Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor


Mia quit her monotonous career to paint with her boyfriend Leo.
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Aug 17, 2022
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Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor

Mia is a talented painter who gave up her monotonous employment to follow her true passion, painting photographs with her partner, Leo. Together, they have exhibited their work in some exhibitions. The relationship between Mia and Leo has lasted for three years.

Please participate in this fascinating and vibrant journey alongside them: color in beautiful paintings, gather stars to help tidy up an ancient house and an abandoned art museum, and do much more! Discover hundreds of pictures exclusive to Gallery and of superb quality; these paintings were created for Gallery specifically: Coloring books and home decor created by some of the most creative illustrators working today.

Discover an abundance of one-of-a-kind and high-quality art explicitly created for Gallery: Coloring book and Décor by some of the most talented contemporary illustrators working today. This art was designed specifically for Gallery: Coloring book and Décor by some of the most talented contemporary illustrators working today.

Players can create, rebuild, and decorate their homes while following a romance plot in this first-of-its-kind artbook game that mixes coloring by number with interior design in a single experience.


– an innovative gameplay style that is a combination of coloring books and house design simulators – a game that encourages creative thinking and is geared toward architects and interior designers

a multitude of stunning illustrations waiting to be colored in.

– several different kinds of art can be used as illustrations, such as pixel art, geometric art, flat art, and low poly art.

a vast selection of potential outcomes for the interior design

– images in three dimensions that are distinctive for the mansion as well as the characters;

– the ability to recolor pictures in an atmosphere free of tension;

— common updates



1. If you consider Heather Estes’ rating (five stars out of five), “I just upgraded to a new phone, on which I immediately installed the app. After that, I noticed that the issue I was having was no longer happening. That much happiness. It is a relaxing activity to engage in. While using the coloring book to produce pictures, the energy does not replenish itself. The countdown counter reveals that you will receive one point for every three minutes that pass. When I finish coloring an image and go back to the main screen, I have not been granted any additional energy, even though the coloring process can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete.”


2 . Kassie De Giorgio stated (4/5 stars), “This is one of the most enjoyable games! It has undergone several testing and adjustments until it is damn near perfect!! The game is extremely well-balanced, it has a fantastic storyline and event themes, and it is obvious that a lot of effort has been put into developing the game. These characteristics make it quite evident that a significant amount of effort was put into the game. This is my favorite coloring game, and the actual images are incredibly detailed and colored, in addition to paying a lot of attention to the coloring. If there were an option to go back and recolor shots you’ve already done using the color palette of all the original pictures combined, I would pay for that as an additional add-on feature if available. If it weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to do what I want.”


3. If we are to believe Kirsty Johnson, who gave it five out of five stars, “I have an incredible amount of fun playing this game. The mandatory advertising can be annoying, but let’s face it: having to sit through a 30-second ad is preferable to spending an absurd amount of money to continue playing, which is the case with several other games. Because there are not enough possibilities to replenish energy quickly, my only advice for the inventor would be to reduce how quickly it is used up because there are not enough opportunities to restore it quickly. As a result, there ought to be more events or speed challenges that offer bonus energy to motivate people to continue playing continually.”


4 . Karen Sherratt stated (4/5 stars), “Up until very recently, I had a lot of fun participating in this activity. Everything has come to an absolute standstill right now. After I finished taking a shot, the fate wheel was no longer an option, and the live prizes TV had disappeared from the screen. The commercial video for 20 points of energy was not functioning properly. The pictures are lovely to color, and putting together the Gallery was a lot of fun, but I’ve decided to stop using the app because there are no rewards for continuing to use it. It would appear that the situation has been completely fixed. I have such a good time playing this game prompted me to award it five stars.”


5 . Ginger & Tyler Reed commented (4/5 stars), “In general, a pretty engaging game! The seasons are a wonderful addition, and I’ve already bought several to add to my collection. In addition, the competitions in which you had to collect likes so that you could use them to buy goods once the competition was done are the ones that I’ve most enjoyed participating in. However, after the most recent event (the one with the pet food), there were no opportunities to purchase any products. This was the case, although there were products on display. This was a regrettable event for me to have to go through. I would appreciate it if you could bring back the option to make purchases after the event so I can continue collecting what I need with the money I earned at the event.”


6 Kitty Iverson has commented (four out of five stars), “This is one of the most enjoyable games! My attention span for mobile phone games is notoriously short, but for some inexplicable reason. It is fantastic that you may play without having to make any in-app purchases to do so. Simply viewing a handful of the commercials supplied is all required to earn the vast majority of the available bonuses. The images are just stunning, and it’s a lot of fun choosing the furnishings from several different environments.”



1. Do you think Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor is an excellent place to visit?

Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor Good is, without a shadow of a doubt, ideally suited for use as a puzzle, and this is the response to the question posed earlier.


2. Is the Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor section suitable for kids to look at?

The video game was awarded a rating in the Google Play store that suggests it is suitable for players at least three years old. You are responsible for letting your child participate in the particular activity being discussed.


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