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Help Alice! After a tsunami, she must restore her grandparents' estate to comfort. With your aid, the building can be improved. Let the journey begin!
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Aug 09, 2022
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Merge Villa

You are the only person who can provide assistance to Alice at this time. Following the devastation caused by the tsunami, it is now her duty to restore the family’s comfort in their residence by renovating the mansion in which her grandparents had previously lived. When we are finished with the restoration of the structure, it will be even more gorgeous than it was before! Throw open the doors, and get ready for an adventure that will stay with you for the rest of your life! The gameplay consists of the players putting together different things to generate new ones and unlock them.

Convert the items at your disposal into functional implements that will be of use to you in restoring and redecorating the several rooms of the mansion that have been wrecked. Restore the home to the splendor it had when it was first built, and then redecorate it with lavish external and interior furnishings to give the impression that it was just constructed yesterday. Create a one-of-a-kind living space by incorporating your sense of style and imagination, in addition to the creative vision of your interior designer.

Unlock additional rooms and give them a comprehensive makeover before you continue the game. Everyone will completely forget even the fact that there was a tsunami in the first place. You will have much fun figuring out the Villa’s various conundrums, and each new section of the house offers a different mystery for you to uncover. Complete your tasks and collect incentives to increase your chances of success in the restoration process. Acquire the necessary experience and levels to become the Merge Villa master! Restore the home to its former glory by renovating it with opulent new furnishings for both the interior and the exterior. Make use of your designer’s vision to build a one-of-a-kind house while maintaining your sense of style and originality. Unlock additional rooms and completely revamp the ones you already have. Nobody will even recall there having been a tsunami in the first place! There are approximately 30 distinct merge chains available in Merge Villa, and each one can have up to 13 levels of varying things for players to find and acquire.

You do not have to accomplish things on your own all by yourself. Make friends with new people along your journey who might be able to assist you with the makeover, and do not forget about your four-legged companions! Take care of the animals, and if you want to help out your pets, provide them with a comfortable environment to live in. As part of your profession, you will be responsible for providing loving care for cuddly puppies and kittens while also creating a cozy environment for them to live in.
Alternatives for Amusement:

* Take part in a trip that will stay with you forever, complete with a captivating narrative; you will not be disappointed.
* Unlock new rooms that have uniquely engaging gameplay, lavish decorations, and beautiful animations.
* Make use of your aesthetic sensibilities to renovate and adorn the mansion.
* Combine items to obtain a wide variety of unique tools for use in the construction and execution of your restoration.
* Collaborate with many in-game characters, all of whom will lend a hand in renovating and redecorating the estate.
* Undertake pets! The adorable puppies and kittens are waiting for you to take care of them and provide them with a warm and caring home. The gameplay is quite enjoyable. Combine the two elements, then make some improvements to the house. It could not be any more straightforward than it already is.
* You may start playing right now second without paying a dime!

Visit if you have any questions, need help beating a level, or have any excellent ideas you would like to see incorporated into the game.

Love Balls, Mr. Bullet, Completely Happy Glass, and Ink Inc. were all produced by the same studio.

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Observation made by Google:
1. I had fun playing the game. I enjoy merge games, and I do not mind the storyline. Because of them, we can play for free. Thus, I do not mind seeing the advertisements. My issue is that the advertisements cause the game to become unresponsive or to exit. You will hear an advertisement, but the screen will remain black, and you will be required to exit and restart the game. When something like this occurs, it often causes you to lose the most recent few moves you made. On other occasions, the game will end immediately after you open it. Because of this problem, I do not spend as much time playing the game as I would like to.
2 The Ultimate Werewolf quoted, “Even though I have much fun playing this game, I cannot stand how the free things are all mismatched. I had completed two assignments in which you set lamps on the wall, and the first one required me to watch an advertisement for the second one to match it. The fact that you have to pay with gems for the nice-looking furniture, which you do not receive very often, is another incredibly aggravating thing about this game.”

3 . C. C. Macbay commented, “A significant improvement over other games of a similar nature that may be found online. They have a little information box that tells you where the item comes from and what it evolves into in the future. Coins and diamonds are not difficult to acquire at all. The plot advances quickly, and it is not difficult to acquire goods. They operate with a just and equitable system of trade. One star has been deducted since the tale, and the characters do not appeal to me on a personal level. The artwork is distracting to me, and there are a few grammatical errors throughout the text. Although I cannot recall exactly where I saw them, I do recall coming across them.”


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