Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star


This is your chance to make it big in Hollywood and become a real star!Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star
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Aug 21, 2022
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Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star

Users of Android devices can build their own movie scenes in the popular game Hollywood Story, which is available for those devices. This free application can be downloaded from the Google Play store, and it gives users access to a number of tools and features that can be used to create exciting stories.

Users of The Hollywood Story are given a variety of options from which to select, including different characters, places, and stories. Users can make their videos even more realistic by adding background music and sound effects to their productions. Anyone who wants to make their own movie scenes or who simply wants to enjoy some fun entertainment will find Hollywood Story to be an excellent choice.


Many of Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses have already committed to taking part in the competition.

Many of Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses have already committed to taking part in the competition. Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, and Harrison Ford are among the celebs who were present. When one considers the enormous levels of success achieved by the previous two games in this series, it is not surprising to learn this information. This fall, The Hollywood Story will be available for download on PC as well as consoles.

Both iOS and Android users can now play Hollywood Story on their mobile devices. With the assistance of a cast of famous actors and actresses from the entertainment industry, users of this software can write their very own Hollywood storylines.

The program may be downloaded and used without cost, and users have access to a number of pre-made tale formats as well as the ability to create their own. Users are able to share their experiences with their friends and family by making use of the interactive elements that Hollywood Story  provides, such as polls and quizzes.


The gameplay is straightforward but really engaging. When users are creating their own scenes, they have access to a wide selection of characters, props, and backgrounds to choose from.

The gameplay of Hollywood Story is straightforward but extremely engaging. When users are creating their own scenes, they have access to a wide selection of characters, props, and backgrounds to choose from. The story focuses on the routine activities that cinema stars participated in throughout the 1950s.

Players have the option of playing a role in their own film as either a producer or a star, and they progress through the film industry by experiencing events, making decisions, and interacting with other characters. New scenes and adjustments based on player feedback are added frequently to the online game Hollywood Story.


The Hollywood Story has a broad variety of capabilities, such as the ability to customize characters, construct sets, and craft stories, among other things.

The Hollywood Story includes a diverse selection of features, such as the ability to personalize characters, construct unique environments, and craft engaging narratives. The group of people that are responsible for the Hollywood Story is committed to giving players the very best experience they can. Players have the ability to genuinely construct their own original Hollywood story thanks to a rich collection of personalization options and more than one hundred distinct elements from which to choose.


Players have the ability to create their own scenes and storylines through the game’s story-building function, which can then be utilized in the single-player aspect of the game or shared with other players over the internet. It is highly recommended that you go to The Hollywood Story if you are seeking an entertaining method to spend the time or if you want to build a genuine one-of-a-kind Hollywood experience for yourself.


User Reviews

On the Google Play Store, people have given the game an average rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, indicating that they enjoyed playing it.

On the Google Play Store, user reviews for Hollywood Story are almost universally favorable, and the game has had an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars since it was released. Players have lauded the game for having an original narrative and graphics that were expertly produced while pointing out only a few small flaws with the experience. Users who are interested in playing casual role-playing games are unanimous in their praise for the Hollywood Story app.



It is highly recommended that you look into the Hollywood Story if you are seeking a way to pass the time that is both entertaining and imaginative.

It is highly recommended that you look into the Hollywood Story if you are interested in engaging in an activity that is both creative and entertaining while passing the time. The Hollywood Story is a role-playing game that takes place in the fictionalized version of the Hollywood film industry.

You take on the role of one of several famous actors or actresses who are competing with one another in the film industry to achieve success. The video game is packed with a great deal of excitement and excitement, and it is certain to keep you entertained for a good number of hours. It is highly recommended that you look into the Hollywood Story if you are a person who enjoys watching movies.

The following are some suggestions for you based on the type of game you’re looking for, and we think you’ll enjoy them.



1 . steckamanda Gmail wrote (3/5 stars), “Problems with the awards system. There have been several occasions in which I have watched an advertisement in order to obtain something in-game; however, following the advertisement, the game has conveniently restarted, and I have been unable to complete the task I had set out to complete. It is quite aggravating when, after the program has crashed, it tries to take your diamonds on the grounds that it counted you as viewing even if you weren’t paid for it.”


2 . J. Edwards stated (three out of five stars), “Although I enjoy playing it, I’ve discovered that my account has been subject to fraudulent charges. It was necessary for me to cancel my payment to Google. In addition, the prices are much too high. It is not possible to get sufficient diamonds to purchase apparel due to the lack of available chances. I believe that it would be beneficial for us to be able to use cash, rather than diamonds, to acquire some of the Runway things that are lower in rating. After every five picks, the fan gift games ought to award us with a free pass.”


3 . Ashley rated it (four out of five stars), “However much I adore this game! It is incredibly entertaining and addictive, but unless you spend real money to buy some diamonds, it is difficult to accumulate enough diamonds to buy most of the outfits or anything else that requires diamonds. Also, when I initially started playing around a month ago, there were no advertisements; now there are a lot of them; it’s unpleasant, and when that happens, I normally delete games! Either you need to lower the price of clothing or you need to make it simpler to acquire diamonds.”


4 . anna shine commented (4/5 stars), “I adore playing this game! I’m a discerning player, but this contains a lot of content that will keep you entertained and make you want to come back for more. It’s really addictive. When I found out there was an upgrade, I got really pumped up about it, but ever since then, whenever I try to log in, it just stays on the loading screen. I’m really hoping that this will be addressed soon so that I can keep my interest.”


5 . Alyssia Medrano, who rated the game four out of five stars, said the following, “It’s a pretty good game, but I think you could make the challenges a LITTLE bit easier because I don’t want to have to waste money to get a star card and the dresses need to be less money and diamonds because then if I had the challenge to get a dress from a store it would be too much money/diamonds.”

6 . Iphithule Ndolwane rated it as five out of five stars, “It’s a lot of good fun. It seems as though the energy can be replenished in as little as four or five minutes. The problem is only that the collectibles are annoying. You can waste all of your effort seeking a single item just so you can audition for something, which is terrible, awful, and not nice at all. Please look at it, but in general, I’m having a good time with it.”


7. Shannon McIntosh remarked (five out of five stars), “When I upgraded to a new phone, I lost all of my things and progress, and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on the game again to get back to where I was. I was extremely frustrated playing this game and spent a lot of money on it. Playing in this game will set you back a pretty penny! The wonderful folks at Nanobit are reversing all of my prior orders. Here’s an update! Unquestionably deserving of all 5 stars!”


8. Krishna Daley remarked (five out of five stars), “This is the most enjoyable game. I’ve only just started playing it, but so far I absolutely adore it; however, there is one minor problem with it. You guys really need to work on fixing that problem, as it logs me out every time I try to do something like watch an advertisement or another video. The Hollywood story is enjoyable, but I have another problem with the amount of money and items that are required to progress through the game. For example, sometimes you need 100 to buy something, but then you need a thousand, and for some other things you need diamonds, while for some of the clothes you need 127 to 35, which thing should not be so expensive for.”



1 . Can the video game Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star be played on personal computers?

Answer: You can play Run Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star on your personal computer by using LDPlayer.

Answer: Create your very own role in a movie! You may give your avatar a unique look by customizing it with your own apparel, fashion style, hairdo, and makeup. Make the film industry your own by putting your own personal stamp on it! Conquer the auditions, and get ready to make some movies!

2 . Does it cost anything to play the Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star game?

Answer: Yes, Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star is available for free offline download, said the respondent. Enjoy the game and the chaotic atmosphere of WWE Mayhem by playing it.

3 . If they were to play this game, would it be appropriate for children to participate?

Answer: According to the respondent, the game should not be played by anyone less than 12 years old. Instead, it should be restricted to players who are at least that old. If you are over the age of 12 and want to participate in and enjoy this game, you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so. If you are significantly younger than that, you might run into some problems.

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