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All-in! Can you rule the seven seas? Build your own island, become Pirate King, and get rich.
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Aug 14, 2022
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Pirate Kings™️

All hands on deck! Have you trained to become a master of the seven seas? Build your island, become the Pirate King, and collect a fortune on the way to the top of the ranks! The Pirate King, also known as the King of the Brethren Court, was the elected monarch and leader of the Brethren Court. Other names for the Pirate King include King of the Brethren Court. The Pirate Code stipulated that the King was the most potent crew member and that he was responsible for guiding the pirates worldwide.

When you first set off in the role of a pirate, you will receive a bounty of free gold coins to fill your pockets. Spinning the wheel will lead you to set sail, enabling you to search for treasures, engage in battle with other pirates, and steal their loot. You will have the chance to show off your talents and capabilities to others if you participate in this online multiplayer game. In this thrilling strategy game, your aims include:

  • Expanding your pirate empire.
  • Destroying the islands owned by other players.
  • Looting their wealth.
  • Exacting sweet retribution on those who have mistreated you and several additional objectives.

Get ready to duck and cover because the Wicked Pirate has just boarded the ship!

The start of a brand-new voyage, during which the waters of the oceans will never again be experienced in the same way. Because you do not have any other options, you will be compelled to launch an attack against Dreadful Red, a dreadful new pirate who is establishing an empire in your region. Your amount of success will be based on how skillfully you spin the wheel, acquire bombs, and quickly destroy Dreadful Red’s islands and ships in quick succession. If you are successful in wreaking havoc on his property and restoring calm to the seven seas, you will be eligible for further spins, free coins, and ninety years of eternal fame in the role of a pirate.

Make sure you have the wheel turned, and get ready to go!

The Pirate King’s Wheel is the instrument that will allow you to realize all of your potential. You have the potential to make a significant amount of coins by spinning the wheel, and you will be able to put those coins toward the growth of your island. Construct structures, increase the size of your fleet, and transform your island into the picture-perfect utopia of your dreams. Participate in online multiplayer games, which are also excellent possibilities for children’s games, and rival attack islands controlled by your Facebook friends or random pirates. These games may be played anywhere with an internet connection. Fire the cannons to destroy the scallywags and ensure the treasure hunters escape unharmed. In this building game, which is entirely free to play, you will not only have the option to mine for income but also defend your island from attacks by hostile players. Yo ho ho!

Get more people to join your pirate crew by doing this.

After successfully expanding your pirate empire to encompass more islands, you are free to begin recruiting new members for your crew and assembling your pirate army. It would be best if you stationed them on your paradise islands so that they can both loot and protect your area, increasing the amount of money you earn. You won’t have to hang around for too much longer before taking complete control of everything! A remarkable accomplishment for a rakish freebooter to have achieved in their swashbuckling careers. An impressive feat for a swashbuckling freebooter to have accomplished. To begin, however, you will first need to exhibit your bravery in the online multiplayer games by obliterating the islands possessed by the adversary pirates, firing cannonballs at them, and exacting vengeance on them. Have a wonderful day!

Best Pirate Game Quests, Chests & More

Oh, the timbers that are quaking! This game of strategy and constructing will bring out the pirate in you so that you can compete with others. It’s packed full of elements that will do just that. Fight, take revenge, and loot your way to the top of the high seas to become the most powerful pirate!

Acquiring the Super Spinner will increase the monetary rewards you are given.

If you employ buccaneers to work on your gorgeous islands, they will be able to contribute to the growth of your wealth.

Treasure chests can be opened to provide additional spins and other special bonuses if you know how to crack them open. By participating in exciting pirate adventures, you may increase your chances of winning even more loot and bragging rights among your Facebook friends.

This is not like any other game you’ve ever played with pirates!

Join the struggle against the pirates and show your strength.

By boarding the Pirate Kings ship, you can embark on one of the most exciting and free-to-play pirate adventure games accessible for mobile devices. You can play this game with your friends on Facebook. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a game that’s appropriate for children but also entertaining for adults. It’s intensely competitive and packed with thrilling action! Put on your best pirate cap, grab your sword, and get ready to start building your very own empire of pirate islands by setting sail in your very own pirate ship! After you have clicked the download button to access our highly addicting games right this second, you may set sail and begin searching for your first coin treasure.

Review in Google:

1 . Janet E Vaughn stated, “There is no explanation for why the game has forced me to start over from the beginning not once, but twice now! It makes me less inclined to play daily, purchase spins or other items, etc. I was over the 100th island and had more than 2000 stars, billions of dollars, and pirates. It irritates the hell out of me! Is there any way to put an end to this problem? In addition, the screen shifts its position occasionally, and when it does, I have to exit the game to realign it.”

2 . Smith stated, “It is a cute and entertaining little game. A pleasant way to kill some time. When there are problems with connectivity, there are certain complications. If the connection is lost immediately after the wheel completes its rotation, the spin will still be recorded, but the money won will not be added. There are also occasions when the connectivity is lost after I have paid for the following item on my island, in which case the money is taken out of my account, but the item is not constructed. Doesn’t happen often. More like poor luck. The remainder of it is amusing, with some cool tiny images sprinkled throughout.”

3 . Jhon stated, “It was a lot of laughs all around! It reminds me of Coin Master, but there’s a lot more going on these days, so it’s not quite as dull as it was in the past. After viewing an advertisement for a free spin, I observed that the camera was positioned slightly to the left. It was almost far enough to cut off the rightmost “steal” target icons, which led me to believe there was a little bug. This was the case in every mode until I finished a Pirate Quest, at which time everything went back to normal. 

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