any other aspect of my setup, I am confident that the problem is not related to my Internet connection. There is unquestionably a problem with the software.”

5 . “This game is good and entertaining to play just switch off your Wi-Fi so the advertisements don’t disturb you other than that, it’s a fun game,” commented Papaya Family, awarding the game a perfect score of five stars out of a possible five stars. “This game is good and entertaining to play just switch off your Wi-Fi so the advertisements don’t disturb you other than that, it’s a fun game,”

6 . It received four out of a possible five stars from A.J. Armstrong, who offered the following comment: “Although it is a tremendously exciting game, there are simply too many of them. Many. Ads. There is at the very least one thirty-second advertisement that plays at the end of every level. It is laughable, irritating, and detracts from the overall enjoyment of playing the game. I would be more willing to give you a higher rating if you could get rid of some of the commercials.”

7 . The game received five out of a possible four stars from Relicym R, who also stated, “I like it.” “The gameplay is fun to participate in. Even though the bank heist levels were a lot of fun to play, I just don’t get why they were taken out of the game. The game can still be played even if there is a lag when there are a large number of non-player characters (NPCs) on the screen. Was there a particular goal that needed to be accomplished by constructing the mansion? The levels have an atmosphere that might be described as being somewhat repetitive. There are way too many adverts; getting through them will make the game easier.”

8 . Neil Adams (three out of five stars) “If there weren’t so many glitches, it might have earned a rating of four stars. To begin, whenever I go shopping for vehicles, it always has a blank box where the picture of the car should be, and when I buy a car, it does not give me anything in return, which renders the progression worthless. Second, whenever I come to the stage that has a ladder at the end with acid underneath it, the inmates begin to glitch and climb down instead of up, and as a result, they perish. Since there is no option to skip the stage, this can be pretty irritating.


1. Is there a problem with the escape master server?
ANSWER: In addition, we were effective in preserving data when the app was not connected to the internet and did not require a big download. There is also something that is called “word of the day,” in which we choose the English words that we think are the most fascinating representations of their respective categories and place them in a hat to determine which word will represent that category the next day. Dictionary may be utilized on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and it does not require any paid upgrades or contain any intrusive adverts. Dictionary is also completely free to use.

2. How many distinct challenges are there to complete in the Escape Master game?
It is substantially easier for players of Escape Masters, particularly those who are just starting, to accomplish all of the first 100 levels in the game. This is especially true when compared to the great majority of other action puzzle games.

3 Does using escape master not cost anything to do?
RESPONSE: The video game can be obtained from the Google Play Store and installed on a device at zero cost.


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