Sleep Cycle

With Sleep Cycle, the smart alarm clock, you can unwind, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed.
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Dec 30, 2021
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Sleep Cycle

The Latest Version of Sleep Cycle, Health APPS For Android. Has a Premium. 

Relax, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed with Rest Cycle, the smart alarm. Track your sleep from bed too early morning and get a full evaluation with the app that makes getting up in the morning just a little bit easier.

Track your rest with your phone and begin the day feeling energized with our smart alarm and rest tracker. Its unique design only wakes you up while you are still in a light sleep state. You’ll also get detailed records as Rest Cycle monitors your sleep patterns from the time you go to bed to the time you wake up. Track your sleep and use the information to help you sleep better today!

Getting up was made easier.

5 reasons why you’ll appreciate Rest Cycle:

◉   With a gentle wake-up call, you’ll be able to sleep considerably better.

◉   The alarm on Rest Cycle wakes you up while you are still in light sleep and is a natural way to start your day.

◉   Relax before going to bed and get a good night’s sleep.

◉   A thorough examination will reveal your sleeping patterns.

◉   A rest tracker that stands out from the crowd

◉   There’s no phone under your cushion, but you may track your sleep by placing your device on the nightstand or nearby on the floor.

◉   Your health and well-being come first.

◉   Your rest data, as well as records, will undoubtedly aid you to feel great all through.

Rest much better.

◉   Relax and let Rest Cycle assess your light sleep, deep sleep, and overall health and wellness.

◉   Relax with a good night’s sleep, which will do wonders for your health and fitness.

◉   Rest Cycle is now available for and installation. Getting out of bed in the morning has never been easier!

Attributes that are free

◉   Rest assessment using Rest Cycle’s unique audio acoustic technology or an accelerometer

◉   In-depth rest stats, as well as day-to-day rest charts, are available.

◉   Alarm system tunes that have been carefully chosen Snooze by trembling or softly caressing the phone twice

◉   Personalize your home’s wake-up window.

◉   As much as 90 minutes from immediate (typical alarm)

Attributes of cost

◉   Trends & Audio Recorder

◉   Capture snoring, rest speaking, and several other noises to see your trends.

◉   Patterns of long-term rest tracking

◉   Compare your sleep data to global sleep statistics.

◉   Rest aid – makes it easier to sleep.

◉   Notes on Sleep – Examine how events such as alcohol consumption, coffee, tension, anxiety, exercising or consuming late affect your sleep quality.

◉   Awaken state of mind – discover how the Rest Cycle affects your waking state of mind.

Online backup enables you to safeguard the rest of your data online.

◉   Export the rest of the data to Excel for a full examination.

◉   NEED The ability to charge your phone by the bed. Possibility of placing your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or on the floor.

◉   You may get up resided a mild resonance on your wrist with Rest Cycle on Use OS, without waking anyone else.


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