Hustle Castle : Fantasy Kingdom (GOD MODE)


Make a name for yourself as the true ruler of a medieval fortress! Acknowledge new recruits, place them in positions of responsibility, and provide them with instruction and protection! Defy the laws of physics and your competitors as you construct and improve your castle!
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Developer B.V.
Jun 09, 2022
4.1 and up

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Discover what it’s like to be the ruler of a real-life medieval fort! Set up new subjects, give chores, and practice and defend your female and male members of the community! While building and improving your castle, you may defy both the laws of physics and your enemies!

one of a kind project from the BV studio You’ll need to launch an offensive and repel an enemy invasion on your personal territory, so gather your highly capable military forces and prepare for combat. Online fights with your friends are also available.

In their glittering armor, your chubby soldiers look lovely. You must feed and train your troops if you want to defeat Grav the Mighty Brainpan’s army, defeat the Abyss Lord, and burn down a couple of your opponents’ castles!

For the sake of your wealth, your scribes scribble away with quills, your treasurers splatter coins, and your blacksmiths trip over anvils. Become wealthy and powerful by bringing together experts! The children of your subjects will swiftly grow up and serve you as well if you provide a relationship room for them.

My lord, you are now in authority! You can choose from a variety of options in the game, such as:

This is a story-based marketing strategy. Your heroes take on orcs, giants, skeletons, and even dragons in a variety of tasks! It’s the end result that counts, whether it’s magic in battle or cold metal.
– Construction of a fort. Build additional rooms and upgrade the ones you already have in your fortress. You’ve got all you need to make a dream come true! The time to begin is now!
– People are being brought up. It is possible to acquire fresh knowledge and tools for any of your themes. Train your soldiers and scribes well, then trade them!
– Multiplayer. Go on the rampage! The fort of a person you don’t like should be destroyed and looted… And you’re not a fan of all of them, right?

If you’d want to get involved in an exciting cooperative game, we’re currently working on: Play with other players in clans and build kingdoms, train champions, and conquer areas to become the most powerful in the world.
– Portals and mazes: additional chances to get precious treasures from different locations. Introducing brand new foes, formidable bosses, and all-new locations!
For those who don’t want to engage in conflict, caravans are an excellent alternative.
– This is a continuation of the narrative marketing campaign: overcome the common evil by reaching the primary villain.
Collecting heroes with a unique style
— Bonuses for logging in each day.
Development of the sport’s visible components – Optimization and stability of the course of the sport
– Efficiencies are improved.
In the next upgrades, you’ll find all of these features and many more!

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