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It's not another shootout! Play minigames and mine for goodies. Create a clan, build a fort, and fight on mobile day and night.
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Pixel Gun 3D
Aug 22, 2022
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The first-person shooter and multiplayer action game Pixel Gun 3D is exciting. Downloading the game lets you experience its competitive gameplay, blocky aesthetics, and more. 100 million users have downloaded Pixel Gun 3D. Original gameplay and high-quality graphics contribute to the game’s appeal.

Diverse armament, demanding environments, and challenges keep players engaged. We’ve prepared Pixel Gun 3D cheats for iOS and Android.

Battle Royale FPS game. Personalize your online avatar. Ranked’s third season has started. Pixel Gun 3D’s features include weapons, character customization, and several game styles.

  • 1000+ arms
  • 40 useful tools
  • 10+ game types
  • 10+ minigames
  • The gallery displays over 100 beautiful maps annually.
  • Zombies-survival-campaign
  • Multiple modifications

Modifications enable users with a number of gameplay tweaks and new ways to personalize their experience. Here are some common changes:

Skins are the most basic form because they only change how game components look. Players that want to visually change their characters or a weapon use them.

Players who want to change an item’s appearance also use them. The player can also use them to change other things’ looks. Using the unique sounds and animations offered with some skins, you may give your avatar a unique personality.


Before installing Pixel Gun 3D, know their pros and cons. User-created “mods” can change a video game’s look and feel.

Before installing a mod, you must research its intricacies and potential concerns. Before making changes to Pixel Gun 3D, consider the downsides. Modifications can bring originality to a game, but it’s crucial to know the potential consequences before making any changes.

MULTIPLAYER lets you battle real players from across the world.

Battle Royale players descend on a large map, scavenge for loot, and compete for the title of Royale Victor.

Buy Skins, Hats, Boots, Gear, and More to Customize Your Character! Unlock gun skins!


Dodgeball, One in the Chamber, and Duck Hunt are fun minigames.


Cheer! You may also invite friends to games and chat with them.


Infected mode helps you survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Survivor wins.


Create a clan emblem, attract mates, and climb the leaderboards.


Catch the killer before they massacre the partygoers!


The cops must stop the bombers.


You can win substantial prizes by topping the daily or weekly leaderboards.


You and the other players must accomplish jobs to keep the spaceship running and escape. A liar on the team will sabotage your plans.


Compete with your pals to advance your clan and win presents.
You can update and customize your Fort to resist PvE sieges and build a formidable tank to raid other Clans’ Forts.

Clan Wars!

Conquer areas, rule the world map, collect valor points, and profit from your territories to win.


Pixel Gun 3D gives you access to over 1,000 unique firearms and other weapons. Do you wish to fire from a blaster pistol, fight with a sword and shield from the medieval ages, or maybe use the Dark Matter Generator? Perform! Don’t forget grenades.


Would you rather play an Amazon, orc, skeleton, or someone else? Dress in skins and outfits to show your skill. Alternately, use the Skin Editor.


Duels, Deathmatches, Battle Royales, Raids! There are many ways to push yourself. Not to mention weekly fights.


Tired of always winning? Enter competitions and show every warrior on the planet your fighting and shooting skills. Their hero enters the Sniper Tournament, Parkour Challenge, Glider Rush, and more.


1 . Brandon Ong gave the game five out of five stars and said, “in all honesty, a fantastic game; but, when I play in offline mode, the game begins to slow and the frame rate lowers; after that, the game entirely freezes unless I manually clear the cache.” “It’s a great game, however when I play offline, I never have this problem. ”

2 . “I had forgotten about this game until I noticed it as an editor’s pick,” commented Kevin Johnson, whose review received the highest score. Since I last played it in 2017, it’s greatly improved and is now one of my favorites. The game has changed much since I last played in 2017. It’s been polished extensively. I’m disappointed they didn’t let you build your own persona, but I understand why. I miss the original restaurant’s menu and entrance, but nothing lasts forever.”

3. Eliasen Sanchez rated the book 4/5. “Yes! I haven’t played it in over a month because it logs me out whenever I attempt. I always have this issue. I reset my phone to factory settings, switched networks, and deleted and reinstalled the app. Problems remained. That’s becoming a major annoyance, and I hope they find a cure.”

4. gamer203 martin said, “This game is great and fun to play.” Because of a technical issue, I can only give it four stars. In the campaign, getting knocked off the globe map refreshes my life meter rather than terminating the game. When I try to leave the campaign to avoid the strange behavior I described, I can’t use any of the buttons and must stop playing the game.”

5 .  Reiyah, who rated this activity 5/5, said, “I enjoy it!” It’s everything I love about Dark Souls, only it’s on my phone and it’s not as tough, which I like. When the app suddenly stops working, I just exit and restart it. My phone’s hardware may be at fault. My only concern is that save points aren’t well-described. This is one of the best mobile games I’ve bought or played.”

6 . 5 out of 5 stars from Brian Park, “This game offered me many childhood memories. When I updated the game two years ago, I was unhappy to learn that it gave those with money advantage over those without. After such unhappiness, I uninstalled everything, but a month ago I changed my mind and restored everything. Since I last played the game, it’s become much more fun. The process of gaining powerful weapons has been streamlined, and combat passes now offer more rewards.”

7. 5 ratings from Jordan Fleck “I like winning free stuff from ads. Please revert to the old method when leveling wasn’t required to access anything. Five stars! Please add back the option to customize the background with objects, fences, gates, pet houses, the time of day, your house, roads, and more. Please put it back because it will improve your main screen’s appearance.”


1 . Pixel Gun 3D on a PC?
DIVMOB developed Pixel Gun 3D – FPS Shooter. DIVMOB made the game. Using BlueStacks to play this Android game on your computer or Mac will deliver the most immersive gaming experience.

2 . Is Pixel Gun 3D free to download?
Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes is free, right? participation is free. Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes is free on Google Play. The first act may take 7+ hours.

3 . Can a youngster play this game?
The minimum age to play is 7. If you’re older than 7, you’ll love this game.

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