miMind – Easy Mind Mapping


miMind is an effective tool for organizing your thoughts, sketching out plans, and sharing them with friends and coworkers.
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Dec 26, 2021
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miMind – Easy Mind Mapping

The Latest Apk Version of miMind – Easy Mind Mapping (Premium), Business APPS, and Productivity APPS For Android. Has a Premium.

miMind is an effective device for arranging your ideas, outlining plans, as well as sharing them with your good friends as well as associates. Create anything from basic container checklists to expert design principles. The application consists of lots of designs, color patterns, forms, patterns, as well as far more. When your map is total you can likewise share or export it to a picture, PDF, message, or XML documents.

miMind is a helpful tool for organizing your thoughts, developing plans, and sharing them with coworkers and colleagues. Everything from simple to-do lists to complicated technical concepts can be created. The program contains numerous layouts, color schemes, forms, patterns, and other aspects. When you’re finished, you may share or export your map as an image, PDF, text, or XML file.


◉   Simple to use, instinctive, and simple to use/navigate user interfaces, as well as one-of-a-kind user interfaces,

◉   Simple, adaptable, mobile phone and tablet-optimized UI.

◉   Export to a variety of layouts, including images (jpeg/jpg, png, TGA, BMP/bitmap), pdf, message, and XML documents.

◉   There are no commercials or sign-ups required.

◉   Multi-level, sensible, orderly structures, a variety of design plans– a plethora of communication formats

◉   Lines, contours, and shapes (square, rectangular shape, oval, circle, hexagon, cloud, octagon, and so on)

◉   Back up to an online storage place such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

◉   Import from the cloud– duplicate, paste, replicate, remove, and reattach nodes

◉   Reverse remodeling, collapse broadening, zoom scrolling, plant rotation, and drag-and-drop

◉   Auto-save on exit – Freemind document import


◉   Note-taking, scrapbooks, slideshows, group discussions, and flashcards

◉   Job planning and supervision in the workplace, at home, and in businesses

◉   Helps with concentration, personal goal setting, color-coding, projects, qualitative evaluation, and budgeting.

◉   Imaginative writing: one-of-a-kind, fiction, speeches, and a summary (sum up points)

◉   Include photographs, sounds, and recollections.


◉   Topological networks, a handbook that is not to scale, and vector illustrations

◉   Trees include the multi-layered tree, the binary tree, the radix tree, the choice tree, and the ancestor tree.

◉   Diagrams include a chart, a flow chart, an abstract style, a course (UML), a state, information circulation, a facility, and a Venn diagram.


◉   Order of business, grocery shop list

◉   Plan vacations as well as getaways

It is open to all:

◉   Student, professor, company owner, musician, expert, or enthusiast– and so much more: creative imagination is limitless.

Additional information:

Please visit our website for more information about the item:http://mimind.cryptobees.com/

Recognitions: The Cryptobees group wishes to thank everyone and everything who contributed, directly or indirectly, to recognize the item in its current form. A detailed section on the acknowledgments can be found here:http://mimind.cryptobees.com/acknowledgements.html


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What's new

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◉   This release includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

◉   Fixed issue with duplicated recurring tasks

◉   Resolved a crash while dragging and reordering items in the Upcoming view

◉   Resolved various crashes

◉   Bug fixes

◉   UI improvements



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