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Work out whenever and wherever you choose with a digital personal trainer. Lose weight, increase muscle, and become fit without going to the gym.
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Nov 01, 2021
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Freeletics Training Coach Premium (Patched)

The Latest Version of Freeletics Training Coach Premium, Health APPS For Android. Has a Premium.

Work out whenever and wherever you choose with a digital personal coach. Drop some pounds, gain muscle, and snag a date – no gym required. Regardless of your current state of health, fast, guided exercises and audio instruction can help you achieve your goals and form healthy habits. Work out whenever and wherever you choose with a digital personal trainer. Lose weight, increase muscle, and become fit without going to the gym. Whatever your fitness level, a brief guided exercises, and audio coaching will help you reach your goals and form healthy habits.

Freeletics provides fast HIIT exercises that are tailored to you for immediate results. Regardless of your current state of health, our AI private coach creates personalized coaching plans for you to get your sweat on whenever, wherever. Whether you want a bodyweight workout, power training, or a guided run, Freeletics has you covered with a wide range of exercises.


◉   Work out on your terms with the most effective digital health coach.

◉   Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships; with Freeletics, you can be your own personal gym; all you need is your body and a phone.

◉   Adapt your personalized health plan to your way of life. Your personalized coach will tailor your activities to suit you, whether it’s working, fitness center, or bodyweight coaching.

◉   With 360° health, vitamin, and mindset instruction, you may strengthen your physique while also improving your mindset and focus.

◉   Find help and motivation in a community of over 40 million Freeletics users.


◉   Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or get a match, your personal coach will create a training plan tailored to you and your specific goals.

◉   Our guided exercises are tailored to your schedule, preferences, and stage of health, while also protecting your body weight, working, and fitness center guidance.

◉   What if you don’t have enough time, space, or tools? No problem. With the “Fast Adapt” feature, your coach will create a fresh new Coach day that is tailored to you #NoExcuses.

NEW: AUDIO COACHING FOR MINDSET (PREMIUM – only available in English)

◉   Audio coaching to improve your mindfulness and mind-body workouts to acquire new psychological and physical coaching abilities

◉   Maintain a healthy weight by practicing mindful eating and engaging in balanced activities.

◉   A variety of programs can assist you in developing a strong attitude, maintaining motivation, and improving your sleep and productivity.

◉   Learn how to form routines, deal with stress, and improve your attention and recovery so you may develop highly effective habits to become the best version of yourself.


◉   Coaching Journeys are exercise plans that have been bundled. Choose how you want to sweat, track your progress, and commit to six to twelve weeks of personalized health plans.

◉   Choose from a collection of Coaching Journeys that focus on bodyweight coaching, weight coaching, working, or a combination of coaching tactics that will make you sweat.

◉   Discover a Coaching Journey that is right for you, regardless of your stage, age, gender, or goal.

◉   Your personal trainer will tailor the strategy to you and your body

◉   There are no two Coaching Journeys that are the same.


◉   Join a community of over 40 million customers across the world.

◉   Professional advice available on the Freeletics blog can assist you in expanding your knowledge and improving your mental and physical performance.

◉   Subscribe to the Freeletics E-newsletter for unique health and fitness advice, as well as coaching and vitamin suggestions.


◉   Whether it’s equipment-free bodyweight exercises, power coaching with weights, or working, Freeletics has a coaching plan for you.

◉   You may be your own personal fitness center with bodyweight coaching: There are no tools necessary.

◉   Discover bodyweight coaching, power coaching, personalized wellness, and mindful eating in this multi-functional app.

◉   Try it all: full-body aerobic workouts, strength training routines, mental and physical activities.

Freeletics: If you have your own fitness center, you can work out whenever and wherever you choose. Try audio training to sleep better, recover faster, and perform better.

Consume mindfully and go on guided walks and runs for 360° holistic training with mind and body workouts.

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