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'Food Fighter Clicker' is a clicker game where you eat food to improve your abilities.
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Sep 6, 2022
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Food Fighter Clicker | Mukbang

Food Fighter Clicker is a clicker game in which the objective is to become the best making food fighter in the world by gaining abilities and leveling up through the consumption of fast food. Tap Tap and see who can move the quickest!

The following are some of the features that can be found in Food Fighter Clicker: Boost multiple skills, such as eating power, chewing power, mouth size, and stomach size.

Mattel introduced their series of food-themed action figures known as Food Fighters in the year 1988. The characters, which were all anthropomorphic representations of various foods clad in combat attire, served as a proverbial representation of the concept of a food fight.

The game known as “Meals Fighter Clicker” is a clicker game in which the objective is to become the most skilled “meal fighter” in the world by consuming food and leveling up your abilities.

Develop a variety of abilities such as intake of energy, chewing intake of energy, mouth measuring, and abdominal measurement.

Unlock a plethora of meals to add some more substance to your workplace.

“Accumulate a vast variety of goods like hair, costumes, dining tables, chairs, furniture, and more,” the instructions said. ”

Evaluate your current level of expertise to determine how many of the problem mukbangs you can consume.


The game is enjoyable, and there is nothing overly complicated about it. It is perfectly acceptable to play with only one hand. Food Fighter Clicker is a game that should be experienced at least once by anyone obsessed with food and harbors ambitions of one day becoming a mukbang. You can download the game from this link.



1. Dan Rother, who rated it three out of five stars and provided the following commentary, “I do not care for the most recent update. Although everything has been made larger, I think the style from previously is still suitable. The proliferation of advertisements has evolved into a serious issue. Before things started moving quickly. Now that we’re trying to obtain the timed advantages advertisements, we’ve ended up with such a delay that the first one has already expired.

Gems are the final component. The 500 option used to be available for those upgrades. Now I must wait until the 10th option upgrade is complete. That is nothing more than a waste of time waiting for it. This game has been becoming steadily worse, and the developers don’t need to make any adjustments at this point.”

2. Wesley Taylor’s comment was given a score of 4/5 with the following statement, “I love this game however 1 minor thing that could make it even better is adding the ability to make one item look like another, for example, let’s say that you liked the look of a lower level head, outfit, table, and/or chair more than the highest level having the ability to use the stats of the highest level while using the appearance of a lower level would allow for massive customization to players’ appearances would allow for

3. Jen DeArment, rated it four out of five stars and said, “I would recommend this to everyone, “A fun and addicting game, but after a while, it can become tedious due to its constant repetition. Additionally, after some time, the gems get EXTREMELY pricey; hence, if you enjoy this game but are frustrated by the difficulty of accumulating gems, I would advise you to try your hand at Tap Tap Run instead. The acquisition of gems and stuff is MUCH less difficult.”

4. Tony Y. Dong, who provided comments and gave it a rating of five out of five stars and commented, “That was such a fun game! It offers a wide variety of meals that I have yet to try, and there are many of them. You may want to spend a few bucks here and there, and it may be more difficult to unlock new delicacies once you have moved past the cupcake, but you need to put in the effort. Everyone should do this, in my opinion.”

5 . Gianna Perez commented (5/5 stars), “This game is fantastic in every way! I enjoy the game’s soundtrack as well as the many sound effects. This game is a lot of fun because it lets you give a guy food. I can’t count how many times I touched the screen to see the guy load his face with food and eat, and I have to say, it’s very adorable to watch! In addition to this, he also farts every time he puts something into his stomach. I used to believe that it would be awful, but in actuality, it’s kind of humorous!”

6 . A remark made by ChickenWaffle, who rated it with a perfect score of five out of five and stated, “I really enjoy playing the game, and I would rank it as certainly one of the best games I’ve ever played; but, I do have a recommendation. What happens if you participate in a prestige event, in which all of your food, except for the hard-boiled egg, is taken away from you, and then you receive the food, along with more money and experience, in the mail? Once again, a wonderful game, and I eagerly anticipate further improvements. Best of luck.”

7 . Cyron Xavier Calala expressed his joy and gave the following rating, “I would like to award you 10 points since it is incredible and it is also really realistic. I learned a lot from playing this game. I can’t wait to update it, and to the person who is responsible for producing this game, I want to say thank you for making it.”

8. Remark by Alexandra Brown, who rated it five stars out of five and stated the following, “I honestly enjoy playing this game; although, after a certain point, it does require a little bit of practice in patience; yet, the daily gem prizes and gem coupons are very well worth it. I’ve also been very fortunate in the sense that the game on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy A70) hasn’t given me any problems, except for the occasional crashing that occurs after installing an update. In most cases, the issue will be resolved in the following update. Edit: I’ve found that switching from data to wifi is the most effective way to temporarily fix the problem with the daily gem awards.”

9. A remark by shadow soldier, who rated it four stars out of five and said, “Okay this game is awesome. Clicker games aren’t usually my thing, but I’m enjoying this one despite myself… I have some new additions that you can make to the game if you’d like. 1 you can have a variety of foods available to choose from on the table at the same time. The second thing you should do is add a new motion in which you throw up if you feel too full to eat any more food. The addition of a third multiplayer mode would be a nice addition to the game; alternatively, you could create the same game but add a multiplayer mode. Those are some of my suggestions; if you can’t include all of them, at least give some of them a shot… Aside from that, it’s a really fun game overall.”

10 . Tomas Ortega stated (4/5 stars), “The game is entertaining, but whenever I try to view the advertisement for the daily discount, it automatically skips. I get a Dragon City advertisement more often than not, and every time I do, it logs me out of the game without providing the discount that I was expecting. About eighty percent of the time that I view an advertisement, I see a commercial for dragon city. Aside from that, the glass of water isn’t good for anything else anymore. It hardly does anything, and I have not even gotten close to that point yet.”


1. Would you say that Food Fighter Clicker | Mukbang is a fun game to play?
ANSWER: The “Gun Gang game” has been downloaded more than 10 million times up until this point. We can conclude that the game is truly wonderful. The game has more than one million downloads.

2 . Is it possible for a child to participate in this game?
ANSWER: The game has been given a rating of 3 years and up on the Google Play store. You are allowed to participate in this game if you are at least three years old.

3 . Can I play the Gun Gang game on PC?
ANSWER: Using an emulator, you can play this game on a personal computer.

4. Is the food fighter clicker not available right now?
ANSWER: You can still have fun playing the game even if you don’t have Internet access. To make the game more approachable and entertaining for mobile gamers, fffungame also provides the option to play Food Fighter Clicker without an internet connection. This feature is available for all of you to use and enjoy. You are now free to enter the game whenever it is convenient for you and immediately begin having fun with a variety of the game’s features.

5. Is there an iOS version of the food fighting clicker game?

ANSWER: Food Fighter Clicker, developed by fffungame and available on Android and iOS, is the subject of this answer.
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