Rocket Sky!


In Rocket Sky! You have to tap and hold the screen in order to send your rocket into the sky as far as you possibly can. Be careful not to become too hot, though, since if you do that, the game is finished!
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Kwalee Ltd
Aug 20, 2022
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Rocket Sky!

Rocket Sky! is a game that may be played in arcades. In the game Rocket Skies!, you have to touch and keep your finger on the display in order to launch your rocket as high into the atmosphere as possible. Be careful not to overheat, however, for if you do, the game is finished for you! As they play through this addictive and hyper-casual arcade game, players are charged with obtaining more powerful rockets and upgrades in order to improve their chances of setting a new record for the fastest launch.

Not only does the raw force of the rocket itself matter, but so does how efficiently the fuel is managed in order to achieve ever-greater heights with each successive launch. Rocket Sky!, one of Kwalee’s earliest commercial successes, has been credited with playing a significant part in the evolution of the company’s publishing division, which has since increased in size significantly, worked with a greater number of developers, and produced an even greater number of commercially successful video games. Rocket Sky! is a hypercasual space race that continues to keep players interested and engaged despite our continued collaboration with DP Space AG to develop fresh updates for the game.

Now fasten your seatbelt and prepare to find out how far you can go and what incredible things you can uncover. It will be necessary to upgrade your rocket in order to reach higher heights, surpass previous records, and find new worlds. Previous to the heavens, you have arrived at your destination!

ROCKET SKIES! Aspects of the game include straightforward and repeatable gameplay, as well as a wealth of content updates to keep you coming back for more. A variety of worlds to unlock, in addition to rockets
Vibrant 2D layout


* Sign Up for Rocket Skies! to Take Advantage of All of the Following Benefits:
* Acquire double the normal amount of revenue * Acquire the Beast vehicle
* No Advertisements, which removes all of the commercials from the video game that isn’t voluntary.


Access to the Rocket Skies! VIP Subscription comes with two different types of subscriptions to choose from:

1) A regular subscription that will cost you $5.49 per week after a three-day trial period that is completely free.

2) A subscription that is paid on a month-to-month basis and costs $1449 each month.

After purchasing this membership, you will unlock x2 earnings for your in-game money on all of your journeys, the beast vehicle, which will offer you an additional increase on each trip, and also get no advertisements, which removes all advertisements from the game, including optional advertisements. This is a membership that is automatically renewed every month. After the verification process, the settlement will be credited to your account. Unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the period, your membership will be reinstated. There will furthermore be a charge for reactivation added to your account. The cost remarks are for customers in the United States. Prices in many foreign nations could alter, and the actual expenses might be converted to the neighborhood currency.


– After confirming that you actually purchased the item, the payment will be added to your iTunes account.
– Unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, your membership will be reinstated.
– Your credit card on file will be charged for the renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the already paid-for period. The renewal fee will be equal to the typical cost of the weekly membership.
– After making their purchase in the store, customers have the ability to manage their memberships and subscriptions by logging into their accounts and adjusting their preferences.

– During the entire time of the energetic membership, cancellation of the existing membership is not permitted under any circumstances.
– When the membership is purchased, all leftover time from the gratis trial period will be null and void.

– In order to avoid being charged for the service, this step must be taken at the very least 24 hours before the complimentary trial period comes to an end.

When an examination or membership is finished:

During the time period of the free trial for a membership, you will be required to log into your account in the Shop in order to cancel the membership and put an end to the trial.


1 . Eddie Hancock was quoted as saying (a rating of 3/5), “Amusing for perhaps a minute and a half. However, the constant advertisements completely destroy the experience and make the game unplayable. You do not need any more advertisements than the ones that are optional. You do not require continuous advertisements every 30 seconds. To tell you the truth, I really, really want to play this game. It looks like something that may be fun to do. But if I want to view advertisements, I will do so through Givvy movies.”

2 . users named waffle god66 gave the game a rating of three out of five stars and stated, “Too many commercials, like everyone else, says. I tried turning off my wifi so I don’t receive ads. You can’t play without wifi, since they really want you to watch ads, like bruh.”

3. According to Seven Dust (a rating of 3/5), “Great game (the advertisements are nasty, but by now we’re accustomed to them lol), but I finished everything possible and climbed as high as 400,000th place. Therefore, I uninstalled it because doing so only took half an hour.”

4 . Nathan stated (3/5 rating) , “The game is nothing special. If you ignore the numerous advertisements, you may play this game for around three hours without becoming bored. After that, there is no opportunity for further playthroughs. You have now arrived at the final planet and have acquired all of the spacecraft. After then, there is nothing further you can do. Because of the advertisements, which play after each mission and then again after you have collected the money, I can only give it three stars. 3 stars out of 5 since everything can be completed in three hours or less.”

5 . Aztek Folk said (2/5 rating), “The game has a clever premise and was made effectively, but I won’t be playing it because there are more advertisements than actual gameplay. Every time you complete a launch, you are subjected to a mandatory advertisement, after which you are given the opportunity to increase your profits by watching a second advertisement immediately following the mandatory one. Additionally, there are free upgrades that may be obtained by watching an advertisement, and there is no other option that involves spending in-game currency. On a game that I would describe as a way to pass the time in locations where wifi is not available, the advertisements spoil the fun, and you can’t play the game without wifi.”

6. Lycan Lewis gave the site a rating of two out of five stars and commented, “There is just too much advertising, and it’s incredibly aggravating.”

7 One Google user rated this answer with two out of five stars: “The overall experience is entertaining, but there are a few issues that I have with the game. It simply looks like the slower you move, the further you get, which could make sense when there’s nearly no gravity, but it doesn’t in this case, and it seems like it would kind of destroy the game if it wasn’t for that. It stands to reason that adding more realistic physics would make the game more intriguing and strategic. Other things that annoy me are the hot air balloons and airplanes flying at heights that are impossible to achieve, as well as the fact that one of the boosters on the green rocket with three of them does not operate.”


1. Is Racing Fever playable on personal computers?
Answer: Kwalee Ltd. is responsible for the development of the arcade game Rocket Sky! For a more immersive gaming experience when playing this Android game on your personal computer or Mac, the BlueStacks app player is the greatest platform (emulator) available.

2 . Do you have to pay to play the Cookie ClickerTM game?
The answer is that you do not have to pay anything to play Rocket Sky!

3 . Is it possible for a child to play this game?
The game has a rating appropriate for those who are at least three years old. If you are older than three years old, you will have no trouble playing and will thoroughly enjoy yourself with this game.


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