Romance Fate: Story & Chapters


Choose your own love narrative, since the decisions you make will shape both your love tale and your incredible future. Just one decision can completely transform the situation!
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Aug 24, 2022
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Romance Fate: Story & Chapters

The Stories and Decisions of Romantic Fate. Choose your own love narrative, since the decisions you make will shape both your love tale and your incredible future. Just one decision can completely transform the situation! This game of interactive storytelling gives you the ability to choose your own path through the narrative and see how those selections play out.

  • Do you consider fairy tales?
  • Do you’re passionate about studying books?
  • Are you looking for a relationship that will last forever?
  • Do you have a hankering for exciting experiences?

Choose an interactive narrative to start, and then embark on your own unique adventure. Every option is important, as you will determine your own path through the story based on the decisions you make, and the consequences of those choices will follow you everywhere you go.

In Romance Destiny, you can find yourself falling in love with playboy billionaires, uncovering a fantasy world populated by vampires, or becoming a mermaid who is the lost daughter of the ocean. Now is the time to join us and immerse yourself in our stories, choose a variety of different routes, and have fun doing it all!

  • Choose your favorite archetype for the leading characters from the available options.
  • Experiences that are romantic, amazing, and breathtaking can be found in a variety of stories. Enjoy them!
  • Learn about different cultures and find people to share your interests.


The Neighbor Who Is Worth a Billion Dollars
The whole new chapter of your life, Damian Knight, begins with an act of kindness that you perform for another person. He is a powerful CEO as well as a mysterious billionaire. He is commanding, has a dark appearance, and is protective. He has everything, with the sole exception of the one thing he truly desires, which is you. Nevertheless, if you are intent on looking for love, your troubled past will be an obstacle for you to overcome.

Will two completely different worlds be able to successfully reach their happy conclusions? Which character will he play in your fairy tale—the Prince or the Beast?

Take charge of the situation and choose your own unique path.

Forbidden Affair
You are on the verge of starting a new career and living a more independent life. The night before Day 1, you find yourself in the VIP club, and there, you strike up a conversation with a hot stranger. He inspires you to take risks you’ve never taken before in order to do things you’ve never attempted before. One wild night just before starting the internship of your dreams at the company of your dreams. Nothing out of the ordinary, correct? But what happens if you go to work the next day and find out that the person you’ve been having a fling with is the CEO of the company… and your boss?!

There are two handsome brothers: a dangerous mob leader who is obsessed with you and a brooding police officer who is determined to bring him down. Your life becomes entangled in a web of passion and deception as you begin hot relationships with each of them, and it all starts when…

“Love Application”
Mr. McDreamy knocks on the subsequent doors in preparation for a specific task. When you were in high school, he was your secret admirer, and now he wants you to be the one and only volunteer who helps him carry out his crazy ideas. Are you prepared to enroll in his specific classes? Will his loving practices finally be enough to heal you this time?

Get a copy of Romance Destiny and get started on your own reading adventure right away so you can take advantage of more exciting stories.

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1 . Miena Nabalayo gave the game a rating of four out of five stars and said, “The game is really a fantastic one..truth be told I’ve been using it for a year now the experience is one of a kind…however the problem came recently where I can’t access my ads even after a chapter it refuses to load the videos…please fix this.”

2 .  Nikki’s Banks gave the game three out of five stars and said, “I love this game but I also hate it the choices are way too much when it comes to making choices which leads to making choices that you really don’t want to make they go so fast that you could actually go broke buying extras to make the story go the way you really want it too and don’t get me started on the wait time to earn a ticket to continue.” Nikki Banks said, “I love this game

3 . Folasade Murtala said (5/5 stars), “I’ve been playing the game for a year, but when I got a new phone, I downloaded it, and it just keeps freezing. The next day, all of the stories that I read started all over, and all of the diamonds that I collected were gone! Although the game is enjoyable overall, these two issues prevent me from enjoying it as much as I did in the past. PLEASE! MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO FIX THIS!”

4 . According to Nelisiwe Shibe (four out of five stars), “I truly am still in the process of completing my first experience; currently, I am caught up on “dear diary,” and I am enjoying each episode immensely. You get four stars from me, with the remaining star deducted because the characters do not correctly pronounce words or make sounds, and I don’t understand why I need diamonds to fancy up my character. The fact that she has to wear the same clothing for several months is giving me the creeps.”

5 . Dani 609 commented (4/5 stars), “Like it a lot so far. I really wish that there was a way to get more than just a few diamonds at a time. Similar games offer a similar choice, whether it be to watch advertisements or to earn additional benefits by reading.”

6 . Pallavi G said (5/5 stars), “The stories are very beautiful, but the faces of the characters in some of the stories are not very good. Please enable an option to use the same face for all of the characters in the stories. The protecting the princess stories and the ex-lover, new boss stories have good character face options. Aside from these, I don’t feel like reading other stories. If you can enable the same face options for all of the stories, it will make it more interesting to read. The stories are very beautiful. I really hope that it will be updated soon.”

7 . Ranjana Choudhary gave it a rating of four out of five stars, “I think that this is a fun game, and I have been playing it for a few months now…. Everything is great, but either the number of ways to earn diamonds could be increased or the number of diamonds required to select options should be decreased… After the most recent update, I am unable to select the free dress; now, I must use diamonds to purchase gowns rather than continuing to use them to select my actions. It’s reaching the point where it’s annoying.”

8 . Evana Crafford gave the game a rating of four out of five stars and stated, “I really enjoy the game, it sucks one into the storylines however the Freezing..please make that stop the games too good to be deleted, other than its freeze episodes it’s a lot of fun.”


1 . Would you say that Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is a fun game to play?
In the year 2022, the answer is that Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is definitely a good game. You can give this game a shot, and if you do, I will strongly recommend it to you.

2 . Is Romance Fate: Story & Chapters a game that a lot of people play?
Answer: A lot of people are downloading Romance Fate: Story & Chapters from the Google Play store. According to Rank History, Vikings and Dragon Island Farm currently hold a high position in the google ranking.

3 . Do you find Romance Fate: Story & Chapters to be a challenging video game?
Answer: Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is a game that is neither challenging nor overly complicated to play. If you are skilled at playing casual games, I have a suggestion for you. This is a game that will absolutely fascinate you.

4 . Is it possible to play Vikings and Dragon Island Farm without an internet connection?
Answer: If you want to make today a happy one, spend the day working on a farm. It should be noted that the game may be played both online and offline, and that it does not cost anything to do so.

5 . Is it appropriate for a child to play this game?
Answer: The game has a rating of 16+ years old. It is recommended that you wait until you are at least 16 years old before attempting to play this game.


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