Pocket Survivor: Expansion


The third official chapter of the RPG survival games series, which got tens of thousands of positive reviews in post-Soviet space. A post-apocalyptic survival game that's a prequel to Pocket Survivor 1 and 2!
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Moon Tean Studio
Aug 15, 2022
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Pocket Survivor: Expansion

Survival Games: The Last Chapter is the third and final official entry in the awesome role-playing game (RPG) series survival games, which has been lauded by tens of thousands of gamers across the post-Soviet zone and has been played by an incredible number of players. A survival video game set in a post-apocalyptic environment acts as somewhat of a prequel to the first two games in the Pocket Survivor series, which are known respectively as Pocket Survivor 1 and Pocket Survivor 2!

The third and last official entry in the phenomenal role-playing game (RPG) series of survival games, which has been lauded by tens of thousands of people all around the post-Soviet region and has been enjoyed by an enormous number of players! A post-apocalyptic survival simulation also acts as a sort of prequel to the first two games in the Pocket Survivor series, which are Pocket Survivor 1 and Pocket Survivor 2!

Followers of the Let’s Survive series will finally be able to find out the reason for the outbreak of the Nice Nuclear Battle & Standoff Doomsday, after which the survivors of the population of the Earth, amidst the horrors of people, needed to wage a fierce battle for the appropriate survival to exist in the post-apocalyptic world!

Will you be one of the best stalkers in a position to survive in a house nation the place there was a nuclear explosion, leaving the entire space within the kind of a nuclear wasteland for survival? The country itself has been torn to items by a bloody Great Civil Struggle for Survival of one of the best a part of civilians for several years now. Your objective in this world’s Destiny & Standoff is to outlive in a little city in southern Russia that has been transformed into a countdown level due to the necessities of this world’s Destiny. After then, the apocalyptic conclusion of all things will occur on Earth. And only you, with an exceedingly low chance of living under such harsh conditions of the nuclear desolation of the future, will strive to in some way alter the course of history and preserve this world, gaining the title of Lone Survivor in the process. This is not entirely accurate. Despite this, amid all these ruins and your impasse, I believe civilization is on the verge of extinction.

Various options are available inside the game:

An outstanding editor that gives you the ability to create your very own unique version of Surviving Hero!

Huge, Detailed Metropolis Maps of the Wasteland That Include Dozens of Regions Individually

☢ A realistic real-life simulator that significantly emphasizes challenging gameplay and is heavily influenced by the Fallout and Stalker game collections.

Fascinating text-based random occurrences, the outcomes of which depend not just on your decision but also on external survival variables

A loot system that is refined and well-thought-out, as well as over one hundred exciting random occurrences that can occur to Survivors while they are exploring the ruins. Both of these features can be found in the game.

☢ In addition to legendary and legendary items, there are over one hundred distinct varieties of weaponry, armor, helmets, backpacks, and outfits that can be employed to assist in a standoff with opponents!

☢ If you are a fan of previous first-person shooter video games like STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Name of Pripyat, Clear Sky, Metro 2033, Fallout, or Exodus, then you will enjoy playing this game.

A private underground bunker that can be improved and developed over time will provide sanctuary in addition to a warm mattress amid the numerous radioactive fallout particles falling from the sky.

Authentic radio from the post-apocalyptic future maintains the same design look as its predecessors!

A reliable and well-planned method for constructing goods can boost one’s chances of survival in the Wastelands of Nuclear Cities.

☢ Actual survival simulation. In addition to treating injuries and illnesses, you must give yourself enough time to attend to basic needs like eating, drinking, unwinding, and sleeping. Fight against the many terrible characters who live in the new world, such as zombies, the military, stalkers, survivors, tagged people, vagabonds, and monstrous mutants.

☢ Both the combat and the pumping systems are relatively intuitive, and it won’t take a beginner long to get the feel of either of them; yet, both have some exciting twists and turns in store!

The struggle between the various factions and the opportunity to join any one of the five fighting factions continually engaged in a battle for control of the town’s administration. The conflict between the various factions also includes the opportunity to join any one of the fighting factions.

The lack of a straightforward and linear plot and the chance to explore the area on your own through various indirect means are two of the game’s most distinctive features.

You risk becoming one of the Apostles of Sin’s accomplices or transforming into a living zombie if you spend significant time with them. The longer you are with them, the greater the likelihood of this happening to you. It is crucial that you do not forget that Zombies are currently skulking around among us! Be conscious of the radioactive fallout that has transformed tamed animals into hideous and unpredictable creatures.

Assume the role of a Russian resident who finds themselves unexpectedly transported to a post-apocalyptic world. Do everything you can to secure your character’s survival in a no longer habitable place!

A solitary individual is in charge of all of the work that is being done on the game while it is in the process of being developed. If you discover any errors or malfunctions, I would appreciate it if you could notify me at the e-mail address listed in the contacts area. I will likely be very grateful to you.

I hope everything works out for you. Greatest Survival!


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