ONE PIECE Bounty Rush


Get your hands on the booty, you scoundrel! One Piece Bounty Rush is a 3D animation fighting arena treasure looting game that takes place in the universe of One Piece, the popular manga pirate series!
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Aug 05, 2022
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ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

One Piece The popular manga and anime series One Piece serves as the setting for the action-packed treasure hunting video game Bounty Rush, which features 3D animated battle arena combat and treasure looting! Participate alongside Luffy, the infamous Straw Hat Pirate, and all of your other favorite characters in four-on-four, real-time, player-versus-player conflicts as you attempt to rush and loot the bounty of berry coins in order to win. These conflicts are played out in order to simulate the competitive nature of the game. You scoundrel, you should get your hands on the prize. The One Item Bounty Thrill video game is an anime fight field prize robbery video game that is rendered in three dimensions and set within One Item’s preferred manga pirate planet! Participate in four-on-four, real-time, player-versus-player bouts with Luffy, the well-known Straw Hat Pirate, as well as all of your other favorite characters from the One Item galaxy in order to take the berry coin reward for victory as swiftly as possible. The game is fantastic, and taking part in it is a great deal of pleasure. In addition to that, the game possesses some graphics and audio that are of very high quality. It is a real-time game with four players competing against four other players, and players are required to grab and keep possession of a minimum of three of the five treasure fields that are dispersed throughout the area. One Piece: Bounty Rush has transitioned from its earlier version, which was a card collecting game that was less complicated but still enjoyable, to its current one, which is an action game that pits players against each other in real-time. That is an extraordinarily daring goal, regardless of the perspective you take on it. On March 29, 2018, it was initially made available on Android and iOS platforms. On April 10, 2018, it was taken offline for the purpose of doing long-term maintenance. It was later re-released on January 31, 2019, after receiving upgrades to both the gameplay and the game’s graphics. These updates were made available. The usual bounty comes with a “Dead or Alive” clause, which means that an individual can be eligible for the prize for either a proven kill or a live capture of the target. However, according to Baroque Works, the government may deduct up to thirty percent of a bounty if they are provided with the body of a deceased criminal (since they prefer to put offenders behind bars and/or carry out formal executions). [2] Alternately, an “Only Alive” provision has been intentionally accepted (albeit temporarily) for at least one individual due to the political influence of a significant kingdom the offender was associated with who were invested in his survival. This approval came about because of the “Only Alive” clause. As a result of the fact that the Marines can only issue bounties based on their knowledge of the criminal in question, or on the knowledge that they are happy with the public knowing about, a bounty may not necessarily reflect the actual threat that a person poses. The Marines thought that Tony Tony Chopper was nothing more than a pet and gave him nothing more than a Beli.png50 because they had no idea that he was the one who had defeated Kumadori of CP9. In addition, if the government hadn’t concealed the fact that Gecko Moria had been defeated by Luffy before the time jump of two years, Luffy’s bounty probably would have been larger before the time jump. Even though Arlong was a Grand Line pirate, he had a bounty that was far smaller than his overall threat level to the East Blue. This is because Arlong bribed the dishonorable Marine Nezumi in order to keep his operations a secret. Because of misunderstandings or information that was not shared, the reward for the criminal’s capture can end up being significantly greater or lower than it should have been given the gravity of the crime.
Participate in a multi-player game of prize stealing as you face off against four other players.
• Two groups of four players compete against one other in real-time for one of the greatest awards. • This amusing pastime takes the form of an anime pirate version of capture the flag.
• You should get as eager as possible to accumulate even more Berry coins so that you might succeed.

FIGHT AGAINST OPPOSING GROUPS BY USING YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS FROM THE ANIMATED SERIES ONE ITEM, ranging from Luffy to Zolo; YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH CHARACTERS TO CREATE THE MOST INCREDIBLE PRIZE ROBBERY GROUP; • As you make your way through the fight, be on the lookout for opportunities to earn Personality Pieces, which can unlock more personalities.

DEEP SEA GAMEPLAY In Addition To THE GRADE UP SYSTEM • Plan your approach to the different personality course possibilities (Enemy, Protector, Jogger) in order to collect the largest number of rewards that are feasible.
• By engaging in Group and Solo Battles, you can raise the overall quality level of your character and increase their powers. • Make sure your characters are armed with Medals, as these items have the ability to completely alter the outcome of combat!

EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF ONE-ITEM • The One Item manga globe is reinterpreted in stunning 3D as the battleground • Fight at well-known locations from the anime, such as the arid realm of Alabasta and the nautical Baratie dining establishment • Every suit comes with items from the One Item universe to give your squad an advantage in battle

Are you swashbucklers prepared to rob some precious treasure? Put in your orders for your crew, and get yourself signed up for the Bounty Thrill expedition so that you can become the Pirate King without incurring any harm!

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