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Homesteads: Dream Farm

In the virtual world of Homesteads, you can take control of a city and run it as you see fit. Make the Wild West into a setting that’s fit for a prince or princess to call home! Grow and gather crops, look after your livestock, and make the tools and supplies you need for farming. You may help your city grow by advertising and trading various goods. Constructing homes, industries, and other types of buildings will increase the level of comfort experienced by people.

The Homesteads is based on the concept that you will become the owner of a sizable metropolis in the wild west. You will now need to construct homes, industries, and other city buildings. In addition, you will be able to engage in agricultural activities, such as growing crops and decorating the streets. On your journey, you will also come across never-ending stretches of land. You will also be able to assist the wayfarers who come across your path while you are on your journey.

When you manage and control a city, it means that you will also be responsible for grazing the cattle and producing commodities to sell in the market. You will also have the opportunity to trade missing supplies for others that will in turn assist you in the growth of your city.

Create new relationships with people from different parts of the world and facilitate the trading of items with them. To locate the missing items, you will need to dispatch steamers and exercise diligence.

You must locate those materials in the region, which is very rich in minerals, and then harvest gold and ore from the rich mines that are located on the land. After you have completed these tasks, you will be paid. Send the materials to various international locations. You can use your railway to purchase the missing commodities from distant countries, and since you can buy in bulk, you’ll have more room for negotiation when the time comes.

You are also responsible for maintaining law and order in the city. If you assist the authorities in maintaining order in your community and in apprehending those responsible for serious crimes, you will receive a reward.

Make sure you don’t forget about the comfort of the city and employ an incredible amount of decorations to build your ideal metropolis. You should invite your friends over and get to know your new neighbors. Gifts will be traded, and the group will go on exciting adventures together. Exciting adventures and tall tales from the Wild West are waiting for you to discover!
Alternatives to homesteading include: Collaborate to make use of the game’s unique gameplay mechanics: apprehend criminals operating within the city and do not let them cause widespread panic among the populace. Attempt your hand at winning within the Saloon. Open mines and quarries. Ship ships for exotic and regional specialties from other countries.

— There is no limit to the number of design options available to you; build a town in the Wild West, decorate it any way you see fit, and give it your unique flair. Making a metropolis in the middle of the untamed west may sound like a pipe dream, but you can make it come true with this game.

— Get to know some likable people who each have a fascinating life story. They will make it simpler to navigate the game and will supply their providers with the production of goods. The graphics in Homesteads are on par, and you will most definitely love the simple navigation that is included with it.

— It’s more fun to do things together, so ask your friends, pitch in to help your neighbors, and take turns buying each other presents.
— Homesteads is a video game that stands out thanks to its unique gameplay, visuals, and a cast of characters.

— You will make new friends and take part in exciting adventures while traversing the vast lands of the Wild West.
—  As soon as possible, go ahead and purchase the game! Put on a cowboy hat and bring some much-needed order to this metropolis!


1 . Maliha Islam said (4/5 rating), “A cool and enjoyable game to play, with visuals that are incredibly well done. The Mexican market in my game has stopped functioning (I am on level 17), and no matter how many times I press on the image of the market, it will not open. The problem persists regardless of how many times I tap on the image. I’d appreciate it if you could look into the situation. ** Evaluation after editing: Many thanks for your speedy response; the problem has been addressed in the latest release. I hope everything goes well for your squad.”

2 . Shikon Tama stated (3/5 rating), “The layout has some room for improvement. An excellent concept gave the location. Could you please make the app better? After reading the instructions, I was unable to advance past level 5. Because nothing was working, I had no choice except to quit and relaunch the application. It’s almost like watching a movie, in which you can’t make any changes no matter what buttons you press. Same issue at lv 8. After some investigation, I found out that it needed to download certain info. Why doesn’t it happen on its own by default? The amount of time needed to manufacture the first product is excessive. 10 minutes for an egg? There should be a maximum of one or two.”

3 . BrazyAF said (5/5 rating), “I adore it. Not only is it a fun farming game, but I also adore the various goods available for decorating. Just wish that the next update will include an edit mode so that I can move every building to the temporary box; it would make my life much simpler than having to tap and hold each building individually. Oh, and one more thing: please add a mini-game to the game so that we can play it while we are waiting without having to exit it. I don’t want to go too far ahead of myself in the game. edit: the path editor has a flaw that has to be fixed. I am unable to alter or remove the walkway that is located close to the railway station.”

4 . Keith Miller pointed out (four out of five stars), “Overall, a fun and relaxing game to play. As you move through the stages, it will take an extremely long time for new goods that you will require to become available. For instance, the first crop of wheat will be ready in one minute or less, however, some of the later vegetables will take over an hour. You have the option to hurry it quickly, but doing so will cost you more money. The game is still enjoyable on the whole and comes highly recommended.”

5 . Heather Pipkins offered a rating of three out of five stars and wrote, “I only awarded this game three stars since the videos that you’re supposed to watch to unlock free goodies never do. And even when they do, you won’t receive any compensation for your time spent viewing. There are a lot of bugs, and sometimes I don’t get coins when I gather them from my house even if I did everything correctly. Additionally, I would like the possibility to modify the landscapes, such as the water, the black soil, the light soil, the grass, and so on.”

6. According to Cliff Roush (who received a grade of 5/5), “They have to come up with a strategy that will allow them to spend more of the gold coins. I have more than 230,000 of these in my possession. And there was no way for any of the five ships to spend all those coins. When I cash in products for my factory, the vast majority of the time, I do not receive the items that I cash in. On the whole, however, I would rate it as a four-and-a-half-star experience. I am having so much fun with it that I am currently playing it on not one but two different tablets at the same time.”

7 . Johan Grobler stated (5/5 rating), “Excellent work, all of you. Thank you. Bringing to your attention the fact that the newly added progress bar and the building menu do not appear to be in rhythm with one another. The two versions of the game differ from one another by one level of play.”

8 . Dave Schmaltz commented (5/5 rating), “This is one of the very few games that I adore one hundred percent, and it is this one. You get rewarded for watching advertisements, which only play when you want them to, and the entertainment factor is over the roof! Amazing games folks! I wish there was some kind of coin exchange scheme where you could trade in your bronze coins for silver coins; maybe you could only do it once a day or something…just that’s a notion.”


1. Is Racing Fever playable on personal computers?
The game Homesteads: Dream Farm, which was developed by Enixan Limited and first released for the Android operating system, is still playable today. You may now have a seamless experience playing Homesteads: Dream Farm on your PC with GameLoop. You can find it in the GameLoop library or the search results and download it there.

2 . Do you have to pay to play the Cookie ClickerTM game?
The answer is that you do not have to pay anything to take part in Homesteads: Dream Farm.

3. Is it appropriate for my youngster to play this game?
The game has a rating appropriate for those who are at least three years old. If you are older than three years old, you will have no trouble playing and will thoroughly enjoy yourself with this game.


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