Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen


Enter the world of Masketeers, where heroes are aided in their fight against the underlying demons of society by enigmatic masks that give them superpowers.
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Aug 13, 2022
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Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

With the introduction of Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen, the one-of-a-kind mobile idle role-playing game, Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen, will receive a completely new and fascinating level of gameplay. Players can now speak with one another and work together to earn powerful Guild Buffs that are beneficial to the entire membership of the Guild. Step into the realm of Musketeers, where warriors fight the internal monsters that afflict civilization with the use of mysterious masks and the strength that they confer.

Musketeers is a game that pushes the boundaries of idle games by adding an orb-matching element to the mix, resulting in a simultaneously familiar and innovative experience. This is because the game makes the boundaries of idle games by adding an orb-matching function to the mix. Fight against the Wraiths to improve your combat abilities and discover new methods, but be prepared to take damage in the process. You might come across runes and relics while travelling down the path. If you’re exceptionally fortunate, you might even win the favour of guardians and other magical allies. The Musketeers will run against other masked heroes with the same talents as they have while they are on their mission to save humanity from the Wraiths.
The purpose of the game’s scenario is to convey the notion that despite the pervasiveness of negativity in modern society, one is never truly alone. This is intended to be the takeaway from playing the game. Musketeers is an innovative take on the genre of idle games that delivers a gameplay experience that is at once reassuring and stimulating. A feature that allows players to combine orbs is the game’s highlight. Fight the Wraiths to get new powers and strategies, and dive headfirst into the fray after you’ve reached your training. You will come across runes and artefacts as you go down the path. In addition to obtaining magical companions, you will also earn the blessings of various guardians along the way. Musketeers can combine orbs to make special orbs that offer you an advantage in combat against Wraiths and unleash tremendous skills. Connecting a more significant number of balls to charge ultimate powers and even constructing exceedingly powerful astral bursts is necessary. If you combine orbs at the appropriate moment throughout the fight, you can tilt the scales in your favour or against your opponent. Masks that are individual to each member of the Order of the Musketeer can be accumulated by those members. These masks enhance the Musketeer’s natural abilities and imbue their attacks with the vitality of other dimensional planes. Your group of Musketeers will be able to acquire these one-of-a-kind masks and invest them with runes as they make further headway in their battle against the Wraiths. These runes will further assist your squad of Musketeers as they engage in combat with the Wraiths. These Wraiths pose a menace to humankind since they can materialize and derive their nutrition from negative emotions such as despair, grief, fear, and rage. As a result, they can destroy humanity from the inside out. It is up to the brave Musketeers to stop the growth of their power before the inner demons of civilization consume society and seize control of it. These one-of-a-kind Charms will bestow upon you incredible bursts of energy and specialized abilities while you are engaged in combat with the Wraiths. They receive additional benefits from the Empress of Charms, who watches over them as they assist your squad of Musketeers. These benefits augment the power of their abilities and help them do a better job. There is a legend that says there is a wonderful Koi Village tucked away someplace in our world and that there is a place where all of the Musketeers can go to be safe from the Wraiths and to be protected from them. This old wives’ tale is no longer valid. Our staunch allies, the Kois, have graciously decided to open up their Koi Village to provide the Musketeers with a location to vacation from the never-ending war against the shadowy side of society. The heat of the struggle will give the Musketeers a chance to collect themselves and regain their composure. There is a haven where groups of Musketeers have organized themselves into Guilds to socialize with other Musketeers and work together to fight against the forces of evil. When members of a guild donate any spare Masks they have, the Guild receives a powerful buff in return. These enhancements have the potential to increase the damage done by Astral Burst by an additional 1300%! It would help if you also used the Guild chat to debate and refine your strategies with the other Guild members. This will guarantee that you always have the upper hand when engaging in combat with your rivals. Join a Guild and immediately begin eliminating waves of Wraith foes to demonstrate that working together is the most effective method to achieve victory.

It would be best if you did not allow yourself to be overcome by the shadows; instead, you should recognize your capabilities and go forward one orb at a time on the road to victory.

• Allow yourself to be adorned with vitality and beauty.
A Musketeer has the option to outfit himself with various masks and runes that range in their level of rarity and the benefits they provide. Collect them and equip them so you can evaluate which of the best ones are compatible with your battle strategies.

• Get a Grip on the Orbs
You can unleash each Musketeer’s different and varied attacks by chaining orbs together. You may make your team more effective against the Wraiths by strategically utilizing them and combining their strength with other one-of-a-kind orbs.

• Develop and Transcend
By cultivating your knowledge, you may overcome challenges and increase your standing in the community. Acquire the information and abilities, as well as the skills and abilities, and put in place the tactics that will allow the Musketeers to exhibit their gifts to the fullest extent feasible.

• Fortune Favors The Fearless one
A Musketeer is never left to fend for themselves. If they have guardians, wisps, charms, or fortune animals, they will be blessed with good fortune and get assistance at the correct time.

The bare minimum requirements for a system are
• Android Lollipop 5.0
• 2 gigabytes of random access memory.

Your feedback and suggestions will be taken under serious consideration. You are welcome to sign up for an account on our Discord server, or you can send an email to the following address with any recommendations you may have:

Participate in performances by becoming a member of The Musketeers Group.

Twitter:; Twitter handle: “masketeersgame”


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