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Are You Prepared to Enter a Brand New World Where You Will Attempt to Thrive and Become the Champion? Make use of anything you can get your hands on in order to stay alive, whether it be tools for repairing things, warp factors, trees, stores, or anything else! Conquer your adversaries with acceptable methods!
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Nov 25, 2021
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ABOUT: OVERDOX (Weak Monster)

It’s time to play the game!! Explore a variety of locations, including the Historic Temple, Land of Solitude, Downtown, and more, while you fight to stay alive and become a champion! Take advantage of the tension caused by the fight and search high and low in the last play zone.

Conquer your adversaries with acceptable methods!


  • Utilize the numerous product knowledge to your advantage, such as Interrupt, Blink, Seal, and so on.
  • Become an expert in the art of defense by learning to block, parry, sprint, and use other techniques such as “last expertise.”
  • Make the most of the unique attack expertise, the ultimate expertise, and even the individual animations that are determined by the weapons that you use!
  • Pick from more than a hundred different pieces of apparatus!
  • You can personalize your loadout by mixing a wide variety of specialized talents and outcomes!
  • Think about things like your weight and the armor you’re wearing if you want to maximize your effectiveness.
  • If you want to add a degree of customization to your model, choose one of the many various drones that are available.
  • Combining the many different pieces of equipment you have will allow you to be ready for anything!
  • Jump into the action in one of several different game styles!
  • You can play in Regular Mode with a variety of players, or you can play in Pleasant Match with up to 12 of your pals.
  • Fight to improve your position in the Royal Rumble rankings! In the Problem mode, you either go all in or you don’t do anything at all. You only get one chance, and your success will directly influence the amount of the award you receive.
  • You can increase your prizes by improving your equipment. Anyone, from a complete newcomer to an experienced opponent, can achieve greatness! results!
  • You’ll be eligible for a variety of incentives, depending on the league you play in.
  • It is not caused for alarm if you are competing in a lower league. There is a possibility that logging in will unlock more perks and rewards!
  • According to the Terms of Service, different approaches may be required in certain situations.
  • Facebook link for the “Official Community”: https://www.facebook.com/OverdoxOfficial
  • Sport Inquiry: assist@overdox.zendesk.com

You don’t have to pay anything to play this game; but, it does offer several in-app purchases, all of which are fully discretionary but will result in additional costs being incurred. Please keep in mind that the ability to seek a refund for in-app purchases may be restricted, depending on the nature of the issue, so it is important to keep this in mind. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to read the Terms of Service document, which can be located within the game, to become familiar with our content policy (including refunds and service termination).



1 . Jesse Hurt gave it four out of five stars and said, “I took a break from this game for close to a year, and I’m glad I decided to come back. The soundtrack, the limitless possible styles and equipment configurations, the slashing and hacking! It’s all in the package. When you achieve a high enough rank that you get tired of getting served in every match, you have reached the point that is being discussed here, of course. Fantastic game, although those who are just starting might benefit from using bots.”

2 . Rahul Raj commented (4/5 stars), “Incredible visuals, expertly implemented gameplay mechanics. I just adored the way the game looked in its entirety. An enjoyable round of Battle Royale. When using effects and special attacks, there is occasionally a lag in the images. Please make the game more suitable with devices that have a medium level of computing power and cut down on the frame drops. Everything else is, in full seriousness.”

3 . Dragon Destroyer stated (4/5 stars), “The video game is quite enjoyable overall. For a game that takes up less than 1 MB, the graphics are very stunning. The inclusion of a cache mechanism is what makes this game stand out from others on the market (in a game similar to a MOBA.) The fact that the game mode becomes tedious over time and that you cannot delete your account on it to reroll for specific stuff that you desire is the worst aspect of it. It’s possible that I should have switched to guest mode first, but I didn’t do so.”

4 . Alton Mario gave this game five out of five stars and commented, “There’s a problem. you can’t move from/escape from/cancel dancing while on the battlefield by using a move controller.. just can cancel by using an attack controller which can waste your stamina..maybe.. and all combo/skill is not smooth enough.. but still the best game. I love it.. entertaining..”

5. According to Billy Shaw (five out of five stars), “I’ve been playing this game for a few years now, and I can honestly say that I adore it. I remember asking about this a long ago, and although we didn’t have it at the time, I’m curious if you guys have any plans to add a controller option. I just recently bought a Samsung 22 ultra and noticed that it has a Bluetooth capability that allows it to connect to controllers. It is present in a significant number of recently released games, and this game might benefit from including it. Would you kindly let us take it?”

6 . Ben W stated (4/5 stars), “It is not very optimized and has a tiny pay-to-win element, but it is not anywhere close to being as greedy as Diablo. Instead of “whale fights,” it’s more like a “free for all” with minnows. The majority of my high gear was provided at no cost. You won’t be doomed to a horrific experience of only getting one shot in F2P (unless when playing 1v1) if you play smart. You’ll have a chance. To tell you the truth, it reminds me more of a costume simulator with a BR tacked on. Super casual extremely quick games.”

7 . Depression Guy said (4/5 stars), “The only issue with what is otherwise a quite nice game is. When you log in, there is no way for you to log out or switch accounts. There is no way for you to do that, even if you try to uninstall the game and remove your account from your phone. If you then try to log in with your second account, it is not going to work. Therefore, what I think needs to be done is either they add a logout or switch button to it or something else please.”

8 . Jon Cantu said (5/5 stars), “This is a wonderful software, and it is not one of those in which the developer wants money for every single thing. You are unable to perform any activities or compete in any way. This is NOT a play-for-free online game. to avoid becoming competitive. You certainly have the option to spend money; but, it is unlikely that doing so will be of any use to you. And you will if you do. A great deal of it. The costs are quite substantial, and there are no assurances that they will be met. The Random Pulls will continue to be random. It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars without ever getting anything worthwhile. While the newcomer received exactly what he desired on his very first free pull, this game is amazing.”


1 . Is Like OVERDOX a decent game?

ANSWER: In the year 2022, OVERDOX is a game that a lot of people enjoy playing. You are free to give this game a try, and if you do so, I will offer it my highest possible recommendation.

2 . Is Like OVERDOX a popular game?

ANSWER: OVERDOX is a popular app that users are downloading from the Google Play store in large numbers. According to the information provided in the Rank History, OVERDOX is now sitting in a prominent spot in the google ranking.

3 . Is Like A Dino! a game with a lot of difficulties?

ANSWER: The response to this inquiry is uncomplicated as follows: The gameplay of OVERDOX is not particularly difficult and does not require an excessive amount of skill. I have a recommendation for you if you are skilled in the game of Music, and I hope you will consider it. You are going to be utterly and completely captivated by this game.

4. Does the game require an active internet connection to play or can it be played offline?

ANSWER: Spending the day helping out on a farm is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, so if you want to make today a good one, get to work! It is important to remember that the game may be played both online and offline, and there is no additional cost associated with doing either of those things.

5 . Would it be suitable for a child to participate in this activity?

RESPONSE: The game has been rated quite favorably by every single participant. This is a game that anyone of any age can play; there are no restrictions on that.


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