Vikings and Dragon Island Farm


Hay! North Viking Island! Vikings, dragons, ships, and magic await. Develop your own Viking farm in the northlands. Earn cash, nurture a dragon with a brave Viking maiden, and harvest crops.
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Aug 24, 2022
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Vikings and Dragon Island Farm

Hay! Please make yourself at home on North Viking Island! You will be greeted by wizards, dragons, ships, and Vikings when you arrive at this location. Build your own Viking ranch in the northern plains, and don’t forget to populate it! Earn gold, gather plants, care for your pets, and watch a cute young dragon and a tough Viking woman grow up with you.
Viking mariners were involved in both the marketing and acquisition of various things by ship. Grow fish and octopus with a young child who is an angler, mine for minerals, and construct your axes and other tools from scratch! Grab as much gold and silver as you can from the many countries and islands you visit! Also, winter is no guarantee of safety while dealing with Vikings!

– Get your ranch up and running.

– Construct and improve ranch buildings; – LRB – **)

– Produce and sell a wide variety of goods, from milk to axes; – LRB – **)

– Provide food for animals and gather rare materials;

– LRB – **) – LRB – **) – LRB – **) – LRB – **) – LRB

– Earn money, advance in your profession, and acquire valuable items

– Increase the number of fish and octopus in the ocean

– I will create my means of extracting iron ore as well as salt

– Grow fruit trees and plants in areas and yards; – LRB – **) – Develop your village and welcome visitors! – Grow fruit trees and plants in areas and yards!

Seeing the Northern Lights with good company makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

– Devote the day to working on the ranch, and you’ll find that it brings you more joy than you could have imagined!



  • That it is possible to play the game offline in addition to playing it online and that it does not cost anything to do so.
  • North Farm Community can be found on Facebook at
  • Help can be requested at



1. rem heart said (four and a half out of five stars), “I enjoy it, but there isn’t much in the way of things to do, such as quests. As a result, I’m experiencing increasing levels of boredom while waiting for other things to be completed. I recommend that you include the ability to engage with other players. The portion of the game is located in the bottom right corner. I believe it’s from a group of friends, but whenever I try to watch advertisements, it claims that I have no internet connection, which is not the case.”


2 . J CM commented (5/5 stars), “It’s not easy to locate a game that can be played without an internet connection. I turned off the wifi so that I could play even when I was at work, and even the advertisements functioned when I was offline. Also, it’s a cute enjoyable game. I appreciate the care that you put into your product. If a game was well designed, I would cheerfully spend money on booster packs for it.”


3 . Monika West remarked (5/5 stars), “The aesthetics of the game bring to mind classic role-playing games. After a couple of rounds of play, the game will go at a faster pace and will be more difficult to understand, but after that, it will be easier to follow. This game’s design and narrative both deserve five stars each.”


4 . Expranata Subagya said (5/5 stars), “excellent game, no forced add. the only strange thing is how unevenly the prices of the commodities are distributed. For example, the materials for a dragon ring each cost more than one hundred dollars, while the ring itself costs less than one hundred dollars.”


5. Asral Alonto stated (five out of five stars), “I can honestly tell that this is the only farm game that is worth playing and enjoying as you do the work of constructing your farm. I adore it. You can watch advertisements even if you are unable to wait the time required for the processing of items. Thank you very much for these apps.”


6 . Becky Woodley gave the game a rating of five out of five stars and said, “Game is awesome have watched all the adverts and saved up over 200 gems which is such a big help as it helps the game along so nicely love everything about this fun game that I’m hooked on it thank you deeply devs for a very well thought out farm game can keep away from it for long lol as I’m laid up in bed with sciatica trapped nerve so this brilliant fun game helps lots God bless you dev


7 . aki Ekiti said (5/5 stars), “Both the artistic style and the music are fantastic. Both the timings and the rates are fair for the services provided. The negative aspect of this is that the dialogues frequently contain grammatical errors, such as “sold” being written as “sold” in some cases. Additionally, there may have been an issue with the apple trees that I have. I initially planted anywhere from five to seven apple trees, but as I picked the fruit, the number dropped to two. At the time, I assumed this was part of the game’s narrative. However, after moving the two apples to a different location, a new apple tree sprung up in its place, bringing the total number of apple trees in my yard to six.”


8 . “It’s a cute game love the farming and the decorating possibilities and the Vikings are so cool fantastic visuals extremely fun and addictive,” said Mondella Howard, giving the game 5 out of 5 stars.




1 . Are the video games Vikings and Dragon Island Farm fun to play?

In the year 2022, the game Vikings and Dragon Island Farm will most likely be enjoyable. You can give this game a shot, and if you do, I will strongly recommend it to you.


2 . Are the games Vikings and Dragon Island Farm one that many people play?

The answer is that Vikings and Dragon Island Farm are extremely well-liked in the play store. According to Rank History, Vikings and Dragon Island Farm currently hold a high position in the google ranking.


3 . Is the game Vikings and Dragon Island Farm a challenging one to play?

This question has a straightforward answer: Vikings and Dragon Island Farm is not a challenging game to play at all. If you are skilled at playing casual games, I have a suggestion for you. This is a game that will fascinate you.


4 . Is it possible to play Vikings and Dragon Island Farm without an internet connection?

Answer: If you want to make today a happy one, spend the day working on a farm. It should be noted that the game may be played both online and offline, and that it does not cost anything to do so.


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