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Worldwide viral outbreak. Almost everyone is a zombie. Lead your followers through the apocalypse.
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Puzzles & Survival

A virus with the potential to cause death quickly spread over the planet. The vast majority of people on earth have been turned into zombies. Your mission is to ensure that the people who follow you will survive the end of the world.
Technique collides with the Match-Three Puzzle! Find the answers to the riddles, and build an impregnable haven for yourself. You hold within your hands the key to advancing humanity’s cause.
Use your thinking to protect your mind with this helpful hint!



  • Remedy puzzles to kill zombies
  • Equip yourself with a variety of different methods and methods.
  • A combination of a strategic wargame and unstructured puzzle gameplay
  • An increasing post-apocalyptic expertise

Create cutting-edge weapons to crush your foes and “BUILD A SANCTUARY” to guide survivors to the only human stronghold on the planet.

Heroes give your army and economy a boost, and you can recruit them from the iconic Noah’s Tavern. ‘Formidable Heroes’: Superhuman powers evolved alongside the zombie epidemic.

Nobody can make it through life on their own; you’ll need the support of your allies to prevail. Be wary of all potential dangers, whether they come in the form of zombies or people.

The fan page on Facebook may be found at https://www.facebook.com/PnS.37Video games/.

[Notes] Puzzles & Survival is a mobile game that may be played for free but includes in-app purchases. This software is not meant to be used by clients who are younger than 12 years old, as stated by 37GAMES’ Phrases of Use and Privacy Coverage.
It is needed to have a tool with web entry.

[Help] Would you like to provide a hand?
Feel free to get in touch with us using the in-game Buyer Service or send us an email at world.help@37videogames.com if you have any questions.
Coverage for Personal Information: https://gpassport.37videogames.com/middle/service.
Privacies/privacies Phrases of Use: https://gpassport.37video games.com/middle/service


1 . Adam King said (5/5 stars), “surprisingly prone to dependence!! It contains all the components of a story game, such as bases and level-ups, which might become repetitive, but it also has a puzzle component, which is a wonderful way to shake things up! You never appear to have to wait an excessive amount of time before being allowed to do something and breaking free from being forced to wait. This is such a welcome departure from the norm! I try to avoid games with a “base” and “level-up” structure, but I couldn’t resist this one! It comes highly recommended to give it a shot!”

2 . Nyk Cochran commented (5/5 stars), “The gameplay revolves around constructing bases and purchasing power-ups, but there is also an enjoyable puzzle component. And it appears that they have participated in quite a few activities. And presents a significant number of additional tasks to complete in comparison to the majority of other construction base games. I am having fun with the additional content, but building the bases is a chore. However, I enjoy playing this game.”

3 . Dakota Diggs said (5/5 stars), “I like the game, but there is one issue with Nova getting bitten by a zombie and trying to fight it off. In addition, I believe you should add more energy, such as 400 energy, and add four cures to the game to like cure anyone who gets bit, as well as add a cool down for the cure to regenerate. Lastly, you need to fix the loading when it is at 55%, and I like the game overall. I am still having trouble with it; could you kindly help me?”

4 . According to Cheryl Rowe (five out of five stars), “Highly addictive, and there are no problems with the actual gameplay; nevertheless, if you want to get anywhere in a decent amount of time, you will need to spend a lot of money. There are large fish in this pond, and some of them have spent thousands of dollars, and they continue to spend! Yes, hundreds of dollars on a single game. I’m in for a couple hundred, but I’ve been playing for over a whole year now, so count me in! VERY ADDICTIVE.”

5 . Jackie Haas commented (4/5 stars), “Very entertaining and interesting. If the designers would take into account persons beyond the age of 40, I would give it five stars. Your eyesight begins to deteriorate, making it difficult for you to read the itty bitty, teeny tiny font that is used on everything. It would be wonderful if there was the possibility to alter it. Please point me in the right direction if there is a choice that I am missing because I cannot locate it. Aside from that, I’m having a good time with the game.”

6 . According to Michael Ragan (three out of five stars), “Good game up until the point where I wanted to explore what would happen if I created a new character in a different state. BIG MISTAKE. It forces you to go through the entire lesson all over again, and there is no way to stop it and simply return to the main page. There is no way I’m going to sit through all of it again. The game’s tutorial is by far the longest I’ve ever seen in one of these things. I am skilled in playing games using gems. It ought to be aware that you already have a character and just permit you to play the new one without question. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to play.”

7 . Melissa Williams remarked (4/5 stars), “The instability of the game is unacceptable. During the fight, there were many disconnects. It’s getting to the point where I can’t stand waiting for things to load properly, and if the difficulties aren’t fixed soon, I’m not sure whether I’ll continue playing.”

8. According to Julia Sibley (five out of five stars), “The game offers an incredible amount of fun. Although there is some repetition, it’s still a fun game. Extremely addicting, and once you start spending money, it can be very difficult to quit. However, you can still have fun with the game even if you don’t pay any money. One advantage is that you are free to move to another state if you decide that the one you are currently living in does not meet your needs. The drawback is that you cannot erase characters from your line-up after they have been created.”


1. What kind of game is it if it involves both survival and puzzles?
ANSWER: 37Games released their game, “Puzzles & Survival,” for Android on October 2, 2020. The game was developed for survival scenarios. It is a role-playing game in which the primary gameplay focuses on match-three puzzles and the construction of a stronghold for survival. The game is centered around an intriguing idea, and each of its genres contributes significantly to the overall experience.

2 . Is puzzle and survival a popular game?
ANSWER: Without a doubt, TheoTown – City Simulator is one of the most well-liked video games in 2022.

3 . Are the puzzle and survival modes free to play?
ANSWER: Puzzles & Survival is a mobile game that may be played for free but includes in-app payments. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of 37GAMES state that users who are less than 12 years old are not permitted to make use of this program in any way. It is necessary to use a gadget that can connect to the internet.

4 . Are games like survival and puzzles available on personal computers?
ANSWER: 37GAMES is the publisher of this exciting action game, which was made available on August 12, 2020. Downloads can be obtained for it on mobile devices running iOS and Android. Get ready to stop the annihilation of the world by downloading Puzzles & Survival and getting to work!

5 . Should children play puzzle and survival video games?
RESPONSE: The game has been given a rating of 12+ years on the Google Play market. If you are over the age of 13, you should have no trouble playing this game.


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