Summoner’s Greed: Idle TD Hero


You happily take your goods home. But! The King has sent an army of great heroes to retrieve it. Prepare your defenses! Your Precious is safe...
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Aug 16, 2022
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Summoner’s Greed: Idle TD Hero

The idle greed of the Summoner PIXIO was the driving force for creating the strategy game TD Hero. You are missing out on a lot of fun if you haven’t played the game Summoner’s Greed yet; you need to make time for it. Beverage You, the most talented and robust summoner in the world, broke into the King’s fortress and stole his priceless royal treasure, right? You gleefully bring your loot back to your stronghold where you kept it… However! The King has sounded the alarm and dispatched his limitless army of courageous soldiers to convey it once more! Grrr… Right now is the time to start putting your defences in place! They won’t be able to get away with stealing your Treasures…

This is an idle tower defence game in which you must carefully construct your towers and perform strong spells to defend yourself against an infinite swarm of the most formidable heroes that the Kingdom has to offer. Defend your “stolen”  loot against a wide array of heroes trying to do good, such as the poor peasant, the axe-wielding lumberjack, the frost wizard, and even the King’s Elite Knight himself, but you really shouldn’t mess with him!


You can use the magical orbs you earn by defeating one wave after another of the King’s heroic military to power your summoner’s portal and call forth a wide variety of monsters, creeps, and minions to assist in your defence. This can be done by clicking on the portal and selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Recruit the standard slimes, Slimy and Grimey, the extraordinarily uncommon and ridiculously adorable hellhound Mocha, or Teddy, the legendary teddy bear with superhuman power!


So… Is it even remotely feasible that the King has lost his mind? It would appear that he has forgotten that it is possible to launch flaming projectiles from one’s fingertips. Good day! Torpedoes that have been fitted with FIRE? You can conjure potent spells, which, when coupled with your motley collection of monsters, may bring death and destruction to whoever stands in your way from a higher vantage point. You can either protect your lair from the King’s army by strengthening your defences or utilizing other elements to give your monsters more health, or you can use ingredients such as fireballs, lightning, ice, and other factors to give your monsters more health. Radical!


• Defense against an infinite number of waves of heroes and managers

• Dozens of monsters and towers to summon
• Each monster has its unique abilities and secondary powers
• Improve your towers to increase the effectiveness of your defences
• Acquire common, uncommon, epic, and legendary monsters
• Defeat a wide variety of enemy heroes, each of which has their unique abilities
• Strategically place your towers to cause the most damage possible
• Use and improve your monsters and towers
• Acquire joint, uncommon, This tower defence game offers a unique take on the genre thanks to its combination of traditional visual design and innovative gameplay.


1 . beverage said, “To begin, the advertising for this game is pretty endearing, which ultimately persuaded me to download it and start playing it. In addition, the game itself is pretty enjoyable. It’s a tower defence game that’s charming and easy to pick up and play, and it lets you level up and upgrade your defences throughout numerous playthroughs of the game’s waves. If you are defeated on wave 10, you must restart the game and ensure that your summoned soldiers are moved throughout the battlefield. ”

2 . Arzt Fritz said, “So far, this has been quite enjoyable! Edit: after spending probably more than 20 hours playing this game, I have nothing but good things to say about it. I recommend it to anybody and everyone. You can look forward to engaging gameplay based on the “tower defence” mechanic and multiple rewards as you progress in the game. If you find that the game is becoming too difficult for you, you have the option to either start over or play fewer rounds from the beginning. Viewing the adverts is always optional; nonetheless, because they are normally brief and come with a gratifying incentive, I almost never choose not to watch them.”

3 . l Not Sid l said, “Tower defence games have always been some of my favourites, and this particular game is a fun option to consider when you have some spare time on your hands. Yet, in the future, once I’ve played the game more, I’d want to see creatures with only a (little) more care paid to their design; however, this is not a complaint. The art style is lovely and simplistic, and it’s amazing. It’s enjoyable, and I admire your efforts to make the game’s marketing hilarious while remaining true; I must say, you successfully accomplished both of those goals. Lol”

4 . Kira Hinkley said, “After being exposed to many amusing memes in commercials, I found that they accomplished their goal. This game has the potential to cause severe addiction. The arts are endearing, and the writing is quirky and enjoyable to read. Compared to other games with similar concepts with strict limits, the “Idle” component of the game enables players to amass coins at a rate significantly faster rate than other games. The only thing I’d like to see changed is that I have to wait until I lose a round to switch out my summons when I get awesome new ones instead of being able to do so whenever I get them. Especially considering the effort I put into levelling up my units to ensure that I do not lose, it seems to operate against itself in various ways. Still, you’re going to have a wonderful day!”

5 . Raquel Garcia said, “I’m not sure when exactly in the first few minutes of the game I was asked for my rating, but I gave it the maximum number of stars possible, which was five. I will give it a rating of four stars for the time being. For the time being, I will give it a rating of four stars. Alteration: as of right now, we are working with version 5. After playing the game for an hour, it will become evident that you can play it and be successful without needing to pay for it. Quite agreeable and pleasant, thank you!”

According to the frequently asked questions about Summoner’s Greed, Idle TD Hero is a fun game. The gameplay in Summoner’s Greed is not just outstanding but also not unduly tricky to understand. IDLE TD Hero is widely considered among the most exceptional Time Management games. It is a game that will not agitate you in any way, as it is uncomplicated, simple, straightforward and calming.


1. Is There a Child-Friendly Hero for Idle Tower Defense in Summoner’s Greed?
When it comes to letting a youngster play in this game, there is no reason to be concerned about their safety.

2. If I have an Android device, is it possible to play the game Summoner’s Greed: Idle TD Hero?
This game can be played on an Android smartphone, and downloading it from the Play Store is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much effort. On an Android device, the answer is yes. You will be able to play this game.


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