Flippy Knife


FLIPPY KNIFE allows players to fling legendary swords, axes, and knives at each other. Develop your skills as a master while adding to your personal collection of knives.
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Beresnev Games
Aug 18, 2022
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Flippy Knife

In the fast-paced video game FLIPPY KNIFE, you’ll have the chance to throw legendary swords, fling axes, and flip knives. Flippy Knife is an action video game that Beresnev Games developed. Flippy Knife is available on various platforms. Build up your expertise to the level of a master while you accumulate your collection of knives. Learning the skill of knife flipping will allow you to produce incredible combos and ensure you are consistently successful. Acquire a magnificent variety of legendary bladed weapons, such as swords, axes, and knives, and develop the skills necessary to become a true master of seven diverse locations.

— a cumulative number of downloads of more than 30,000,000;

— the game that was played the most this week in 66 different countries;

— The most popular game in the world’s five most developed economies, including the United States of America, Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada…


Learn to flip knives like a pro, put up combos that will blow your mind, and under no circumstances should you miss! Discover the ins and outs of seven unique locations, and take away an astounding collection of well-known bladed weapons, such as swords, axes, and knives, along with lore about the world of fantasy. It’s a beautiful game, and you don’t require Wi-Fi to play it. An entertaining pastime that can be enjoyed for extended periods when traveling by car 10/10



Many people like danger, and knives find it a beautiful hobby to participate in! It is a hobby for individuals who are not afraid to put themselves out there and are confident in their abilities. Keep a precarious equilibrium while simultaneously confronting possible dangers and working toward your objectives.

You can enjoy a game of FLIPPY KNIFE while riding the subway, waiting in line for recreational activities, sitting in a coffee shop or park, going to college, or working. It’s a lot of fun to mess about with.



— over one hundred twenty blades, each with a distinct and fascinating design;

— blades crafted with the principles of physics in mind;

— Seven utterly unique modes of gameplay, all included within a single game;

— professional graphics of the highest caliber, crafted by an experienced group at Beresnev.Design;

— more than fifty prize badges that are artistically pleasing;

— a one-of-a-kind collection of gameplay mechanics;

— helpful advice of a high caliber and a substantial quantity of newly added features!


In addition, keep in mind that the first step toward ability is developing your level of competence!

Please accept my sincere regards,

Beresnev.Video games Group



1 . Blue Fire said (5/4 stars), “The fact that you can collect the knives is very cool, and the game’s mechanics are surprisingly accurate for how realistic they appear. Overall, it’s a pretty good program to kill some time with. If, on the other hand, you watch a commercial for a knife, the game will crash after the ad, and you will have to begin the procedure from the beginning once more.”

2 According to Ben Malone (five wins out of four starts), “Amazingly successful outcome. One major issue: I think the climbing mode is one of the best of the game’s different gameplay options; nonetheless, it has a huge issue that needs to be addressed. The advertising load first, but paying a small fee to have them deleted does not at all result in a significant increase in cost. Number two, God, I loathe that the wood sometimes gets in the way while you’re in climbing mode. I find it quite frustrating. There are some circumstances in which it is possible to skip complete segments without incurring any consequences; however, doing so will destroy your curve and compel you to begin the process again from the beginning. I’ve got 40 points for the halo sword in mind as a goal, but it seems unlikely I’ll get there if it’s not just a function of skill but partly of luck. Would you kindly fix that for me?”

3. Wesley Stone rated the game overall. He gave it a score of five out of five stars, saying, “Great, it’s extremely nostalgic. One problem is that it is hard to play any game mode but target, but if you turn off data and internet, you get rid of commercials, so that’s excellent.” In addition, he commented, “If you turn off data and internet, you get rid of commercials, so that’s excellent.”

4 . Melinda Arca stated (5/5 stars), “Although I hear a lot of people mention that this game has a lot of pop-up adverts, I haven’t come across any of them myself. When you want to play a game on your smartphone that does not require an online connection, you may either disconnect from the internet or put your smartphone into “airplane mode.” It is strongly suggested that you hold off on purchasing via the internet unless you are prepared to do so. After you have finished, you should then close your internet browser. That level of difficulty is not even remotely there in this endeavor. ”

5. Raccoon R3D commented, earning a perfect score (five stars out of five), “The game was excellent. It is amusing to see a toucan as one of the functioning ‘knives,’ which is why I appreciate the idea that there is a range of various levels and different knives to pick from. Amazingly successful outcome. Highly recommended in every way!”

6 . Oskar Westerhuis stated (4/5 stars), “Enjoyable game! There are only minor issues, such as spikes in lag and the inability to retrieve your knife, but the game is still perfect overall.”



1. Do you think playing Flippy Knife is an enjoyable way to pass the time?

The correct response is that one can have fun playing this game. It’s a piece of cake, and everyone involved can have a great time with it. Till you obtrusively disrupt it with your commercials, it will continue. There is far an excessive amount of advertising. However, there is no cost associated with playing the game.

2 Is the Flippy Knife a tool that young people should use?

Since the game has a rating that states players must be at least three years old to participate, the correct response is that it is acceptable for youngsters to play.


3. Can Flippy Knife be played on a personal computer?

Playing this Android game on your computer with the assistance of the BlueStacks app player, which enables you to play games designed for other platforms such as PC and Mac, could provide you with a superior gaming experience.

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