Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War

Tired of tanks and robots? Steel Rage is an online automobiles shooter wargame. New FREE PvP action shooter with mech vehicles pits global players against one other. Choose a war machine, weaponry, and abilities, then attack. Upgrade and customize your machines for combat. Action shooter champion!
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Aug 21, 2022
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Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War

Steel Rage: Mech Cars As the name suggests, the action game known as PVP War has players pitting various types of mechanized vehicles against one another in a wide-ranging battle. This free online shooter is an action game developed by GDCompany. Players take control of war robots that are armed with a variety of weapons and have access to a variety of unique abilities. Steel Rage gives you unlimited control over every aspect of your battle rig, from the body and chassis to the armaments, so you can make it exactly how you want it. Construct the most effective battle machine possible; equip it with armour and weapons; you could even turn it into a robot fighter! In addition, Steel Rage features over 13 unique car models, some of which include pickup trucks, chiselled SUVs, sports cars like the Mini Cooper, and sedans. Steel Rage is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Therefore, if you want to unleash your inner war nut, you should play a multiplayer game in which you face off against six other players. gained through the depletion of enormous war robots and massive tanks? Get your hands on the online car shooting and battle game “Metal Rage” as soon as you can! Players from all around the world compete against one another in a brand-new, free-to-play, third-person motion shooter that features mech vehicles. After selecting a war machine, various weapons, and methods, you can then charge into battle. Enhance and modify your gear so that it better fits your combat style and the tactics you employ. Defeat your enemies in the fight of the motion shooters and become a hero!

Complete customisation

Choose the body type, weaponry, and combat skills that are most suited to your fight model for your metallic knight. You can even equip them with armour. You may give your metallic knight a more edgy appearance by giving it some more colours and some camouflage. Construct a lightning-fast sports car, an armoured vehicle, or a warped robot to do combat with. You have complete control over everything!

We have a huge inventory of automobile bodies.

When engaging in twisted combat rage, players have access to more than 13 distinct bodies, each of which has its own set of motion specifications and appearance. From hatchbacks, coupes, and sports cars to pickups, sport utility vehicles, and passenger vans.

Several kinds of weaponry

AP projectiles, missiles, and machine guns are examples of light, medium, and heavy weapons used by armies. Pick the twisted shooter tools that work best with your vigilante strategy!

The chassis of any vehicle model.

Choose a chassis that is different for each military machine. Increase the manoeuvrability of your metallic knight by equipping it with tank tracks and metal robotic spider limbs. To boost your speed, you should use a sports suspension. Gaining off-road functionality requires a suspension designed for SUVs and even six wheels.

A capacity for strategy

Complement the twisted robotic tank in your arsenal with a variety of innovative combat strategies. Put on power armour to improve your defence, such as mech robotic armour; use the nitro boost to do tactical manoeuvres; become invisible to attack from cover or to make a strategic retreat; and so on. Make strategic use of your abilities at the appropriate time to sway the balance of power in the combat and remove the metallic vigilante from the PvP setting.

There are many different strategies to choose from.

You can mount up to four different guns and use them all at once to fire a salvo like a tank, or you can deploy methods to use any one of them at the proper time so that you can maximize their effectiveness. Protect yourself with powerful defences while you pound the enemy with a barrage of machine guns and anti-aircraft shells. While hiding behind cover, fire rockets while simultaneously transforming into an invisible form. You might also try using nitro boost to rapidly get the drop on your opponents.

Gigantic arenas

The ability to navigate and explore vast territories, ranging from rural areas to urban centres, is at your disposal. Discover breathtaking locations and make the most of the terrain, architecture, and assortment of cover options available to you. Make sure that your opponents don’t have any opportunities to launch an attack!

Full-scale combat

Up to thirty fighting machines are permitted in each bout. fierce 6v6 fight. Due to the increased number of battles and different strategies, every match is unique.

Online PvP combat

Take part in cross-out bouts that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat against global champions! Use the noble metal knight to become the ideal combatant, and wipe your opponents from the leaderboards!

Stunning pictures and animations in three dimensions.

Vehicles and battlefields have been meticulously crafted in every detail. incredible detonations in a mech shooter featuring colourful robots! Take in some truly spectacular visuals while you engage in combat!

It is acceptable to conduct experiments.

You should try out a few different builds of the wargames until you discover your ideal vigilante. Conflict is always a possibility, no matter where you are or when you look! There are no constraints imposed by power or any other factor in the motion sport!

Simple to use controls

Your mech can immediately participate in combat owing to the user-friendly controls, which you may personalize according to your preferences in the options.

Modify the visuals as necessary.

To carry on with the sport, do you require a powerful machine? Choose the image pack that most accurately represents your metallic knight! Wargame played online with a twist on the shooting! Pick a mech from your model, make upgrades and modifications to it, and take the fight to your enemies wherever they may be in the world! The vigilante fighters of 2021 are going to have a blast playing the online wargame that’s constantly getting updated with new material! Feeling unsure about which game to play? Join the online version of the twisted crossword called “Metal Rage,” and you may start playing the game right now for free.


Clients who cost a lot! We are continually trying to enhance the wargame, aesthetics, and optimization while also releasing new stuff for you to enjoy! If you discover any errors or problems, please get in touch with us.

Do you wish o become more knowledgeable about the sport or locate new acquaintances and allies?

You may find us on Facebook at




1 . According to Casey Booth, who was rated 4 out of 5, “In this engaging game, I believe the prices of the autos might stand to be a little lower. If the price of the vehicles was more reasonable, then I would give them five stars instead of four. The game is outstanding in its entirety, boasting beautiful visuals and straightforward controls that are easy to master in a short amount of time. great game Put them to the test. It would be fantastic if you could get to the point where you could customize your car, even if all you could do was change the colour of it at this moment.”

2 . According to Jeramy Butzen, who received a rating of five out of five, “Unquestionably, a very interesting game. The gameplay is very similar to that of driving a Warthog in Halo, and there are a ton of different weapons, vehicles, and graphics that can all be upgraded. The beginning of each match takes, on average, roughly a minute and a half. In my opinion, it is something that should be looked at. I made it to the top rankings on October 7th, and I’m still having a good time. It is incredible to see how well the developers of the game are keeping up with it and making it available to anybody who plays it, not just those who pay to do so. THANX”

3. According to Nathaniel Scholtens, who gave it a rating of five out of five, “great game The gameplay is quite reminiscent of the video game “war robots.” I would appreciate it if you could keep the number of adverts to a minimum. Everything is great, and producing money is not a very challenging task. This game does, however, have certain elements of “pay to win.” The situation will unquestionably get less difficult to advance in if you spend some money on it. Think about adding a 2v2 option in addition to the paint and decal editor you already have. PS: The diagram that you’ve used to explain how to level up your vehicle is not very realistic.”

4 . It received a rating of 4 out of 5 BRYANT NUTTs, “Unexpectedly, I’ve developed a serious addiction to playing this game. The graphics aren’t terrible, but it takes some practice to get used to controlling the car with the analogue stick. could use some damage adjustments. However, if you give yourself sufficient time to find out how to play the game, it can be a lot of fun. Upgrades, a vast array of automobile and weapon combinations, and reasonably priced in-game purchases are all available. Games that support several players and have a rapid loading time. To put it another way, it seems to be a good game that has the potential to become even more enjoyable with future updates and additional content.”

5 . Jacob Gardner offered his thoughts (fourth grade overall), “The video game is excellent, but it needs additional challenges and competitions. When you consider the number of credits you get for each race in comparison to the cost of upgrades, you can see that it would take a very long time to advance without spending any real money. The majority of individuals aren’t working right now, which makes it difficult to get real money. A healthy equilibrium Why bother upgrading the cars to make them even slower if they are already moving at an unacceptable pace? It is quite difficult to get away from someone who is shooting at you when they are doing so.”

5 . John Finegan (4/5 rating) said, “This is a game that I like playing. Even though I’ve only been riding for a few days, I can already tell that I’m going to adore it. The controls are quite good, and the game seems to have a beautiful sense of equilibrium. However, I would like to see some additional content included. Personalization is my favourite feature, and because of this, I’d like to see it increased (i.e. engine, armour). As for me, I’d be interested in seeing further maps. Incredible, and way underestimated, game!”

6 . According to Adam Solomon, who received a rating of 5/5, “The game is outstanding in every respect and provides the best alternative if you are unable to play “cross out game” owing to a region lock. However, it would be wonderful if they incorporated some capabilities, such as the ability to adjust the layout of the controls. This would be a nice addition.
– Give players the option to sign up for a clan and make in-game friends.
– Reduce the cost of diamonds, which are extremely expensive for a drawing method that is based on chance – Incorporate short messages such as (help, follow me, gather around, etc.) – In any case, the game is great; my compliments to the dev team!”



1. Is Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War compatible with play on personal computers?

Answer: If you’re tired of fighting with war robots and enormous tanks, you should shoot for a wider one. Start playing Steel Rage Mech Cars PvP War as soon as you can on your personal computer. During the online battles, the primary focus of this action game is on shooting from the perspective of a moving vehicle.

2. Does it cost anything to play the online multiplayer player vs player game Steel Rage: Mech Cars?

Respondent: “Steel Rage: Mech Cars” There are no hidden costs associated with playing PvP War. Battle players from all around the world in this brand-new, free online player-against-player shooter that features mech vehicles. After making your selections for your vehicle, chassis, combat gear, and skills, you will next enter the fray.

3. Is this game appropriate for children to play?

Respondent:  The game is suitable for players that are at least three years old. If you are older than three years old, you should have no trouble participating in and enjoying this game.


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