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You decorate your child's room as they grow in Merge Life. Obsessed with interior design projects? The kids will start crying and misbehaving if you do. You merge products to make "orders" like milk or toys. As you finish orders, you'll earn golden stars to enhance the bedroom and accessories.
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Lion Studios
Aug 26, 2022
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Merge Life

When you play Merge Life, you will definitely be able to improve your child’s room as they get older! Becoming preoccupied with an infinite number of interior decoration chores is fine, but you shouldn’t disregard the child’s requests because they will start crying and acting naughty if you do.

Your goal is to combine things in order to complete “orders,” which might be anything from a milk carton to a toy. In addition, as you finish orders, you’ll earn gold stars (for being such a good parent! ), which you can then use in enhancing the space as well as its furnishings.

As soon as you have finished putting the finishing touches on the room, it will be time to create a space for the kids! Then comes the room for preteens, followed by the room for teenagers, and finally their very first apartment or house of their own. Make sure that the age of the room is reflected in the interior decoration!


There are a huge number of things to combine and also unlock, and going on expeditions will lead to game-changing discoveries. A child playing a video game must make a decision between becoming an astronaut, a professional athlete, or a superstar as they progress through the game and reach higher levels. Help them work through this really important decision-making process!

Combining Products to Finish Jobs for a Detailed Product You can complete your jobs for a detailed product by combining products with one another.

Unlock New Products: As you go through the game and achieve higher levels, you will be able to unlock new mergeable items.

Life has a lot of great experiences. Merge Sign up and also check it out for yourself right away!


Visit if you want to leave a comment, get assistance beating a level, or make a wonderful idea for something you’d like to see included in the game.

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1 . TheUltimaWerewolf, who rated it three out of five stars and included the following commentary, “Even though this is a really nice game, there are a few things that bother me about it. The continual advertisements that appear after you complete a chain of items is one. The second issue is the inability of max level split and duplicate boosters to function on items that are level 8 or higher. When I need to use one of these, the vast majority of the time, I already have an item that is either just below or over the level I need it to be, but I can’t use the booster since it’s level 9, so I have to spend several days earning another one. Is there a way that this can be altered to make it so that they can work on all levels?”


2. The following statement was granted a score of 5/5 in response to the comment made by Breana Behnsch, “I didn’t have high hopes going in, but it turns out that this is arguably the best game I’ve ever downloaded from an advertisement. The leveling system is difficult enough that you won’t be able to beat it in a single day, the advertisements won’t drive you crazy, and the game is genuinely entertaining. Feels like an outdated version of sugar crush to me.”


3 . Byron Marston rated his comment 4 out of 5 stars and stated the following, “This is such a fun game. I still play for the daily challenge, but I do not have any space on my boring because there are no more activities to accomplish. However, I have been waiting for a very long time to level up. I am unable to take the retirement since I do not have enough space to combine, and the process is becoming increasingly tedious.”


4 . Kimberly, the young lady The following is what Joy had to say in her review, which received the maximum possible rating of five stars, “Cute merge game. The plot thus far has a user like myself attempting to embellish a children’s room. The items that will be merged make perfect sense. They begin with infant formula, then go on to a baby bottle, and then graduate to a sippy cup. Because I have two sons who are all younger than four, thinking back on my childhood is a lot of pleasure.”


5 . Andrea Olufunmiloye wrote ((5/5 stars), “This is such a fun game. It’s great since we don’t have any restrictions on what we can construct. You have the ability to include additional content in the game, such as additional tails and vehicles, such as miniature airplanes, trains, buses, and helicopters, as well as additional food items, such as pizza and pie. You might also add more tools under the category of everyday essentials, in addition to more creatures and birds, such as monkeys, elephants, kangaroos, huge cats, unicorns, and wolves. Musical instruments such as guitars, violins, and maracas. Moves from the dance floor and additional weapons. That is an excellent idea. Many thanks for the entertaining game, and please don’t stop doing such a great job!”


6 . A remark made by Valerie Clevenger, who rated it four stars out of five and stated, “I really enjoy playing this game, and I do so on a daily basis; however, I’ve been stuck on level 56 for the past two months, and I’ve been waiting for an update. The most recent revision did not even provide any additional years at all. Please, please update the years as soon as possible before it becomes impossible for me to continue waiting and I give up playing the game.”


7 . Cadence Anderson’s dissatisfaction remarked (5/5 rating), “Let me tell you, I thought this game looked entertaining the first time I saw it, which was probably about a year ago. I will occasionally take a break from playing it on a regular basis, but once I do, I find that I have grown to adore it. I figured out that I don’t have to watch the advertisements if I simply go to the app’s home screen, then go back into the app without closing the tab. This works even if the advertisements are obnoxious. I will only watch an advertisement if it will earn me a reward, which is the case the majority of the time. I can’t recall the specific advertisement that I saw for it, but whatever it was, it got my attention. I adore it!!”


8 . Remark by Leslie Griffin, who rated it five stars out of a possible five and stated, “This game of merging and upgrading features cute visuals. The stars that are amassed can be redeemed for things like new furnishings and ornaments for the home. I like it.”


9 . Remark by Sara Brown, who ranked it four out of five stars and remarked, “The game is awesome, but the updates are terrible. It is a terrible ordeal to have to wait for updates in order to level up. Even though I have a week, give or take, and sometimes a lot longer to collect goods and work on events, which the timers never match, ugh, by the time I’m done turning everything in I’m back to where I started, which is waiting to level up. When you next edit it, please be sure to include more than one age. I am aware that coding is difficult; nonetheless, for the love of God, please add more than one age. LOL, if you don’t count the fact that it does everything you say it does, then it’s hilarious.”


10 . Katgirl Queenz’s comment, in which she awarded it five stars out of a possible five and stated, “Hi, I was just wondering if you could add muzzles to the game like for you to wear and to put on the animal, I also wanted more bugs and animals in the game, and also I mean no harm for wanting to add muzzles to the game because like there could be big cats in the future like tigers or lions, and I thought maybe they would attack the player.




1. Can the video game Merge Life be played on a personal computer?

You can play any other Android game on your PC or a Mac, including merge life, just as you can play merge life and any other Android game. If you have an emulator installed on your computer, you can play this game on your computer.

2 . Does it seem suitable for a youngster to participate in this activity?

RESPONSE: The game is appropriate for players aged 3 and up. You must be at least three years old in order to participate in this game. Players older than that are not permitted.


3 . Do you have to pay to use merge life?

ANSWER: You may download this game for free from both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. To clarify, there are zero fees associated with playing this game at all. However, if you want to gain additional facilities, you might have to play a certain amount beforehand.


4. What really is the point of this blended life?

The player of a Merge game, such as Merge Villa, is required to merge different elements of the game’s environment in order to generate and access new features. Within the context of the game, merging can result in the acquisition of gold, treasures, or unique characters.


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