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The Christmas event is live! Beat your opponents and became the champion! It's time to gear up and beat your opponents in one of the most incredible games, "Gear Race 3D!" Start shifting properly right now to become the Gear Race 3D global champion! Rollin, as the creator of some of the most well-known games in the world, delivers unique gameplay with Gear Race 3D. Begin racing right away!
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Nov 19, 2021
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Gear Race 3D 

It is time to gear up at the proper time and beat your rivals in one of the most amazing games, “Gear Race 3D!” To become the Gear Race 3D global champion, start shifting properly right now!


◉ if you want to beat faster racers at every level, you need to improve both your speed and your gearbox level.

◉ Make sure to shift gears at the appropriate time; otherwise, your vehicle could overheat and blow up.

◉ To put a halt to the explosion, you need to upgrade your engine cooler.

◉ Problem boss foes every 5 ranges. Keep in mind that if you end up victorious, you will be given their keys!

◉ Participate in live tournaments for a chance to win one-of-a-kind automobiles and cash prizes.

◉ You will receive more money if you are able to cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible.


◉ Management with just the touch of one finger and a faucet.

◉ Simple but difficult automotive race 3d gaming.

◉ Entertaining and Simple Graphics, as well as Addictive Third-Person Racing Gameplay

◉ It is not necessary to have a WiFi connection. You are free to start transitioning offline at any moment and in any location.

◉ No useless sounds and varied weird visible automobile race 3d results

◉ Gear Race 3D features gameplay unlike any other. Start your race as soon as possible!

The Christmas event can now be found online! You won by prevailing over your rivals and becoming the victor. In one of the most mind-blowing games, “Gear Race 3D!”, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat and dominate your competition. If you want to win the world championship in Gear Race 3D, you need to start shifting correctly right away. Gear Race 3D has gameplay that is entirely original, and its developer, Rollin, is responsible for some of the most well-known games in the world. Start your race as soon as possible!



1 . Noah Trivedi gave it four out of five stars and wrote, “Although it states “swipe-only control” in the description, you can actually operate it by tapping on the screen. The fact that changing the settings to disable vibrations does not have any effect is the key factor behind the reduction of the rating to four stars (my poor battery…) Overall, it’s really entertaining, despite the fact that it doesn’t require much ability (at least at the beginning), and up until now, my advertisements have been succinct and sweet, but they’ve been more frequent than I’d like them to be (YMMV). Congratulations, team! Now, if you could just turn the vibrations off, that would be great.”

2 . DJ M said (3/5 stars), “This game is an excellent way to pass the time. However, very quickly become tedious. One explanation for this is that there isn’t much of a need for upgrading because the “Other Players” aren’t much of a competition. 2. Due to the fact that the game has an extremely high lag, you won’t be able to tap first or any gear when the match begins. Even on my phone, there was a noticeable delay. Therefore, correct them, and I will reinstall them. Thanks.”

3 . LV said (3/5 stars), “The vehicles don’t have a lot of weight, thus the laws of physics don’t apply to them. If I drive up a ramp that is sufficiently steep, my car will flip over and become impossible to right. There will be no way to get it back up. The only way to slow down is to shift out of fifth gear and into first gear. There is no other option. When these issues do not arise, playing the game is straightforward and enjoyable.”

4 . Colby Hurley stated (four out of five stars), “After playing this game for a few hours, I was able to bring all 12 of my vehicles to their highest possible level of upgrade. Additionally, after completing each level, I viewed every advertisement, which allowed me to earn the most money from each run. I’ve reached level 100, and the experience keeps getting better. It should now say 101. Is there nothing left to do? Is there a level beyond this one? There are some inconsistencies throughout, but nothing that is overly repeated.”

5 . The palm leaf and the air both said five out of five stars, “The game is really fun, but there is one teeny-tiny issue with it. It is necessary for you to understand how an automobile with a manual transmission operates. In addition to that, it would be wonderful if you could provide a fully manual mode with a clutch pedal.”

6 . Janine Rebollero said (4/5 stars), “I hear everyone raving about the advertisements, and while you do receive an advertisement after each race, this is not always the case. To tell you the truth, it’s not that terrible. The game is pretty fun, and it has a slight addicting quality to it. You just compete in races and can purchase upgrades for your vehicle in order to make it faster and more powerful.”

7 . Talal Shaikh said (3/5 ratings), “It is a good way to spend time, but I wish there was more variation in terms of various and more realistic noises for each of the vehicles. Would it be that hard for the creators to sample some good engine sounds? Could you please add them? And even more automobiles.”

8 . Hector commented, (three out of five stars), “The gameplay feels overly monotonous, and it loses its appeal very quickly; this is especially true when you are always competing against computer-controlled opponents in 15-second races. I think it would be a good idea to add multiplayer, in addition to extra features that are interesting to use.”


1 . Do you think Like Gear Race 3D is a fun game to play?
In the year 2022, Gear Race 3D is a fun video game to play. You are free to give this game a try, and if you do so, I will offer it my highest possible recommendation.

2 . Is the game Like Gear Race 3D one that many people play?
RESPONSE: A significant number of individuals are currently downloading Gear Race 3D from the Google Play store. The Rank History shows that Gear Race 3D is now placed rather high in the overall goole rating.

3 Do you consider Like Gear Race 3D to be a difficult game?
RESPONSE Gear Race 3D is a game that does not present a challenge to players nor is it extremely difficult to understand how to play.

4. Does playing Like Gear Race 3D require an active internet connection to continue?
RESPONSE: This is not a difficult game to learn how to play. It is important to remember that the game may be played both online and offline, and there is no additional cost associated with doing either of those things.

5 . Would it be suitable for a child to participate in this activity?
RESPONSE: The rating for this game is 3+ years old. This is a game that may be downloaded and played regardless of your age.


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