Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure


In Fantasy Island Sim, various tribes have unique quests, skills, and secrets. Pirates like to learn the world's secrets and tactics and loot chests. Explore!
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Sparkling Society - Island Village Building Games
Aug 31, 2022
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Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure

Explore the enchanted wonderland that awaits you in Fantasy Island Sim.
Convert your kingdom into an empire while also discovering lovable peoples and their communities, such as gnomes, pirates, elves, polar, dwarves, and villagers. You can construct unique structures for each of the available tribes, the vast majority of which are epic and some of which are even legendary.

You can improve the big and massive storage space on your Home Island by spending gold ingots on the appropriate upgrades. You can acquire these ingots by taking part in a variety of events, or you can buy them in limited-time deals. When you upgrade your storage, you will unlock additional space for your resources to be stored.
When you finish a chain of orders for the Merchant, you can get gold keys as a reward! On the island, you can open the chests by using the keys you found. Saws, pickaxes, and shovels made of golden material can be found in chests.


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There are many different tribes who call the enchanted realm of Fantasy Island Sim home. Each of these tribes has its own unique missions, skills, and strategies. For example, pirates are more interested in uncovering the world’s hidden knowledge and practices and acquiring the valuables that are hidden away in chests.


Dealing with goods and obtaining resources from the gnomes. The Dwarves will begin building their castle at some point in the future; however, until that time, they will work for you to mine and smelt gold. The elves are renowned for their ability to use their magic to complete even the most mundane of assignments successfully. The farming and cultivation of crops is a popular pastime among the inhabitants.

Gather the necessary materials and construct the necessary structures.
Start with a city from the middle ages and build up your economic system by erecting manufacturing buildings and sourcing produce from various locations. You will have the ability to collect their stuff and make use of these resources in order to construct additional properties and outlets. Your town will eventually grow into a bustling metropolis as time goes on.


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In this simulation game about the construction of a city, it is vital to keep morale high in order to maintain a steady level of production. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you put too much pressure on your tribes, they will leave your city.


Put your knowledge to work to provide for your people and engage in resource trading with them! Participate in cooperative activities with other players to uncover new tribes, gain special abilities, and find buried wealth.
Have fun with one another while playing this brand-new city-building simulation game!

Features Fantasy city-constructing sport Unlock completely different tribes and develop your kingdom into an empire Resolve everyday quests Discover the world and increase your kingdom Harvest ore and forge gold Choose your personal path: technique or simulation?

Playable each offline and online Options Fantasy city-constructing sport Unlock completely different tribes and develop your kingdom into an empire Options Unlock completely different tribes and develop your kingdom into an empire Options

Both obtaining and playing the Fantasy Island Sim version of Construct your kingdom into an empire is completely free of charge. However, you can spend real money to purchase in-app items if you so choose. In the event that you would like to stop this feature, simply go into the settings of your mobile phone or tablet and turn off the in-app purchases option.

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Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure APK 2.13.1 for Android – Download Fantasy Island Sim: Fun Forest Adventure APK Latest Version from

1. Sarah GM, who ranked it as excellent and stated, “This is my favorite strategy game involving constructing so far. On the other hand, much like player Liz, I find that clicking each profit is tedious and would prefer a feature that would collect all profits at once. Despite the fact that these are reward funds, I would much prefer to spend my time accumulating treasure chests, constructing additional facilities, and spinning the wheel than repeatedly tapping the profits into my account.”

2 . g Osbourn remark was given a score of 4/5 with the following statement, “Do like this game. It’s the only video game I’ve managed to hang on to for an entire year. There is a significant issue, but at this moment the game has completely stopped. It pauses the video and returns to the main screen “every” time it’s played. Has never been known to perform such a thing. Just the week before last. A royal pain to have to deal with on a daily basis! Lose double points/keys etc.”

3 Liz Zimmerman gave his comment the maximum possible rating of five stars out of a possible five and wrote, “When we have to click each building, it’s frustrating when you click another building and hit the move button or demolish button because the buildings are so close together. It would be nice if there was a function that allowed us to collect all of the buildings at once or even a “slide” function. I really enjoy playing this game. Additionally, it would be convenient if we were able to provide assistance to more than one person at a time without having to exit the game and return to our home base each time.”

4. Fadjar Mulyawan provided a response to a question, giving it a rating of five out of five stars, and commented, “I enjoy the fact that this is a tedious building game with a medieval setting because it fits my preferences perfectly. Maintain its simplicity while adding some interesting moving animations; for example, some people get a kick out of seeing the miniature trains move around and hearing the raindrop sound. They find that it is both calming and pleasant to do so. If you make it too difficult, the game will no longer be considered a building game, and players who are interested in building games will leave.”

5 . Flawed Diamond gave it a rating of ((5/5 stars), “This is such a fun game! I really wish the pricing were a little bit more affordable because they are a little bit out of my financial range. It was a first for me to waste money on anything like a starting pack, but I did it anyway. My only complaint is that I have to click on the treasure chests in order to count the number of keys available; a more direct route to the keys would be preferable. Also, if it were segmented according to locations in terms of the quantity of work and personnel required, it would be much simpler to decide where to develop more. Apart from those problems, it’s a really solid game, therefore it wouldn’t be fair to dock any points for them.”

6. A remark made by Dia Flowers, who rated it four stars out of five and stated, “Okay, so while I absolutely cannot put down this game right now, I have noticed that there are a few areas in which it might use some refinement. 1. There ought to be a button to collect all of them. The fact that you have to click on each individual business is a pretty aggravating requirement. 2. There is a sham in the wheel. It would appear that every time the wheel is spun, it gets a blast of air and lands on something that is four spaces to the left. Aside from those problems, I absolutely enjoy playing the game.”

7 . Vincent Pritchard expressed his joy, giving his answer a rating of five out of five, “This is a game that I have been playing for the past three weeks, and I really adore it. There is a lot that can be done, and none of it requires you to spend any actual money. One suggestion, however: perhaps it would be a good idea to provide filters for the locations. That way, when you want to construct something in, for example, Willowdale, you won’t have to scroll through all of the other locations’ buildings every time.”

8 . A comment was made by Shush Whisper, who rated it five out of five stars and stated, “In comparison to the previous games that Sparkling Society has developed, I have the personal opinion that this one is the most enjoyable. The patterns are more stunning and captivating in their appearance. Also, there are more activities and achievements to complete, and the rewards are incredibly enticing, which is what is drawing me to continue playing for hours at a time. All of these are merely based on my own personal viewpoint.”

9 . Response from SF K, who rated it four stars out of five and said, “I absolutely adore this game, and I’ve been playing it for a few months now. The fact that I don’t have to devote a lot of time to play it is the primary reason I enjoy it so much; after I’ve completed the required building upgrades for the length I’ve selected, I’m free to quit the game. It’s fine if you leave it here; I’ll check on it later.

Just one thing: now that I have more buildings, the process of collecting revenues by clicking each building individually takes a lot of time, and I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again. If it’s possible, I’d want to make a feature request for “one button to collect all profits for all locations.”


Fantasy Island Sim – Fun Forest Adventure – Welcome To The Sparkling Society – Various Village Town Sim City Building Games

1. Is Fantasy Island a game?
RESPONSE: Fantasy Island, which may be found on Steam. This is a straightforward game, with a straightforward layout and straightforward controls. Try it out if you enjoy the fun of playing straightforward games.

2 Does it cost anything to play Fantasy Island?
ANSWER: You can get this game in the Google Play store, and it is completely free to play. Go to their website, and while you’re there, download the demo of this game for free.

3 Is it possible for a child to participate in this game?
ANSWER: Without a doubt, a child can participate in this activity. This game has a rating of 3 years old and up. You are allowed to participate in this game if you are older than three years old.

4. Is the game compatible with personal computers?
It is possible to play this game on a personal computer or a Mac if you have the appropriate emulator.


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