Gun Gang


Start by working alone and gather buddies as you grow your gang. Lead the pack past the difficult obstacles.
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Rollic Games
Sep 6, 2022
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Prepare yourself for the most memorable gang runner race ever! Remember


Go and begin by operating with just one alone and collect buddies in your solution to get an enormous gang! Transfer ahead and lead your gang through difficult obstacles. Plan your technique on the run to avoid wasting as most of the gang to remaining conflict!


How far are you able to go on this difficult metropolis operation? Dodge wrecking balls, trash containers, and plenty of variations of sand piles and you should definitely cross the end line with as many individuals as doable.


Get your gang shifting and capturing their approach out till you attain the gate on the finish of the extent. Shoot down the robbers within the final battle and do not allow them to escape by helicopter!


◉ UNITE with buddies as a lot as you’ll be able to

◉ AVOID obstacles

◉ CRUSH gold bars

◉ LOAD your weapons

◉ CLASH in opposition to robbers

◉ SHOOT ’em all!


◉ Gang warfare metropolis recreation

◉ Unimaginable quantity of distinctive ranges

◉ Harmful obstacles and stuffed with roadblocks

◉ Aesthetically pleasing graphics

◉ Clean as butter recreation controls

◉ Joyful bullet hell and explosions

◉ A lot of rewards and items

And we’re simply starting, and we’ll preserve updating the sport! A lot of ranges and new options are coming quickly!

May you have the loopy techniques and the braveness to make your gang win all of the battles?

Obtain the sport now and present them the way you rule town at present!

We’re valuing the superb suggestions that we get from all of you! Please go away your feedback and opinions, we’re listening and dealing with very exhausting to create the sport even higher!

Thanks for enjoying it!



1. Everette Brown, who rated it four out of five stars and provided the following feedback, “Downloaded throughout the course of the Covid competition as a way to kill some time. I like it, and there are no advertisements to be seen unless you desire more money in a shorter amount of time. My only complaint is with the alignment of the shooters, and sometimes during the last attack, the attackers may go off screen, forcing you to retreat, lose your position, and begin the level over again.”

2 . The comment made by Neil Bullock received a score of 3 out of 5 points with the following statement, “Enjoyable game, however there are a lot of commercials. The most ludicrous advertisements are the ones that feature a close button in the corner that is so little that it cannot be pressed. Just keep missing and you’ll be taken to the website for the advertisement. Dumb!!!”

3 . Vincent Williamson, who rated it three out of five stars and provided the following feedback, “Update: I am at level 290. Once more, the weapons were nowhere to be found! I am unable to improve my weaponry. When I reached level 100, the game suddenly stopped operating on me!!!! It is possible for me to play the level; however, there are bugs, and I cannot continue the game once I die. I can’t play the game without constantly quitting and restarting the application. Also unable to improve weapons; keys can only be used to unlock treasure chests.”

4 . Simon Gray, Marco A response from John M. was rated four stars out of a possible five and included the following, “Although I have had fun playing the game, it is absolutely necessary to have an ad blocker installed. When there are advertisements at the end of each game, it can become quite irritating. The game would be much more enjoyable if it wasn’t constantly being disrupted.”

5 . Bryan Barber commented (4/5 stars), “The game is really entertaining, but there are far too many issues to enjoy it for very long. Occasionally, the pistol will jam, causing your guys to simply run into walls. need one or two video advertisements before giving the user another chance. – There is no option to save your progress in the game. Every time you play, you will need to watch additional advertisements in order to unlock any costumes that required you to watch advertisements in the past.

There is not an option to purchase an ad-free upgrade at this time. Too many advertisements. It is highly advised that you give this game a shot since you will have a great time playing it. If you go into the game knowing that you’ll have to remove it within ten minutes, you’ll be fine.”

6. A remark made by Michael Nedeau, who rated it perfect on a scale of one to five and stated, “There is a bug in the game where, if you watch an advertisement after a certain point, you will not receive the new upgraded gun. The fact that the weaponry and upgrades are essential to make forward is kind of a pain. Being aware that one’s predicament is due to a bug and that there is no way to advance their progress while being unable to move forward is a major pain. If nothing else, this is a fantastic game to play when you have some spare time.”

7. Dion Eberts expressed joy and satisfaction (a rating of 3/5), “The game is entertaining, but I’ve gotten to a point where there’s no way I can move on. I begin with a single person, and as I reach the first barricade, I find that I am unable to demolish any of the objects there. I have done a significant amount of upgrading to it, even going so far as to watch multiple tutorials in order to enhance it further.

The way things are set up right now, the most coins I can get from playing are fifteen every session (IF I WATCH A VIDEO), yet I need approximately eleven thousand to advance to the next level.”

8 . Remark made by Terry G., who rated it four stars out of five and stated, “Fun FREE Game Yes, there are a lot of advertisements, but remember that this service is completely free. If you don’t like the advertisements that appear when you lose, simply quit the program and start it back up again.

The door to mine opens in about a minute and a half. Keep an eye out for new guns or advertisements once you win. A pleasant little way to pass the time. You will like it more after you have a better understanding of the various tactics. You don’t have to move your finger horizontally across the screen, for example. You can INSTANTLY warp to that location by tapping on the opposite side of the room. Beneficial when trying to dodge moving obstructions!!”

9. Remark made by Dottie Shivers, who ranked it as excellent and gave it five stars out of five, as follows, “The quality of this game is incredibly high. I hardly seldom write reviews, but I felt compelled to for this software. It is just challenging enough, there is a wide variety of levels, and the graphics are significantly more impressive than those of comparable apps.

Strongly suggested by me. You may find that you occasionally require boosts, but the rewards you earn are plenty to allow you to continue playing the game at no cost. It’s true that the advertisements can be irritating at times, but it has nothing to do with the developers of the game, and if you consider the overall caliber of the game, the interruptions are more than justified. Give it a go.”

10 . Adriana Lin commented (4/5 satrs), “Enjoy playing the game. Now, in order to avoid advertisements, I always make sure my phone is set to airplane mode. I’ve pretty much completed the game; I’ve reached the maximum level on the cannon, and the stages are basically a constant cycle of washing and drying, washing, and drying. special event is as lame as can be, and I hate being forced to watch advertisements, so please don’t do that. The game is missing some new battlegrounds and some new troops or something, but other than that, it is an excellent way to spend time.”


1. Is Gun Gang game a decent game?
AMSWER: The “Gun Gang game” has been downloaded more than 10 million times up until this point. We are able to conclude that the game is truly wonderful. The game has more than 10 million downloads.

2 . Is it possible for a child to participate in this game?
AMSWER: The game has been given a rating of 12 years and above on the Google Play store. You are allowed to participate in this game if you are over the age of 12 years old.

3 . Can I play Gun Gang game in PC?
ANSWER: Using an emulator, you are able to play this game on a personal computer.

4 . Is the Gun Gang game an online game or an offline game?
The answer is that you can play this game completely offline. However, you can connect to the internet in order to access additional features.


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