RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone

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Heroes of Whitestone is an impressive RPG method parlor game that will take you on a journey. Save Whitestone from evil, dream heroes must be mobilized. In this tabletop RPG, roll the combat dice to begin a story-filled and exciting journey. Get awesome rewards!
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Nov 23, 2021
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USK: Ages 6+
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RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone

The Latest Apk Version of RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone MOD, A Role-Playing Game For Android. With Multiplier/God Mode.

Welcome to the world of “RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone”. It is a fantastic RPG Dice game that will take you on an adventure. Dream heroes must be summoned to save Whitestone from evil. Roll the combat dice to begin a story-filled and exciting journey in this tabletop RPG.

Whitestone is under attack after 500 years of peace, and needs your assistance! Activate RPG heroes and create an unrivaled collection of stories. Fight with video game board levels or with your friends in guild boss battles! Collect and level up a wide range of fantasy heroes such as paladins, wizards, rogues, and many more! Your strategy and techniques will help you dominate your opponents in this method parlor game.

RPG heroes’ statistics can be improved by increasing their resistance, rate, important opportunity, and important damages. Create stories, outfit equipment, and roll custom-made combat dice. Pursuits provide you with resources for updating hero statistics, dice, and tools!

Fight bad orcs, fairies, and demons, as well as complete missions, to earn impressive rewards! The video game board changes as you discover its secrets and secret courses. To defeat opponents, use fight dice to boost your hero’s strikes. Accumulate and level up in this dice RPG to develop the perfect roll!

This fantasy RPG video game has it all: boss fights, missions and projects, relic experience, dungeon creeps, hero onslaught fights, guilds, and PvP. A tabletop RPG experience awaits!

Take a chance and begin a story-filled battle experience right now!


◉   PvP, Guilds, Leaderboards, and More

◉   Crush PvP battles! Choose and level up well-known heroes to battle against other players in PvP Arenas.

◉   Join a guild with your friends! Fight against the ferocious Swine Principal Guild Employer. Join forces with guildmates to invade and battle the Ziggurat’s powerful opponents!

◉   Control the leaderboards and insurance claims for incredible rewards!

◉   Compete and advance in the rankings of PvP Field leaderboards and guild events.

◉   Enhance Your Experience

◉   Several dungeons have reward trials available!

◉   RPG Heroes to Collect and Level Up

◉   Gather a group of stories and begin a story-filled adventure

◉   Mobilizing Scrolls are used to mobilize RPG heroes

◉   Approach video games are RPG-satisfying: heroes can be updated by completing story missions

◉   Improve your hero’s statistics such as health and wellness, guards, strike, protection, and precision

◉   Fight your heroes to gain incredible toughness in this fantastic duty-playing experience!

◉   Fight & & Full Pursuits

◉   Fight against magical foes. RPG Dice are tossed for each step of the mission to obtain incentives and hire allies. Roll fight dice and destroy challengers– the RPG fight method determines the fate of Whitestone and the world.

◉   Parlor Game Experience

◉   tabletop RPG: opportunity to advance the story with familiar RPG parlor game mechanics.

◉   Gain experience with the video game board with each kip of this fantasy dice video game.

◉   Fight in a fantasy RPG world with a unique take on duty while playing video games.

◉   Approach and techniques (as well as a little luck!) are required to defeat your adversaries!

◉   Collect fight dice to create effective strikes and perfect your roll.

◉   RPG Experience Video Game

◉   Quests & Campaigns: Take a look at a long-lasting story-driven magic experience video game!

◉   Relic Experience: Examine completed project boards and look for antiques to upgrade heroes’ abilities.

◉   Hero Onslaught: Battle RPG heroes for personality fragments and onslaught coins!

◉   Dungeons: Raid dungeons for gear, gold, and potions.

◉   Employer Battles: Compete against the boss of each completed video game board for massive loot!

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What's new

Discover more:

◉   New Campaign Board 8

◉   Discover what mysteries await you in The Wild!

◉   In Boss Battle, go up against Queen Ardrath!

◉   Recruit four new Wild Heroes, including Hollow Bloom, Blood Thistle, Witherweed, and Wicked Willow!

◉  The ability to filter your Dice and Gear has been added.

◉   New daily objectives for extra energy.

◉    New addition

◉   New functions are added and new modes are added.

◉   Play with Multiple foriegn friends



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