Top 5 Third Party App Store for Android & iOS


There’s multiple reason for why people don’t/unable to use Google Play or Apple App Store. Luckily we’ve third-part app stores available where we possibly can do more than we can do with those two big players. For example these third-party app stores have all sort of root/no-root applications, allows you to download paid apps for free, processes downloading of apps much faster.

Most Popular 3rd-Party App Stores

Let us look at the Top 5 Third Party App Store for Android and iOS devices, free or cheap alternatives for Google App store and iOS that you can access to get apps for your smart phone.


TUTUApp is one of the most popular third party app stores and the main reason is it hosts thousands of modified games and apps that make even the boring apps very exciting and fun to use. TUTUApp is also popular because of the regular updates of the hacked version of Pokemon Go app made available first on TUTUApp than anywhere else.  All the apps available on TUTUApp are free of cost and you do not have to pay to download any of them. There is also a premium version of TUTUApp available which you will have to purchase first to use it.


AppvnAppvn is best known for the unlimited collection of best games and apps available for free on this third party app store. You get most of the paid games for free on Appvn. You can also install the hacked version of many games that you like from Appvn app store. Appvn has a really simple user interface which makes it easier to search for any app that you desire and download it at high speeds. Despite being developed mainly for Vietnam users this app is also massively popular globally.


tweakboxTweakBox is one of the fastest growing third party app store for both android and iOS devices and is best known for the simple user interface of the Tweak Box app and collection of thousands of apps and games that are all available for free. You do not require a rooted android or a jailbroken iOS device to use Tweak Box app on your smart phone. You can find many popular apps such as Snapchat and Instagram hacked to function according to our needs and simple apps made fun by modifying them.


GetJarGetjar has been around for a long time now and it still manages to secure its place among the top contenders of third party apps. You can get apps for almost all the operating systems out there on Getjar. Getjar provides free apps that you can download for your smart phone. You can also download paid apps for free from Getjar. If you have an older iPhone or an older android device, you can download the previous versions of certain apps as well that will work with your smart phone.

Amazon App Store

Amazon App StoreAmazon App store can also be a great third party app store. Amazon App store hosts almost all the popular apps that you will find anywhere on the Google Play store or the apple app store. Amazon App store provides paid as well as free apps for your smart phone. Although some apps on Amazon App store are paid, it hooks you up with amazing discounts that you will never find on any other official app store and sometimes you can even get the paid app for free!